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The Duel Arena

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This area is 'Safe' meaning if you die here, you will not lose any items.
However, if you are poisoned outside of the event/area you can still die.

worldmap globe.gif The official worlds to play The Duel Arena are 40 (P2P, Friendly), 54 (P2P, Staked) & 61 (F2P). worldmap globe.gif

Find a group to take part in this activity by posting on the forums Minigames and D&Ds.


duel arena location1.jpg
Location of the Duel Arena

The Duel Arena is one of the places in RuneScape where you can fight other players for fun or reward. There are two methods of duelling there: staked or friendly duels. Friendly duels are just meant to prove a point of honour, show your superiority or just for a bit of fun. Staked duels are where you put your money where your mouth is (and then show your superiority to win whatever your opponent has staked).

Staked/Friendly duels can be fought on any world, but there are some recommended worlds listed on the Themed Worlds list.


duel arena challenge1.jpg

Duelling is a competition between two individuals to prove their might in combat, unlike the chaos of PvP fighting in the Wilderness or the mass combat of Clan Wars. If you choose to duel, you can focus all of your attention on a single foe.

duel arena icon.gif

You can challenge players in the hospital and on the walkways that overlook the six duel arenas above ground. Right-click on their character and select the 'Challenge' option to bring up the challenge options (see image below). The other player will then be informed of your request. To accept your duel they must right-click on your character and select the 'Challenge' option or click on the challenge text in their chat window. The Duel Arena battle axe icon (see left) will appear on your screen in any location where you can issue a challenge.

In the Duel Arena area above-ground, you can choose to fight either a 'friendly' duel or a 'staked' duel. The difference between them is that in a staked duel you can wager cash and items on the outcome (although the amount you can win is restricted; see the Staked Duels section below for further information). Friendly duels do not involve a stake and are solely for a bit of fun or some practice. The player you challenge will be informed whether you want a friendly duel or a staked duel.

Friendly Duels

friendly duel1a.jpg
Friendly duel interface

If you choose to fight a friendly duel, you will be presented with the interface to the right.

On this screen you have a number of ways of restricting how the duel is fought. On the left, you can click on an inventory slot to disable it, while on the right you can select from a number of options. Your opponent can do the same.

Please note that disabling either one of the hand slots will prevent players from using ANY two-handed weapons. This includes all bows and halberds, the granite maul, etc. In addition, you cannot use salamanders if Magic, melee or Ranged are turned off.

The duel options are explained below:

No Ranged: Don't want someone popping arrows at you? Choose to turn off ranging.
No Melee: Disables all hand-to-hand fighting.
No Magic: Disallows the use of Magic in this duel. Good if you want to save your runes for later.
Fun Weapons: Use a fun weapon to defeat your opponent, such as the rubber chicken or flowers.
You cannot choose Fun Weapons and No Melee because all fun weapons are melee.
No Forfeit: Fed up with your opponent giving up? Then tick this box and make it a fight to the death!
You cannot choose No Forfeit and Fun Weapons.
No Drinks: You and your opponent will not be able to drink any type of beverage or potion to boost stats.
No Food: Don't want your opponent eating food and healing all the time? Choose no food.
No Prayer: Disallows the use of Prayer in this duel.
No Movement: Don't want your opponent running away all the time? Tick this option.
You cannot choose No Movement and No Forfeit/No Melee because you may run out of ammunition or runes.
Obstacles: Are you a ranger or mage? Obstacles may help you to put a barricade between yourself and your opponent.
You cannot choose Obstacles and No Movement.
Enable Summoning: Feel like teaming up with a familiar to smite your foe? Turn on the ability to summon familiars.
No Abilities Prevent the use of combat abilities for a duel to the death by atuo-attack.

Note: If Summoning is enabled, familiars will be able to attack using all of their options - Selecting 'No Melee', for instance, will not stop a familiar from using melee to fight.

You can save these options for future use by pressing 'Save'/ You'll be able to load these saved options by clicking 'Use Favourite'. You can use your previous duel's settings by pressing 'Use Previous'.

When you are happy with the set up, click 'Accept' and wait for your opponent to do the same. A confirmation screen will appear confirming what rules are in place. You'll need to press 'Confirm' before the duel can start. When you are both happy, you will be teleported into an arena - it's time to fight!

Staked Duels

staked duel1a.jpg
Staked duel interface

Much like friendly duels, you will be presented with an interface with the fighting options. In addition, you will have a box detailing what you and your opponent are staking.

Here, you can see the items that you will win if you are victorious in the duel, or what items you will lose should you be defeated. If you are satisfied by the options and stake, click 'Accept'. When both of you have done so, you will see a confirmation screen.

You should check this carefully to make sure you are still happy with the conditions and stake, then click 'Confirm' when you are happy. When you have both done so, you will be teleported into an arena to fight out the duel. Note that all boosted stats will be returned to their normal value before any duel begins, although you can still use potions during the duel provided they haven't been disallowed.


attacking player1.gif
A friendly duel

You will be able to see a big yellow arrow above your opponent's head and on the minimap so you can easily pick out who you should be fighting. The duel will continue until a player forfeits (if allowed), or until one player has been defeated. You can forfeit by clicking on one of the doors around the arenas.

Both players will be taken to the hospital nearby to be healed. The winner can then savour their victory and receive their winnings!

Remember that this is a safe minigame, so the only items you can lose are those that you stake. If you try to escape the duel by closing your browser, you will automatically lose and your opponent will be awarded your stake.

There is a scoreboard located at the Duel Arena entrance and next to the altar, which displays the results of a number of recent staked/friendly duels.


dhat estocada.jpg
Estocada at the Duel Arena

Main article: Duellist's cap

If you find yourself getting into the thrill of duelling other players, then you might also be interested in a duellist's cap. You can get one of these for free from Estocada at the Duel Arena - he stands at the entrance. While you are the owner of this scary-looking piece of headgear, any subsequent duels you complete at the Duel Arena will be 'tracked' by it. You don't have to be wearing it for a victory to register - you can just leave it in your bank - but you do have to own one for any duel victories to be added to your total, so make sure to replace it should you ever lose it. You can 'reset' your stats on the helmet back to zero at any time, should you wish, but this cannot be undone!

As you win more and more duels, your duellist's cap will reflect this in a few ways. After racking up a bunch of wins, you'll be able to perform the Brag emote (while wearing the hat); you'll be able to right-click on the hat and transform into a commemorative statue, which other players can 'behold' to see your Duel Arena stats; and finally, whenever you reach certain thresholds in your total wins, the hat will visually morph into a new, more sinister and terrifying look, as shown in the table below:

Duellist's cap Tier Duel Arena wins
duellist cap 1.gif
Tier 1 0-9
duellist cap 2.gif
Tier 2 10-99
duellist cap 3.gif
Tier 3 100-499
duellist cap 4.gif
Tier 4 500-1999
duellist cap 5.gif
Tier 5 2000-4999
duellist cap 6.gif
Tier 6 5000+

If you also enjoy killing players in the Wilderness, you may also be interested in getting a wildstalker helmet.

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