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Taverley village
Taverley is home to the druids of Gielinor

These worshippers of Guthix are close to nature and will not willingly do anything to disrupt the natural order. They are all gifted herbalists, skilled in the preparation of many oils, unguents and potions mixed from a range of special herbs and weeds.

Taverley itself is composed of buildings in odd shapes, more reminiscent of tents than houses.

The town also boasts a mightily impressive stone circle, where the druids gather to worship Guthix.


Location of Taverley
Taverley's location

Taverley lies in Asgarnia's north-west, pinned between Falador to the southeast and Burthorpe to the north.

West across White Wolf Mountain is the town of Catherby, where many adventurers pause to work on their Fishing.

Just south of the town, its entrance hidden in a forest of dead trees, is the ominous and deadly Taverley Dungeon.

Points of Interest

Features of Taverley
Taverley's points of interest

Turael, the budding slayer's entry point, resides in the south-eastern side of the town, ready to send adventurers out banshee-bashing, and other such activities. He will be also be the point of contact if Slayer missions prove too difficult.

The stone circle, north of the town, is not just for decoration, or for the druids to pay their respects - there is an altar to Guthix there which adventurers may pray at to restore some divine favour.

There is also a house portal for those who have chosen to make Taverley their home.

The Pick and Lute also hosts the Flash Powder Factory activity in its basement.


Sister Judith Tostig
Sister Judith
The kindly sister Judith needs help organising food for the hungry refugees of the Troll Warzone.
The landlord of the Pick and Lute Pub, Tostig is used to turning a blind eye to less than salubrious goings-on in his establishment.
Sister Judith is in west Taverley. Tostig is in the Pick and Lute.
Nails Newton Bernald
Nails Newton
A shifty sort with a canny plan to bring down the nastiest, greediest war profiteer in town.
Poor Bernald. Highly respected horticulturalist and owner of the finest grapevines in RuneScape, he still hasn't been able to stand in the way of the brutal Grapevine Disease. Nevertheless he is strongly protective of the award-winning fruit's seed, and will do almost anything to keep the grapevines solely outside of the Pick and Lute.
Nails is in central Taverley, outside of the Pick and Lute. Bernald is in central Taverley, outside of the Pick and Lute.
Scalectrix Bettamax
A young druid who’s feeling a little out of her depth.
This druid herbalist spends her free time with her pet jadinko, Wilbur.
Scalectrix is in the west of Taverley. Bettamax Is in the west of the village.
Jatix Lady of the Lake
Hard at work healing the soldiers of the Troll Warzone, this druid also sells some basic Herblore supplies.
Lady of the Lake
The lake in the south of Taverley has been unquiet of late, with gelatinous beasts moving within its depths. This reeks of troll mischief, and the Lady needs help.
Jatix is in southwest Taverley. The Lady of the Lake can be found south of Taverley.
Turael Sanfew
The first port of call for those looking to tread the dangerous path of the Slayer. Turael will give low-level Slayer tasks. If you are on a particularly difficult Slayer task for another master, Turael can always offer you an easier alternative.
This elderly druid has scant patience for the follies of youth, but sometimes needs help gathering some of the more hard to get ingredients.
Turael is in southern Taverley. Sanfew is in central Taverley.
Pikkupstix Asbetix
Pikkupstix is the head of the Summoning branch of druidic life; a formidable summoner, he holds the skillcape and will be willing to sell you one, if you are sufficiently skilled. Within his house stands a large Summoning obelisk, a conduit for power great enough to pull creatures from other planes of existence to serve their master.
A druid who’s also responsible for fighting fires with his powerful water magic.
Pikkupstix can be found inside his home in Taverley, east of the town centre. Asbetix is in east Taverley.
Rolo the Stout Kepple
Rolo the Stout
This corpulent cove gives commerce a bad name, profiting from the misfortune of others to make a quick coin. Pie is his greatest weakness.
Right-hand man and simpering toady to Rolo the Stout, Kepple ensures that his master is not disturbed while demolishing finely wrought articles of pastry.
Rolo is on the first floor of the Pick and Lute. Kepple is on the first floor of the Pick and Lute.
Fred Binder Austri
Fred Binder
A merchant from Varrock whose first love is sailing. Always has rope to hand.
Guarding the entrance to the passage under White Wolf Mountain, Austri may be willing to allow you access to this handy shortcut if you can bring him evidence of your proficiency as an angler.
Fred is in central Taverley. Austri is is in west Taverley.
Thaerisk Cemphier Bowloftrix
Thaerisk Cemphier
A man who apparently is keeping an eye on things and making sure that nothing bad happens.
Bowloftrix is one of Pikkupstix's assistants, and like with many of them, get into trouble.
Thaerisk is upstairs in his house in the eastern side of Taverley. Bowloftrix can be found near Pikkupstix's house, right after he is saved.
Runestax Memstix
A druidess of Taverley, full of sorrow about her god. She is commonly seen with Memstix and once held a tribute with him.
A druid of Taverley, sorrowful about his god. He is commonly seen with Runestax and once held a tribute with her.
Runestax can be found east of the Pick and Lute Tavern. Memstix can be found east of the Pick and Lute Tavern.
Brian O'Richard Emerald Benedict
Brian O'Richard
Running the family business in the absence of mummsie, Brian whiles away his hours guiding unsuspecting adventurers into his Flash Powder Factory. His personal favourite is watching them sidle into spinning cogs and trying to dodge various rocky horrors with just a step to the right. Brian's rather individual life could only be bettered by finding his trusted harmonica.
Emerald Benedict
A shady banker working with his associates at the Flash Powder Factory.
Brian is being all eccentric in the caves under the Pick and Lute Tavern. The Emerald Benedict is found under the Pick and Lute Tavern.
Gudrik is a former adventurer who over the years has explored virtually every dungeon, ruin and tomb in Gielinor. During these adventures he amassed quite a lot of treasure, but unfortunately spent quite a lot of it on ale, and lost most of the rest through a series of unwise investments.
Gudrik can be found in his house near the dock.


