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You must have completed All Fired Up to use the Beacon Network.

The kingdoms of Misthalin and Asgarnia, concerned by increasing activity in the Wilderness and the darkening shadows over Morytania, have established an early warning system of beacons along the southern and western boundaries of the Wilderness, and as far east as the Temple of Paterdomus on the River Salve.

Locations of the Beacons

beacon map1b.jpg
Map of the Beacon Network

Some of the beacons are difficult to get to, or may have specific requirements (such as repairing a ladder)

Maintaining the Beacons

magic logs2.gif

You can light any of the beacons using 20 logs of the same type, or restoke them by using 5 logs of the same type. In addition to this, you can leave 5 logs with the beacon guards, so they can maintain them for you. For them to do so, however, you may need to help them first. Note that the two northern-most beacons do not have guards (as it's much too dangerous, obviously), so you will have to maintain them yourself.

Higher quality logs will burn for longer, but also require a higher Firemaking level to burn. You will not receive different experience for different logs, but the extra time better logs will burn for will increase your chances of earning the best rewards.

Each beacon awards a set amount of experience, regardless of the logs used. In addition to this, you will receive bonus experience for having several beacons alight at the same time. This is calculated at the time you light a beacon, so if five beacons are burning when you light the sixth, you will receive 2514.6 Firemaking experience, plus the experience for lighting that specific beacon.

Note that some beacons require other skill levels or equipment in order to make use of them.

Beacon Requirements Firemaking Experience for Lighting
River Salve 43 Firemaking 216.2
Rag and Bone Man 43 Firemaking 235.8
North of the Jolly Boar 48 Firemaking 193.8
North of Varrock Palace 53 Firemaking 178.5
North of the Grand Exchange 59 Firemaking 194.3
Edgeville 62 Firemaking 86.7
Black Knights' Fortress 68 Firemaking
Must be a member of the Monastery
Goblin Village 72 Firemaking
Complete Land of the Goblins
Burthorpe 76 Firemaking and 56 Smithing 195.3
East of Death Plateau 79 Firemaking and 42 Construction 249.9
East of Trollheim 83 Firemaking and 64 Agility 201
East of the God Wars Dungeon temple 87 Firemaking and 60 Crafting 255
North of the small temple in the Wilderness 89 Firemaking
70 Smithing OR 59 Construction
Frozen Waste Plateau 92 Firemaking 147.9

Number of Beacons Alight Bonus Firemaking Experience
1 608.4*
2 1622.4
3 1987.4
4 2149.6
5 2149.6
6 2514.6
7 2555.2
8 2758
9 2839.1
10 3041.9
11 3123
12 3244.7
13 3366.4
14 4867.1

* Because lighting a single beacon achieves this, you will always receive this bonus experience the first time you light a beacon.


In addition to some hefty Firemaking experience for simply lighting the beacons, King Roald of Varrock will reward you for keeping several beacons alight at the same time.

  • For keeping 6 beacons alight, you can claim the Ring of fire.
  • For keeping 10 beacons alight, you can claim the Flame gloves.
  • For having every beacon burning simultaneously, you can claim the Inferno adze.

If you lose or destroy any of these items, you will have to earn it all over again.

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