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Summoning Scrolls

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Pouches can be transformed into scrolls at a fully-charged Summoning obelisk. Each pouch will make 10 scrolls. As scrolls are used, your special move bar will be drained, but it will recharge with time.

obelisk interface scrolls1.jpg
Obelisk interface for scrolls

When you find an obelisk, you can simply click on it to bring up the options for transforming a pouch. Depending on the ingredients you have to hand, it should look something like this:

As scrolls are used, your familiar's special move bar will be drained, but it will recharge with time.

Scroll Pouch Level Transform XP
(per 10 scrolls)
Special Move Points Activate XP

Spirit wolf pouch 1 Summoning 0.1 Causes NPC foes to flee 3 0.1
dreadfowl strike.gif

Dreadfowl Strike
Dreadfowl pouch 4 Summoning 0.1 Magic attack that inflicts up to 30 damage 3 0.1
fetch casket.gif

Fetch Casket Members icon *
Meerkats pouch Members icon 4 Summoning N/A Finds a nearby treasure trails casket without waking its guardian 3 0.1
egg spawn.gif

Egg Spawn Members icon
Spirit spider pouch Members icon 10 Summoning 0.2 Creates a random number of red spider eggs 6 0.2
slime spray.gif

Slime Spray Members icon
Thorny snail pouch Members icon 13 Summoning 0.2 Attack that inflicts up to 80 damage 3 0.2
bacon blast scroll.gif

Bacon Blast Members icon +
Spirit combat pig pouch Members icon 14 Summoning 0.2 Attack that inflicts damage relevant to your familiar's level and has a chance to leave a bacon strip at the point of impact. 3 0.2
stony shell.gif

Stony Shell Members icon
Granite crab pouch Members icon 16 Summoning 0.2 Gives you a +4 Defence boost 12 0.2

Pester Members icon
Mosquito pouch Members icon 17 Summoning 0.5 Sends the mosquito to attack an enemy 3 0.5
electric lash.gif

Electric Lash Members icon
Desert wyrm pouch Members icon 18 Summoning 0.4 Magic attack that inflicts up to 50 damage and stuns your opponent 6 0.4
venom shot.gif

Venom Shot Members icon
Spirit scorpion pouch Members icon 19 Summoning 1 Makes your next Ranged attack mildly poisonous, provided the ammunition you are using can be poisoned 6 1
fireball assault.gif

Fireball Assault Members icon
Spirit Tz-Kih pouch Members icon 22 Summoning 1.1 Hits two nearby targets for up to 70 damage each 6 1.1
cheese feast.gif

Cheese Feast Members icon
Albino rat pouch Members icon 23 Summoning 2.3 Puts 4 cheese into the rat's inventory 6 2.3

Sandstorm Members icon
Spirit kalphite pouch Members icon 25 Summoning 2.5 Strikes up to 5 nearby opponents for up to 20 damage each 6 2.5
generate compost.gif

Generate Compost Members icon
Compost mound pouch Members icon 28 Summoning 0.6 Fills a nearby compost bin with compost, with a small chance of producing supercompost 12 0.5

Explode Members icon
Giant chinchompa pouch Members icon 29 Summoning 2.9 Detonates the chinchompa, damaging nearby enemies 3 2.9
vampire touch.gif

Vampyre Touch Members icon
Vampyre bat pouch Members icon 31 Summoning 1.5 Inflicts up to 120 damage on an opponent, with a chance of restoring 20 of your life points 4 1.6
insane ferocity.gif

Insane Ferocity Members icon
Honey badger pouch Members icon 32 Summoning 1.6 Reduces its Defence to increase its Attack and Strength 12 1.6

Multichop Members icon
Beaver pouch Members icon 33 Summoning 0.7 Cuts up to 3 logs from a nearby tree 3 0.7
call to arms.gif

Call to Arms Members icon
Void ravager, shifter, spinner or torcher pouch Members icon 34 Summoning 0.7 Teleports you to Pest Control landers 3 0.7
bronze bull rush.gif

Bronze Bull Rush Members icon
Bronze minotaur pouch Members icon 36 Summoning 3.6 Magical attack that does up to 40 damage, with a chance of stunning your opponent 6 3.6

Unburden Members icon
Bull ant pouch Members icon 40 Summoning 0.6 Restores run energy based on your Agility 12 0.6

Herbcall Members icon
Macaw pouch Members icon 41 Summoning 0.8 Chance of creating herbs 12 0.8
evil flames.gif

Evil Flames Members icon
Evil turnip pouch Members icon 42 Summoning 2.1 Magic attack that drains the target's Ranged skill 6 2.1
petrifying gaze.gif