The following quests can be started in Taverley:

Inhabitants of Taverley

Local People

You cannot attack the locals, but the locals who work the land, and those with more money than sense, may well have some items you can steal acquire.

Druid & Druidess Farmer
Druids and their female colleagues are the mainstay of the population.
Farmer Simple farmers going about their daily work and trying to give the populations of Taverley and Burthorpe enough food.
Druids and druidesses can be found clustering around the stone circle. Farmers are found throughout Taverley around farming patches and fields.
Master farmer Pompous Merchant
Master farmer Experts in the field, Master farmers act as overseers of the farmers ensuring enough food is produced for the townsfolk.
Pompous merchant These merchants are rather rude aristocrats that frequent the shops and stalls of Taverley.
Master Farmers can be found in the Taverley market. Pompous Merchants are found throughout Taverley.
Foppish Pierre
Fopish Pierre Beneath his flamboyant veneer lies the icy heart of a ruthless capitalist. Pierre also has a nose for fine spices.
Foppish Pierre is in the south-west of Taverley.

Defenders and wildlife

Guard ( Level 14 | Weak to weak to air.gif ) Crimson swift
Burthorpe guard With the growing food shortage in Taverley, Burthorpe's Imperial Guard are sometimes spared to guard the market from thieves.
A type of bird that can be hunted using a Bird snare, Crimson swifts can be hunted for bird meat, feathers and bones. Although not a great source of food, for a town on the brink of starvation, this red flash of feathers could be main course!
Guards can be found in the Taverley market. Crimson swifts are in the northern part of Taverley, north of the lake.
White wolf ( Level 44 | Weak to weak to water.gif ) Adolescent White wolf ( Level 12 | Weak to weak to fire.gif )
White wolf The wolves that White Wolf Mountain is named for are dangerous beasts, and more than likely to cause trouble for people on their first journey across the mountains. They survive the cold of the altitude by gorging on the flesh of those foolish enough to come unprepared.
Adolescent White wolf Smaller and weaker than their fully grown pack members, adolescents are not frightened of passers by and will take a nip at them, even if they are beyond their ability to kill.
White wolves, curiously enough, can be found on White Wolf Mountain, west of Taverley.


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