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Tears of Guthix (D&D)

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This area is 'Safe' meaning if you die here, you will not lose any items.
However, if you are poisoned outside of the event/area you can still die.


meeting juna.jpg
Meeting Juna

Deep beneath the swamps of Lumbridge, Juna the Serpent has guarded the Tears of Guthix for three thousand years.

Once you have completed a short quest for her, she will let you collect the tears for a time, dependent on how entertaining a story you can tell. Use the time to collect the good tears, while avoiding the bad. At the end of it, the power of balance will give you experience in whichever skill is your weakest.


tears of guthix location.jpg
Location of Juna's cave

The Tears of Guthix cave is located in the lumbridge swamp. The entrance to the caves is just south east of Draynor, next to a candle seller, who will explain more about light sources.

Another route, which many people prefer as it eliminates the need for spiny helmets and saves a little time, is using a 'short-cut' through Lumbridge Castle. If you have started The Lost Tribe, you can explore the lands underneath the castle. One way into the underground tunnels takes you into the caves, quite near the Tears of Guthix entrance and past all the wall beasts. Although this removes the need for the helmet, a light source and tinderbox are always recommended. Finally, you can mine through the rubble in the Lumbridge Castle basement to gain access to this area.

Points of Interest

lwddungeon features.jpg


To use the cave and the distraction and diversion, you must have completed the Tears of Guthix quest.

Recommended Items

Recommended items include a light-source (something similar to a lantern or above is recommended). Be careful since the gas in the caves can ignite naked flames such as candles.

Along with a light source, you will need a tinderbox. Lights can be extinguished if you fall in water, and you will need some way to relight it if you are to come out alive.

If you are heading to the cave from the normal way (not through Lumbridge Castle), it is advised you also take a spiny helmet. Wall beasts lurk in the walls of the cave and will attack the unprepared adventurer.

As with many places in RuneScape, some people prefer to teleport out. If this is your choice, bring your runes to teleport to your chosen destination. The home teleport spell can also be used to escape from the caves.

Collecting Tears

juna chatbox.gif
Meeting Juna

Whichever way you choose, when you are in the caves you will see Juna the snake, blocking the way.

If it is your first time in the area, you must have completed the Tears of Guthix quest to gain access.

Otherwise, follow the conditions below:

  • You can only play once every 7 days.
  • In that week, you may need to either gain 100,000 experience in any skills (can be spread across more than one skill) or gain one Quest Point.
tears interface1a.jpg
Tears of Guthix interface

If you meet the conditions of entry, Juna will ask you to tell her a story. If you do so, she will allow you a short amount of time in the cave (the distraction and diversion). Please note the total time you have in the cave is dependent on your Quest Points.

To collect the tears you will need a Stone bowl which is created by using a pickaxe on the magic stone to the south-west of Juna. Use a chisel on the Larger rock to craft the bowl. Players level 80 or over in Mining and Crafting can carve an Ornate bowl instead.

When entering the cave, you will see a bowl of tears interface showing the amount of time remaining above it (as shown in the picture).

The more tears that you collect will increase your reward on exit.

When in the cave, your time will begin to count down, so make your moves quickly. As Juna explains, the aim of the game is to fill your bowl with as many tears as possible. The blue tears put one tear in your bowl (filling it up) while the green tears will remove a tear from your bowl, so avoid the green at all costs.

Please note that you don't need to continually click on the same wall to collect tears. It is best to click once on the 'blue tear walls', then, if they change to green, move your character to a different wall.

Spend your time in the cave wisely. There are a few different ways you can collect the tears. Some ways include moving to new blue tears as the current one disappears, or staying at the same wall and waiting for blue tears to reappear, thus saving time spent moving between walls.

Whichever way you choose, when your time is up a message will appear and your character will start walking back to Juna to get your reward...


The first time you complete the event, you will receive an option to teleport directly to Juna when speaking to Kazgar in Lumbridge Castle cellar.

When you exit the cave, you will drink the tears you have collected. These tears grant you experience in your weakest skill equal to the number of tears collected, multiplied by double your level in that skill (capped at 60. This means if your level is higher than 30, the experience is just number of tears times 60), and finally, multiplied by 3.

Players with an ornate stone bowl will receive 300xp experience in their weakest skill multiplied by the number of tears collected.

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