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The Abyss

This article is about the area separating the realms of the multiverse. For the miniquest, see The Abyss (Miniquest) and for the area accessed via the Fairy Rings, see The Abyss (Fairy Rings).


The Abyss separates the realms from the emptiness that surrounds them: The Void. When teleporting, players are actually going through the abyss in order to reach their destination. However, this is perceived as happening almost instantaneously and so is not normally noticeable.

The Abyss was only discovered when a mage "failed" a teleport and ended up trapped in the Abyss. In the (now-removed) Lost and Found random event, players found themselves stuck in a similar fashion.

Aside from the mechanics of teleportation, some limited areas of the Abyss are accessible to players as locations in their own right.

Accessible areas

Runecrafting rifts area Members icon

Members iconThe Abyss
A map of this area of the Abyss, marking the skill obstacles to access the inner ring
A map of this area of the Abyss
Area Multiverse
Quest required The Abyss (Miniquest)

Players are able to gain access to an area of the abyss that provides a fast method for travelling to the altars involved in Runecrafting. Getting here is a risky venture as, although the area itself is not in the Wilderness, its entrance is.

In order to access this area, players first need to assist the Mage of Zamorak with a miniquest. Afterwards, he will return to his original location in the Wilderness just north of Edgeville and from there, he will teleport players into The Abyss.

As can be seen from the map, the area is divided into two rings. Players arriving in the Abyss will find themselves in the outer ring.

Additionally, upon entry, a player's Prayer points will be drained and they will be "skulled", indicated by the presence of a skull icon above the player's head. Should a player die whilst skulled, they will lose all the items they are carrying - they will not be able to choose three items to be protected.

The outer ring

The outer ring is a multi-way combat area and contains many Abyssal guardians, walkers and leeches. These creatures are notable for dropping a variety of Runecrafting talismans, as well as pouches for storing essence.

To access the inner ring, players need to pass through a skill checkpoint, marked as A green circle on the map of the area above. However, since the abyssal space does not conform to the same guidelines of space and time as Gielinor does[1] these are not always in the same position.

There are five different types of checkpoint each requiring one of the following skills: Agility, Firemaking, Mining, Thieving or Woodcutting. It is possible for a player to fail any one of these, but the chances of this decrease at higher levels in the respective skill.

The inner ring

A map of the Abyss, marking the rifts to access the Runecrafting altars

After successfully passing through a skill check, players will find themselves in the inner ring of the area. From here they can exit through the rifts leading to any of the standard Runecrafting altars. Each rift is marked with the appropriate rune symbol, so the rift with the fire rune symbol leads to the fire altar for example. Players do not need to be carrying a talisman or wearing a tiara to enter a rift.

The ourania and astral altars cannot be accessed from here as they exist on Gielinor itself, rather than in other dimensions. There is a soul rift corresponding to the soul altar but it cannot be entered, since the altar has not yet been re-discovered.

The player can also talk to the Dark mage in the centre of the area to repair their Runecrafting pouches.

Fairy Ring area Members icon

Main article: The Abyss (Fairy Rings)

Players can also access another area in the abyss via the Fairy Rings, code ALR. This requires, at least partial, completion of Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen. This area contains similar monsters to the Runecrafting rifts area, with the addition of Abyssal demons. For more details, see the main article.


  1. 1 Literature: Abyssal research notes

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