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Spiritual ranger

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This disambiguation article covers general notes common to fighting all spiritual rangers. For specific tips see the individual articles on each god's spiritual ranger.

Spiritual ranger
armadyl spiritual ranger.gif bandos spiritual ranger.gif saradomin spiritual ranger.gif zamorak spiritual ranger.gif
Armadyl's favourite servant. The spirit of a ranger, serving Bandos beyond death. A ranger spirit dedicated to Saradomin. Defender of Zamorak.
God Wars Dungeon
bestiary aggressive.png
bestiary not poisonous.png
not immune to stun.png
not immune to leech.png
not immune to shove.png
not immune to poison.png
attack icon.png
strength icon.png
magic icon.png
ranged icon.png
defence icon.png
1 1 1 70 70
Combat level: 140
Attack style: Crush weak to crush.gif
Max hit: Unknown [Edit]
Hit points: 7000
Combat XP: Unknown [Edit]
Constitution XP: Unknown [Edit]
Weakness: weak to bolts.gif weak to stab.gif weak to stab.gif weak to slash.gif
Attack speed:
[[image:speed[[image:speed4.gif|link=]]</span> speed5.gif speed5.gif speed4.gif .gif|link=]]
Always drops: Unknown [Edit]
Notable drops: Unknown [Edit]
Other drops: Unknown [Edit]
Slayer master: Sumona
Duradel or Lapalok
Duradel or Lapalok
Slayer level: 83
Slayer XP: Unknown [Edit]