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Cryptic Clue Fest IV

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The Cryptic Clue Fest IV was part of the Diamond Jubilee event which was held in honour of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The event is organised by Essjay in Varrock square. Cryptic Clue Fest IV was a puzzle-solving event held in a similar nature to the original Cryptic Clue fests, I, II and III. It began on 1 June 2012 and ended on 5 June 2012. Everyday one clue was released on the Cryptic Clue Fest IV thread on the Official Runescape Forums. In total 5 clues were given away to solve.


Day 1

Item clue NPC clue
Lor' luv a duck! I’m on me Toblerone to find me way to deadly thrill to hop across the Granite maul. Before I go I’ll buy me a nice blue Drape from Dick. Hope I don’t end up brown bread. Gawdon Bennet! I was standin' in the Dover Harbour, in me favaaahrite Bobby Brown of Riots Galore. I fancied Kick an’ Prance, so I decided ter visi’ Dancing Feet and he gave me a pink brush n go. Lawd above, while on me travels I ended up in Ships Come In where I find a great rub a dub where you can find a free pig’s ear on the Cain and Abel! Nuff said! The white-star & blue-shield, they house the building you must visit. A furnace to the west, a range to the east - accost the officer therein for a minute.

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