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The Crucible

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Dangerous Area
This is a 'Dangerous' area of RuneScape. If you die in this location, you will lose your items

the crucible intro.jpg
The waiting area
The enormous underground cavern of the Crucible has been naturally formed. Some say by coincidence; some by design of the gods; and others that the wretched hate and desolation of the Wilderness has dripped down over many generations to create the sunken cavern. Many years ago this cave became home to a group of rogue warriors, who used the place as a hideout. Down there they built a place to live and store their pillaged goods. From here they based their operations to pounce on unsuspecting travelers throughout the wilderness. Now the Crucible is just the crumbling remnants of the homes they built.

The rogue warriors discovered it was a place of unexplained dark power that would spread to the rogues like a virus. The longer they stayed, the angrier, greedier and more desperate they became. Those that chose to stay (or that weren’t murdered by others in a similar state of destruction) found that any destructive magic was boosted by the environment.

Perhaps it was the effect of the Crucible or perhaps it was the men’s own destructive natures that caused the collapse of their initial agreement to work together. Their attempts to bring order to their own chaotic lives didn’t last and eventually the haphazard chain of leaders was broken. They began to fight amongst themselves, splitting into several factions and leaving the crucible to degrade into ruin.

Several years later, when the feud calmed and most that knew of the Crucible were dead, one group returned. Still dark of heart and wise to the consequences of living in the Crucible they decided to make use of it in a twisted way. They would entice others to visit, using their dark magic to control those in the Crucible. The offer was simple: come and fight others with the possibility of taking away great rewards, and anyone proving himself worthy would temporarily be lent a dark magical power. This power being the one the rogue warriors learned all those years ago.

With people enticed into the Crucible, the rogue warriors rejoiced. They could collect some of the spoils dropped, with the added benefit of satisfying their own dark desire to see chaos. Knowing it wasn’t a safe place, they built a safe-house into the rock, with only one entrance. They are rarely spotted to leave, and use only a simple hatch to talk to the outside world.


the crucible location.jpg

The entrance to the Crucible is within Edgeville, next to the bridge leading to the Grand Exchange and Varrock.

All players may enter the Crucible waiting room, but only members will be able to take part in the arena.


the crucible entrance.jpg
Entrance to the Crucible

You need to be at least combat level 60 in order to fight in the Crucible. However, if you are of a lower level, you may still view the tutorial.

You will be expected to pay a fee to take part. This fee is explained below. You should ensure that your money pouch has enough coins in it to cover this fee.

Recommended Items

It is recommended that you weigh up your need for protection, damage and healing items over their value to you should they be lost. This is a dangerous area and, should you die, you will drop everything - protect item prayers/curses are not permitted here.

Getting Started

Knock on the hatch to speak to Marv. You won't be able to enter the Crucible until he has told you about the lessons that you can take. You don't have to go through these lessons, but it is advisable for you to do so - you will get Trophy bones for completing each lesson.

There are six lessons:

  1. Fighting in the Crucible
  2. The Supreme Champion
  3. Supreme Weapons
  4. Crucible Looting
  5. Rewards and Miscellaneous
  6. Icon Key


fissure to arena.jpg
Fissure into the arena

You start in one of the 4 safe zones. These areas contain a bank, an altar and an exit to the surface.

Entering the arena will charge you a bounty fee (you'll be told how much this is before entering the arena). You will keep your fee as long as you are risking enough items and do not run away from fights. The fee is retrievable by speaking to one of the bankers in a safe zone.

Your fee is based on your combat effectiveness (how high your combat skills are) and the value of the items you take into the arena (the items you are risking). Added to this is a flat fee. Should you die, the other player will receive the part of the fee based on your combat skills and risked items. Should you leave the Crucible while you are a target (either by logging out for too long or leaving the arena) then the flat fee will be given to your opponent.

Note that you cannot bring familiars into a fight.


To enter the arena, you need to use the tunnel network beneath it. This is accessible via a fissure in each of the safe zones. You can quick travel to the arena by left-clicking a fissure, or right-click it for the following options:

  • Quick travel - takes you to a random fissure within the arena
  • Travel - brings up the arena map and lets you choose your entry points
  • Exit arena - returns you to the waiting room (with Marv)

There is a particular fissure for leaving the area.

Note that when you emerge from a fissure, you will be granted a short period of immunity - although this will not stack should you use another fissure straight away. You can also gain energy boosts from using fissure if you have purchased the appropriate reward.

Also note, you will be prevented from using the fissures too often if you have a target assigned.


The target

While in the arena, you will be assigned a target based on the levels of your combat skill. Targets are assigned to you regardless of where you are in the arena, except when you are in a safe zone.