Petrifying gaze Members icon
Spirit cockatrice, coraxatrice, guthatrice, pengatrice, saratrice, vulatrice and zamatrice pouch Members icon 43 Summoning 0.9 Deals up to 100 damage against an opponent, as well as reducing a combat skill by up to 3 (varies by type of cockatrice) 3 0.9
iron bull rush.gif

Iron Bull Rush Members icon
Iron minotaur pouch Members icon 46 Summoning 4.6 Magical attack that does up to 60 damage, with a chance of stunning your opponent 6 4.6
immense heat.gif

Immense Heat Members icon
Pyrelord pouch Members icon 46 Summoning 2.3 Smelts a gold bar into an item of jewellery without a furnace 6 2.3
thieving fingers.gif

Thieving Fingers Members icon
Magpie pouch Members icon 47 Summoning 0.9 2 point Thieving boost 12 0.9
blood drain.gif

Blood Drain Members icon
Bloated leech pouch Members icon 49 Summoning 2.4 Heals stat damage, poison and disease at the cost of life points 6 2.5
tireless run.gif

Tireless Run Members icon
Spirit terrorbird pouch Members icon 52 Summoning 0.5 2 point Agility boost, and restores your run energy based on your normal Agility 8 0.8
abyssal drain.gif

Abyssal Drain Members icon
Abyssal parasite pouch Members icon 54 Summoning 1.1 Magic-based attack that gives you 10 prayer points if it hits 6 5.5

Dissolve Members icon
Spirit jelly pouch Members icon 55 Summoning 5.5 A Magic attack that inflicts up to 120 damage and drains the target's Attack 6 5.5
steel bull rush.gif

Steel Bull Rush Members icon
Steel minotaur pouch Members icon 56 Summoning 5.6 Magical attack that does up to 90 damage, with a chance of stunning your opponent 6 5.6
fish rain.gif

Fish Rain Members icon
Ibis pouch Members icon 56 Summoning 1.1 Produces fish up to bass 12 1.1

Goad Members icon
Spirit graahk pouch Members icon 57 Summoning 5.7 Sends your spirit graahk to attack an enemy 3 5.7

Ambush Members icon
Spirit kyatt pouch Members icon 57 Summoning 5.7 Calls the kyatt into combat for an instant hit with potential high damage 3 5.7

Rending Members icon
Spirit larupia pouch Members icon 57 Summoning 5.7 Magic-based attack that also drains opponent's Strength 6 5.7
doomsphere device.gif

Doomsphere Device Members icon
Karamthulhu overlord pouch Members icon 58 Summoning 5.8 Inflicts up to 160 damage on the target 3 5.8
dust cloud.gif

Dust Cloud Members icon
Smoke devil pouch Members icon 61 Summoning 3 Inflicts up to 80 damage on up to 6 adjacent opponents 6 3.1
abyssal stealth.gif

Abyssal Stealth Members icon
Abyssal lurker pouch Members icon 62 Summoning 1.2 4 point boost to both Agility and Thieving 20 1.2
ophidian incubation.gif

Ophidian Incubation Members icon
Spirit cobra pouch Members icon 63 Summoning 3.1 Turns an egg into a cockatrice egg 3 3.2
poisonous blast.gif

Poisonous Blast Members icon
Stranger plant pouch Members icon 64 Summoning 3.2 Attack with 50% chance of poisoning your opponent and inflicting 20 damage 6 3.2
mithril bull rush.gif

Mithril Bull Rush Members icon
Mithril minotaur pouch Members icon 66 Summoning 6.6 Magical attack that does up to 120 damage, with a chance of stunning your opponent 6 6.6
toad bark.gif

Toad Bark Members icon
Barker toad pouch Members icon 66 Summoning 1 Magical attack that does up to 180 damage. 6 1

Testudo Members icon
War tortoise pouch Members icon 67 Summoning 0.7 Gives you a +8 Defence boost 20 0.7
swallow whole.gif

Swallow Whole Members icon
Bunyip pouch Members icon 68 Summoning 1.4 Allows you to eat an uncooked fish, assuming you have the level to cook it 3 1.4

Fruitfall Members icon
Fruit bat pouch Members icon 69 Summoning 1.4 Produces random fruit nearby 6 1.4

Famine Members icon
Ravenous locust pouch Members icon 70 Summoning 1.5 Destroys target player's food 12 1.5
arctic blast.gif

Arctic Blast Members icon
Arctic bear pouch Members icon 71 Summoning 1.1 Magical attack that does up to 150 damage, with a chance of stunning your opponent 6 1.1
rise from the ashes.gif

