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The Firemaker's Curse

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Join the firemakers on their journey through a cave system, searching for The Firemaker’s Guide: a great book of secrets written by the most powerful firemaker in recorded history. Finding the book is one problem; getting out alive is another.

Quest Information

fmc main.jpg
The firemakers
Members iconThe Firemaker's Curse
Difficulty Master
Length Long
  • None
Useful Be able to defeat level 160 Char
It is recommended to have read Twice Burnt to get the most out of this quest.
Starting Quest start
Start point South of Eagles' Peak
To start Speak to the firemakers.

Development Team

Content Team
Developer: Ana S
Walkthrough: Michelle-Louise J
Graphics Team
Characters: Mark C
Environment: Luke F
Animation: Gurpreet K
Quality Assurance Team
QA: (Project Lead:Ian H) Ryan W, Graeme C,Vicki M, Kayleigh O, Lewis R
Audio Team
Audio: (Project Lead:Adam B) Keith Q

Development History

The Firemaker's Curse was initially discussed at RuneFest 2011 and formerly announced in the Behind the Scenes for January 2012. According to the BTS:

In this quest, aimed at high-level firemakers, you’ll join a rag-tag group of fire fans as they delve deeply in search of secrets of firemaking. Lead the way through a new dungeon, using your skill and dexterity to protect them from a fiery foe who’s anything but warm and fuzzy! This entity is bitter, angry, and able to possess intruders in her underground lair, driving them to acts of murder, so you’ll have to decide who you think is possessed in order to protect the rest of the group.
While you’ll need to be tough to survive, this isn’t an enemy that you can face with swords, spells or arrows. This is a quest about using your ingenuity and judgement to find a way out of a bad situation. Make it through, and you’ll unlock a new Firemaking training method, two Firemaking events in the circus, and one (at a time) of four toasty new pets.

Change to Firemaking Requirement

In the Behind the Scenes it was originally announced that the quest would require Level 90 Firemaking which would have been significantly higher than any previous requirement for a quest and 19 levels higher than the previous maximum Firemaking requirement in a quest (The Void Stares Back).

Mod Mark, the Lead Designer of RuneScape made the following statement:

Simply put, I want to make this excellent piece of content more accessible to a greater number of players, and I do not think it’s appropriate to ask a player interested in story content to have to get level 90 in Firemaking.
It’s always difficult to make changes to content at the last minute (especially for the developers and testers involved) and I should have identified this at a much earlier stage in the development of the quest. The high-level firemakers will still have access to unique content, so I hope those that already have achieved level 91 will feel that the unique rewards are a return for doing so.
Please remember that statements made in the BTS are often subject to change, although we do everything in our power to avoid it where possible.

Full details are available at the on the forum thread.

Quest Classification

Originally classified as a Grandmaster quest, discussion surrounding the release led players to believe the quest would be downgraded to Master following the reduction in it's Firemaking requirement. However it was originally listed as a Grandmaster quest in RuneScape. This was been said to be a bug, according to Mod Timbo:

Then that's a bug because in the Wiki and elsewhere it's under Master. Feel free to post that in the Bug Report.
Source: Forum Thread

This has since been fixed and the quest is now correctly identified as Master within the game.



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Walkthrough Rewards Synopsis
A step-by-step guide through the quest. Rewards for completing this quest. An outline of the plot and lore of this quest.


The following quests follow on from the story of The Firemaker's Curse and it is recommended you complete it before starting them:

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