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Swamp titan

Members iconSwamp titan
Swamp titan
Familiar information
Unknown [Edit]
Summoning level XP Points Duration
Summoning 85 4.2 9 64 minutes
Combat level Combat style Life points
145 Attack Unknown [Edit]
Active abilities Passive abilities
None None
Swamp titan pouch information
I can summon a Swamp titan familiar with this.
Swamp titan pouch inventory icon XP Spirit shards Charm Tertiary
A statistics icon 373.6
× 150

Crimson charm
Swamp lizard inventory icon
Swamp lizard
Can be exchanged with Bogrog? [Edit]
High Level Alchemy value? [Edit]
Low Level Alchemy value? [Edit]
Swamp plague scroll information
A scroll for a Swamp titan familiar.
Swamp plague scroll inventory icon XP Points Special move
Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit]
Can be exchanged with Bogrog? [Edit]

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