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Talismans and Tiaras

This article is about Runecrafting talismans and tiaras. For more general items, see talismans and tiaras.
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Runecrafting talismans allow runecrafters to locate and gain access to Runecrafting altars through mysterious ruins. Even if a runecrafter memorises the location of the mysterious ruins, they will be enable to enter them and get to the altar without an appropriate talisman. Each type of talisman gives you access to its matching Runecrafting altar. It is only at these altars that runes can be made.

Below is a table of talismans and where you can obtain them.

Talisman Examples of where to get one
Air talisman icon
An air talisman is given to you after completing Rune Mysteries. They are also dropped by goblins, wizards and creatures in the Abyss and the area of the Abyss accessible via the fairy rings (code ALR).
Mind talisman icon
Dropped by imps, wizards, dark wizards, Yanille tower guards, Colonel Radick and creatures in abyssal areas.
Water talisman icon
Dropped by wizards, giant frogs, dark wizards and creatures in abyssal areas.
Earth talisman icon
Dropped by women, men, wizards, dark wizards, Al Kharid warriors, rogues, vampyres, lesser demons, greater demons and creatures in abyssal areas.
Fire talisman icon
Dropped by guards, wizards, unarmed skeletons, dark wizards and creatures in abyssal areas.
Body talisman icon
Dropped by guards, wizards, dark wizards, hill giants and creatures in abyssal areas.
Cosmic talisman icon
CosmicMembers icon
There is a rare chance you can get them from some high level monsters and creatures in abyssal areas.
Chaos talisman icon
ChaosMembers icon
Dropped by hobgoblins, skeletons, ice warriors, shadow warriors, lesser demons, hill giants, fire giants and creatures in abyssal areas.
Nature talisman icon
NatureMembers icon
Dropped by cockroach soldiers, hobgoblins, jogres, moss giants, green dragons, zombies and creatures in abyssal areas.
Law talisman icon
LawMembers icon
Dropped by tortoises, terrorbirds, ghouls, guards, paladins and creatures in abyssal areas.
Death talisman icon
DeathMembers icon
Obtained after completing Mourning's Ends Part II and dropped by dark beasts.
Blood talisman icon
BloodMembers icon
You find a blood talisman during Legacy of Seergaze.
Elemental talisman icon
ElementalMembers icon
Dropped by monsters dwelling in abyssal areas.
Omni-talisman icon
OmniMembers icon
Talk-to Wizard Elriss in the Runecrafting Guild about the omni-talisman and then show her one of every other talisman/tiara (not including the elemental talisman).

Talismans can also be bought on the Grand Exchange, apart from the omni-talisman which can only be obtained from the Runecrafting Guild.

Talismans are also required when making combination runes and some Summoning pouches.


Tiaras perform the same function as talismans - they allow you to gain access to Runecrafting altars. Tiaras have an advantage over talismans, however, in that you can wear them on your head, freeing an extra space in your inventory to carry essence. See the article on silver tiaras for information on how to craft them.

Once you have made a silver tiara, you can enchant it to allow you to access the altar of your choice.

To enchant a tiara you must:

  1. Take your silver tiara to your chosen altar. You will also need the matching talisman for the altar.
  2. Use the tiara on the altar, the talisman will be consumed and your tiara will now be enchanted.
Tiara How to craft Runecrafting Experience Gained
Air tiara iconAir Use an air talisman and a tiara on the Air Altar. 25
Mind tiara iconMind Use a mind talisman and a tiara on the Mind Altar. 27.5
Water tiara iconWater Use a water talisman and a tiara on the Water Altar. 30
Earth tiara iconEarth Use an earth talisman and a tiara on the Earth Altar. 32.5
Fire tiara iconFire Use a fire talisman and a tiara on the Fire Altar. 35
Body tiara iconBody Use a body talisman and a tiara on the Body Altar. 37.5
Cosmic tiara iconCosmicMembers icon Use a cosmic talisman and a tiara on the Cosmic Altar. 40
Chaos tiara iconChaosMembers icon Use a chaos talisman and a tiara on the Chaos Altar. 42.5
Nature tiara iconNatureMembers icon Use a nature talisman and a tiara on the Nature Altar. 45
Law tiara iconLawMembers icon Use a law talisman and a tiara on the Law Altar. 47.5
Death tiara iconDeathMembers icon Use a death talisman and a tiara on the Death Altar. 50
Blood tiara iconBloodMembers icon Use a blood talisman and a tiara on the Blood Altar. 52.5
OmniMembers icon
Bring an omni-talisman and a tiara to Wizard Korvak in the Runecrafting Guild. N/A

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