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Spirit tree

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Members iconSpirit Tree
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Woodcutting level No
Woodcutting experience No
Logs No
Farming level 83
Farming experience 19,301.8
Examine A young sentient tree.

A spirit tree is a special type of sentient tree that can either be grown via the Farming skill or unlocked with the Tree Gnome Village quest, both to be used for teleportation.

There are several locations where spirit trees can be found:

There are three additional locations at which the player can plant a spirit tree:

One spirit tree can be planted at a time with level 83 Farming, or two spirit trees with level 86 and after completion of The Prisoner of Glouphrie quest.

Only the spirit trees in the Tree Gnome Village and the Tree Gnome Stronghold can transport you to any of the other spirit trees, the other trees will only return you to the Tree Gnome Village. However, if you have reached a certain stage in The Path of Glouphrie quest, you can use any tree to travel to any other.

If you have completed The Prisoner of Glouphrie, you can also store your spirit tree seeds with Golrana in Tree Gnome Village.

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