Rise from the Ashes Members icon
Phoenix pouch Members icon 72 Summoning 8 Target ashes on the ground to cause phoenix to be reborn, healing all of its injuries and damaging adjacent targets. Damage is greater if the phoenix's health was lower before casting. 12 5
volcanic strength.gif

Volcanic Strength Members icon
Obsidian golem pouch Members icon 73 Summoning 7.3 Gives you a +9 Strength boost 12 7.3
crushing claw.gif

Crushing Claw Members icon
Granite lobster pouch Members icon 74 Summoning 3.7 Inflicts up to 140 damage, as well as removing up to 5 Defence from your opponent 6 3.7
mantis strike.gif

Mantis Strike Members icon
Praying mantis pouch Members icon 75 Summoning 3.7 Binds, causes Magic-based damage and drains target player's prayer points 6 3.8
adamant bull rush.gif

Adamant Bull Rush Members icon
Adamant minotaur pouch Members icon 76 Summoning 7.6 Magical attack that does up to 160 damage, with a chance of stunning your opponent 6 7.6

Inferno Members icon
Forge regent pouch Members icon 76 Summoning 1.5 Magic attack that can disarm your opponent's weapon or shield 6 1.5
deadly claws.gif

Deadly Claw Members icon
Talon beast pouch Members icon 77 Summoning 11.4 Three Magic attacks 6 11.7
acorn missile.gif

Acorn Missile Members icon
Giant ent pouch Members icon 78 Summoning 1.6 Inflicts up to 110 damage on up to 3 opponents. Chance of acorns being dropped 6 1.6
titans constitution.gif

Titan's Constitution Members icon
Fire, ice or moss titan pouch Members icon 79 Summoning 7.9 Boosts your Defence and life points significantly 20 7.9

Regrowth Members icon
Hydra pouch Members icon 80 Summoning 1.6 Use on a Farming tree stump to instantly regrow the tree 6 1.6
siphon self scroll.gif

Siphon self Members icon
Nightmare muspah pouch Members icon 81 Summoning 1.6 Spell that siphons divination energy from the familiar 1 1.6
ring of fire scroll.gif

Ring of fire Members icon
Brawler, deacon, or executioner demon pouch Members icon 82 Summoning 3.9 Spell that performs a fire-based area of effect attack that damages up to 5 nearby targets 1.2 3.9
spike shot.gif

Spike Shot Members icon
Spirit dagannoth pouch Members icon 83 Summoning 4.1 Ranged attack that inflicts up to 180 damage and stuns your opponent 6 4.2
ebon thunder.gif

Ebon Thunder Members icon
Lava titan pouch Members icon 83 Summoning 8.3 Magic attack that also drains your target's Special Attack energy 4 8.3
swamp plague.gif

Swamp Plague Members icon
Swamp titan pouch Members icon 85 Summoning 4.2 Area effect Magic attack that can poison your enemies 6 4.3
rune bull rush.gif

Rune Bull Rush Members icon
Rune minotaur pouch Members icon 86 Summoning 8.6 Magical attack that does up to 190 damage, with a chance of stunning your opponent 6 8.6
ghastly request.gif

Ghastly Request Members icon
Ghast familiar pouch Members icon ^ 87 Summoning N/A Restores 100 prayer points 20 0.9
healing aura.gif

Healing Aura Members icon
Unicorn stallion pouch Members icon 88 Summoning 1.8 Heals up to 15% of your life points 20 1.8

Boil Members icon
Geyser titan pouch Members icon 89 Summoning 8.9 Damages a player, doing more damage based on their armour 6 8.9
magic focus.gif

Magic Focus Members icon
Wolpertinger pouch Members icon 92 Summoning 4.6 Gives you a +7 Magic boost 20 4.6
essence shipment.gif

Essence Shipment Members icon
Abyssal titan pouch Members icon 93 Summoning 1.9 Transports all pure essence from both your inventory and the titan's to your bank 6 1.9
iron within.gif

Iron Within Members icon
Iron titan pouch Members icon 95 Summoning 4.7 The iron titan's next attack will be three powerful melee attacks 12 4.8
winter storage.gif

Winter Storage Members icon
Pack yak pouch Members icon 96 Summoning 4.8 Use special move on an item in your inventory to send it to your bank 12 4.8
steel of legends.gif

Steel of Legends Members icon
Steel titan pouch Members icon 99 Summoning 4.9 The steel titan's next attack will be four powerful ranged attacks 12 5


* - Fetch Casket scrolls can only be obtained from treasure trails.

^ - Must get all Temple Trekking / Burgh de Rott Ramble companions to level 99.

+ - These scrolls can only be made on the pig machine in the Storm Cellar


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