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Coal Trucks

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The coal trucks are located west of McGrubor's Wood. It is an area containing many coal ore rocks that can be mined from. If you speak to Stankers (the dwarf standing in the Mining site area, west of the coal trucks) he will tell you that the coal trucks belong to him but he allows anyone to use them for free.

The benefit of this area is that there is a large concentration of coal in one location. The only other place you will find so much coal ore is within the Mining Guild, which requires level 60 Mining to enter.

You will find it helpful when you go to the coal trucks to have your Agility level at 20 or higher. This will make it easier when travelling back and forth at the coal trucks to the trucks in Seers' Village by allowing you to use the balancing log shortcut.

Using the Coal Trucks

coal trucks1.jpg
Stankers and the coal trucks
  • Mine the coal rocks until your inventory is full of coal ore.
  • Go to the coal trucks near Stankers and deposit your coal ore into your chosen truck. You can do this by clicking on a coal ore within your inventory and using it with the truck. Continue to do this until you can deposit no more coal ore. The maximum number of ores one coal truck can hold is 120.
  • Then travel to Seers' Village and go to the building with the Mining site symbol on it (you can also identify this building because it has truck tracks going into it).
  • When you have located the trucks, remove your coal by clicking on the coal truck or by right-clicking on the coal truck and selecting 'Remove coal'.

Travel back and forth to Seers' Village bank to deposit your coal ore and store it until you can find a furnace (it may be useful to purchase a coal bag to perform this task more quickly).

If you talk to Stankers you can obtain a poison chalice, a concoction made by Stankers which will either increase or decrease your stats. The effect is totally random but luckily temporary, so any negative effects will reverse after a few minutes.

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