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Spirit tree

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Spirit Tree
A young sentient tree.
Woodcutting Players cannot cut this tree down.
Farming Seed Spirit seed
Level 83
XP 19,501.3

A spirit tree is a special type of tree that can either be grown via the Farming skill or unlocked with a quest, both are used for teleportation.

After completing the Tree Gnome Village quest, players will be able to use the spirit tree in the Tree Gnome Village as a 'hub' to teleport to any of the other spirit trees. The other trees will only return players to the 'hub' tree.

Following completion of The Grand Tree quest, the spirit tree at Tree Gnome Stronghold will also start functioning as a 'hub' tree. Trees besides this one will still return the player to the Tree Gnome Village spirit tree though. After reaching a certain stage in The Path of Glouphrie quest, however, players can use any spirit tree to travel to any other.

To use the travel network, a player must simply visit a tree and ask to be transported. If they are able to choose their destination, the Spirit Trees interface (shown below) will appear. Unlocked trees are coloured in, any others will appear greyed out.

Spirit tree interface


There are 7 different spirit tree locations. They are as follows (numbered according to the interface shown above):

  1. Prifddinas - only offers one-way teleports out of the city until the player has learned to plant 3 spirit trees
  2. Centre of the Tree Gnome Village maze
  3. Tree Gnome Stronghold, west of the entrance to the Agility course
  4. Battlefield, north-west of the clocktower
  5. The Grand Exchange, in Varrock
  6. Just outside the Mobilising Armies Command Centre
  7. The mountain pass to the east of the Poison Waste (unlocked during The Path of Glouphrie)

There are 3 locations at which players can plant a spirit tree:

  1. Port Sarim
  2. Etceteria
  3. Brimhaven


Spirit trees can be grown from spirit seeds in spirit tree patches. Players must first place the seed in a plant pot with composted soil (or supercomposted), then water the spirit seedling. After some time it will grow into a spirit sapling which can then be used on a weeded spirit tree patch in order to plant it. Planting the sapling will grant 199.5 Farming XP.

Players can pay the nearby farmer five monkey nuts, a monkey bar and a ground-up suqah tooth to ensure their tree grows. Checking the health of a spirit tree will grant 19,301.8 Farming XP.

Once fully grown, the tree does not need to be cut down in order to clear the patch, instead it is simply dug out with a spade.

Players can plant one spirit tree at a time at level 83 Farming, two spirit trees at level 86 (after completion of The Prisoner of Glouphrie) and three spirit trees at level 89 (by talking to Glouron in Prifddinas, requiring completion of Plague's End).


Spirit trees can also provide hints as to where the Evil Tree D&D is taking place. No hints are provided if an evil tree is not present in the world.

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