The name of your target, and your own rank and immunity will show in the top right hand corner of your screen. Your target's position will be marked on your minimap.

Killing your target will make them drop everything they have - any protect item prayer/curses are not permitted within the arena. They will also drop Trophy bones which are used to purchase rewards from Marv. You will become immune from damage for a short while to allow you to pick up your winnings.

Warning: if you die you will lose all your items and will return to a safe zone.

Note that if you log out to avoid defeat, or remain in the safe zone for a prolonged period of time, you will be penalised.

Supreme Champions

Each time you kill a target your ranking will increase. Those who are top ranked after 30 minutes have a chance to become supreme champions. Your ranking only decreases after being named a supreme champion.

Before the supreme champions are announced you will be given a warning. During this time, your target list is cleared and the arena becomes safe - you won't lose any items. Attack the supreme champion to improve your ranking.

Anyone who becomes a supreme champion will get three powerful weapons and will become invincible for their first two minutes of their reign. After that, they can be killed and their supreme champion weapons can be picked up for 30 seconds after their death. By picking up the supreme champion's weapons, you will receive an increased rate of Trophy bones.

While supreme champions are active, nobody who is killed will lose items (apart from the supreme weapons).

After a short while, all supreme champion weapons are removed from the arena, and targets are reassigned.

The supreme champion's kit is as follows:

item-title.gif level-title.gif class-title.gif defend-title.gif attack-title.gif
armour-rating-title.gif prayer-bonus-title.gif life-bonus-title.gif style-title.gif damage-title.gif accuracy-title.gif crit-bonus-title.gif
melee icon.png magic icon.png ranged icon.png
member badge tiny.png Supreme champion's helm 1 Combat icon No 0 0 None 0 0 0% 0% 0%
supreme hunter helm.gif
member badge tiny.png Decimation 99 Ranged No 0 0 Arrows icon 1425 3031 0% 0% 0%
member badge tiny.png Annihilation 99 Melee No 9 0 None 950 3031 0% 0% 0%
member badge tiny.png Obliteration 99 Magic No 0 0 Crush icon 0 3031 0% 0% 0%

The Supreme champion's helm is a cosmetic item only.

The three weapons cannot be removed from the arena.

Note that each of the three weapons has a special function, which can be activated by right clicking on its icon:

Weapon Function Name Use
Decimation Locate Teleports the wielder to the busiest part of the arena.
Annihilation Gravitate Teleports nearby players to the wielder.
Obliteration Devour Collects all trophy bones dropped by the wielder's victims, during their reign as Supreme Champion.

The weapons also have special attacks:

Weapon Special Attack Use
Decimation Acid rain This will damage all nearby players and will cause one of their combat stats to be reduced at random.
Annihilation Stagger This will damage all nearby players and cause them to stop combat and randomly follow another player nearby.
Obliteration Devastate This will send out magical projectiles dealing damage, will spread from player to player like a virus.

Looting Corpses

crucible corpse.jpg
The corpse of a rogue

While waiting for a target, you might want to loot some of the corpses around the arena.

Some will contain nothing, but will point you towards another corpse. From others will emerge a Rogue's soul which you must beat into submission and then return to its corpse. To return a Rogue's soul to its corpse, when the soul's health is low, right-click on the corpse and choose 'Direct'. You can then loot the corpse.

By looting corpses you get a chance to get some special gloves which you can repair using Trophy bones. See the rewards section for more details. You can only gain access to these gloves by looting corpses, so it pays to go looking for them.

You will not be able to loot corpses while you have a target assigned, though you can finish one off if your target is assigned before you have directed a soul to its corpse.

Take care when using the "Protect from Melee" prayer against a rogue's soul, as this will allow them to drain your prayer points more quickly than usual.

There are five types of Rogue's soul:

Soul Level Soul Level
hunters soul1.png 90 hunters soul2.png 145
hunters soul3.png 200 hunters soul4.png 255
hunters soul5.png 300


You can trade your Trophy bones to Marv for the following:

Taunts Titles
Taunt Cost Title Cost
Crazy laughing 12 trophy bones.gif Cowardly [name] 12 trophy bones.gif
Chicken bwak 12 trophy bones.gif [name] the Redundant 12 trophy bones.gif
Unlucky nubcake! 36 trophy bones.gif Everyone attack [name] 30 trophy bones.gif
Funeral dirge 36 trophy bones.gif Smelly [name] 30 trophy bones.gif
You FAIL! 36 trophy bones.gif [name] the Idiot 30 trophy bones.gif
Sad melody 36 trophy bones.gif Sir Lame [name] 30 trophy bones.gif
Hysterical crowd 36 trophy bones.gif [name] the Flamboyant 30 trophy bones.gif
Game over, mortal! 36 trophy bones.gif Weakling [name] 30 trophy bones.gif
Gothic tune 36 trophy bones.gif [name] was punished. 30 trophy bones.gif
Muahahaha 36 trophy bones.gif [name] lost 30 trophy bones.gif
[name]...you fail. 30 trophy bones.gif
No-mates [name] 30 trophy bones.gif
[name] ate dirt. 30 trophy bones.gif
Delusional [name] 30 trophy bones.gif
[name] the Respawner 30 trophy bones.gif
Cutie-pie [name] 30 trophy bones.gif
[name] the Fail Magnet 30 trophy bones.gif
[name] was terminated. 30 trophy bones.gif
Lazy [name] 30 trophy bones.gif
[name]? Who? 30 trophy bones.gif

Item Notes Cost
Fissure energy boost (20%) Restores 20% of your run energy when using a fissure. This does not stack should you use another fissurewithin 1 minute of a boost. 24 trophy bones.gif
Fissure energy boost (50%) Restores 50% of your run energy when using a fissure. This does not stack should you use another fissure within 1 minute of a boost. 36 trophy bones.gif
Fissure energy boost (80%) Restores 80% of your run energy when using a fissure. This does not stack should you use another fissure within 1 minute of a boost. 48 trophy bones.gif
supreme hunter helm.gif
Supreme champion's helm
Can only be purchased if you have been a supreme champion within the arena. 60 trophy bones.gif
Fix Rogue gloves You can repair your gloves up to 5 times in one 24 hour period. The gloves will degrade as you use them. 15 trophy bones.gif

Rogue Gloves

Rogue gloves are found by looting corpses. You will loot them in their damaged forms, but they can be repaired through the rewards shop interface.

Damaged Repaired
corrupt rogue gloves (damaged).gif
Corrupt rogue gloves (damaged)
> corrupt rogue gloves.gif
Corrupt rogue gloves
nasty rogue gloves (damaged).gif
Nasty rogue gloves (damaged)
> nasty rogue gloves.gif
Nasty rogue gloves
malicious rogue gloves (damaged).gif
Malicious rogue gloves (damaged)
> malicious rogue gloves.gif
Malicious rogue gloves
loathsome rogue gloves (damaged).gif
Loathsome rogue gloves (damaged)
> loathsome rogue gloves.gif
Loathsome rogue gloves
atrocious rogue gloves (damaged).gif
Atrocious rogue gloves (damaged)
> atrocious rogue gloves.gif
Atrocious rogue gloves

Rogue gloves also give a life point boost while worn:

Glove Type Life Point Boost
Corrupt Gloves > 40
Nasty Gloves > 75
Malicious Gloves > 120
Loathsome Gloves > 140
Atrocious Gloves > 155

Damaged gloves cannot be worn, but repaired gloves will give you the following:

item-title.gif level-title.gif class-title.gif defend-title.gif attack-title.gif
armour-rating-title.gif prayer-bonus-title.gif life-bonus-title.gif style-title.gif damage-title.gif accuracy-title.gif crit-bonus-title.gif
melee icon.png magic icon.png ranged icon.png
member badge tiny.png Corrupt rogue gloves 10 Combat icon 10 0 30 None 0 0 0% 0% 0%
corrupt rogue gloves.gif
member badge tiny.png Nasty rogue gloves 20 Combat icon 15 0 60 None 0 0 0% 0% 0%
nasty rogue gloves.gif
member badge tiny.png Malicious rogue gloves 30 Combat icon 22 0 90 None 0 0 0% 0% 0%
malicious rogue gloves.gif
member badge tiny.png Loathsome rogue gloves 40 Combat icon 31 0 120 None 0 0 0% 0% 0%
loathsome rogue gloves.gif
member badge tiny.png Atrocious rogue gloves 50 Combat icon 42 0 150 None 0 0 0% 0% 0%
atrocious rogue gloves.gif

The Crucible - Supreme Champions

We wanted to know who would become a Supreme Champion within the first two weeks of The Crucible release, and so we set a challenge – send us your account name and we will monitor it to see who reigns supreme. Many tried. Most failed. Five Succeed

Development Team

Developer: Tim C
Design: Mark O
Editor: William D
Graphics: Alec V, Luke F
UI: Stuart M
Animation: (Project Lead:Paul B) Brad A
Quality Assurance:
Head of QA: Steven B
Lead of QA: Vicki M
QA: (Project Lead:Jamie B) Kristian A, Jordan H, Ian 'Chief' H, James H, Dan M, Stacey N, Kayleigh O, Jedd S, Ashley S
Head of Audio: Stephen L
Audio: Adam B, Ian T, Michael M

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