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Summer in RuneScape


Summer in RuneScape is a membership promotion offering benefits to those who purchase a special membership package during the months of June and July 2014. The promotion ends on July 28th.


During the summer months of 2014, the Summer in RuneScape event allowed players who had purchased the 3 month summer membership package (or who had purchased a gold membership package earlier in the year) to own two new items.

  • The enlightenment aura which offers 100% xp gain in all skilling activities while it is active.
  • The crystal amulet which offers a chance to get items related to the opening of the gates of Prifddinas (due to open in late 2014).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. So what do I get with this Summer Special package?

2. Do I have to buy the summer package to get these benefits?

3. What payment methods can I use to buy this package?

4. How do I buy the package with Bonds?

5. Do I need to cancel my subscription?

6. Will this package rebill me after the membership expires?

7. I can’t find my Aura/I can’t get my Aura working!

8. How does my Aura work?

9. I can’t find my crystal amulet!

10. How does this crystal amulet work?

11. I bought and redeemed a Pre-Paid Card for this package, but don't have the items?

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