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Spirit cockatrice

A Spirit cockatrice is a summoning familiar. It has several variations, produced by different kinds of eggs, each of which has a different appearance and drains a different combat stat.

Unconverted egg -trice egg Combat stat
Egg Cockatrice egg None
Bird's egg (green) Guthatrice egg ?
Bird's egg (blue) Saratrice egg ?
Bird's egg (red) Zamatrice egg ?
Penguin egg Pengatrice egg ?
Raven egg Coraxatrice egg ?
Vulture egg Vulatrice egg ?
Members iconSpirit cockatrice
Spirit cockatrice
Familiar information
Unknown [Edit]
Summoning level XP Points Duration
Summoning 43 0.9 5 36 minutes
Combat level Combat style Life points
74 Magic Unknown [Edit]
Active abilities Passive abilities
Drain - inflicts damage and drains a combat stat Cockatrice egg inventory icon Forages for Cockatrice egg automatically
Sp. cockatrice pouch information
I can summon a Spirit cockatrice familiar with this.
Sp. cockatrice pouch inventory icon XP Spirit shards Charm Tertiary
A statistics icon 75.2
× 88

Green charm
Cockatrice egg inventory icon
Cockatrice egg
Can be exchanged with Bogrog? [Edit]
High Level Alchemy value? [Edit]
Low Level Alchemy value? [Edit]
Petrifying gaze scroll information
A scroll for a Spirit cockatrice familiar.
Petrifying gaze scroll inventory icon XP Points Special move
Unknown [Edit] 3 Petrifying gaze: Damages a target and causes combat stat reduction, unless target is wielding a mirror shield.
Can be exchanged with Bogrog? [Edit]

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