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Strength Strength ultimately determines the amount of damage you can deal to an opponent. With a strong weapon and a high Strength level, you will find yourself able to deal a significant amount of damage to a monster or player!

Strength is required to wield certain weapons and armour, and is a stat required to overcome several Agility grapple shortcuts, is a stat require to do Barbarian Fishing, and is a requirement for several Quests.

Strength is the most common level 99 skill and the skill with the highest minimum requirement to be ranked on the hiscores. The current minimum requirement for strength is 15.

To train Strength, you will need to select 'Attack' from the Combat Settings interface. You can also select 'Balanced' to train all Melee styles (Attack, Strength & Defence) at once.


Level Milestone
1 Dwarven army axe
3 Combat Ability: Kick
8 Combat Ability: Punish
14 Combat Ability: Dismember
15 Mithril halberd
Also requires: 30 Attack
20 Full slayer helmet
Quest requirement: Smoking Kills
20 Adamant halberd
Also requires: 40 Attack
24 Combat Ability: Fury
30 Rune halberd
Also requires: 50 Attack
37 Combat Ability: Quake
37 Combat Ability: Destroy
40 Dragon halberd
Also requires: 60 Attack
45 Combat Ability: Berserk
48 Combat Ability: Cleave
50 Granite equipment
55 Combat Ability: Assault
55 Granite maul
60 Tzhaar-Ket-Om
67 Combat Ability: Decimate
70 Dharok's greataxe
75 Saradomin's Whisper
81 Combat Ability: Pulverise
86 Combat Ability: Frenzy
99 Skill mastery

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