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The table below lists all herbs currently found in Gielinor, along with the level at which you are able to clean them. A similar table can be opened in-game by clicking the Herblore skill icon in the statistics menu of the player control panel.

Grimy Level Clean XP
grimy guam.gif
Grimy guam
3 Herblore guam2.gif
Clean guam
grimy rogue's purse.gif
Grimy rogue's purse Members icon
3 Herblore rogues purse2.gif
Clean rogue's purse Members icon
grimy snake weed.gif
Grimy snake weed Members icon
3 Herblore snake weed.gif
Clean snake weed Members icon *
grimy tarromin.gif
Grimy tarromin
3 Herblore tarromin2.gif
Clean tarromin
grimy marrentill.gif
Grimy marrentill
5 Herblore marrentill2.gif
Clean marrentill
grimy harralander.gif
Grimy harralander Members icon
20 Herblore harralander2.gif
Clean harralander Members icon
grimy ranarr.gif
Grimy ranarr Members icon
25 Herblore ranarr2.gif
Clean ranarr Members icon
grimy toadflax.gif
Grimy toadflax Members icon
30 Herblore toadflax2.gif
Clean toadflax Members icon
grimy spirit weed.gif
Grimy spirit weed Members icon
35 Herblore spirit weed.gif
Clean spirit weed Members icon
grimy irit.gif
Grimy irit Members icon
40 Herblore irit2.gif
Clean irit Members icon
grimy wergali.gif
Grimy wergali Members icon
41 Herblore wergali.gif
Clean wergali Members icon
grimy avantoe.gif
Grimy avantoe Members icon
48 Herblore avantoe2.gif
Clean avantoe Members icon
grimy kwuarm.gif
Grimy kwuarm Members icon
54 Herblore kwuarm2.gif
Clean kwuarm Members icon
grimy erzille.gif
Grimy erzille Members icon
54 Herblore erzille.gif
Clean erzille Members icon ^
grimy ugune.gif
Grimy ugune Members icon
56 Herblore ugune.gif
Clean ugune Members icon ^
grimy argway.gif
Grimy argway Members icon
57 Herblore argway.gif
Clean argway Members icon ^
grimy shengo.gif
Grimy shengo Members icon
58 Herblore shengo.gif
Clean shengo Members icon ^
grimy snapdragon.gif
Grimy snapdragon Members icon
59 Herblore snapdragon2.gif
Clean snapdragon Members icon
grimy samaden.gif
Grimy samaden Members icon
59 Herblore samaden.gif
Clean samaden Members icon ^
grimy cadantine.gif
Grimy cadantine Members icon
65 Herblore cadantine2.gif
Clean cadantine Members icon
grimy lantadyme.gif
Grimy lantadyme Members icon
67 Herblore lantadyme2.gif
Clean lantadyme Members icon
grimy dwarf weed.gif
Grimy dwarf weed Members icon
70 Herblore dwarfweed2.gif
Clean dwarf weed Members icon
grimy torstol.gif
Grimy torstol Members icon
75 Herblore torstol2.gif
Clean torstol Members icon
grimy fellstalk.gif
Grimy fellstalk Members icon
91 Herblore fellstalk.gif
Clean fellstalk Members icon

The herbs in the list above are primary ingredients. Primary ingredients are always needed in order to create potions or poisons.

* These herbs can be found on Karamja and become available upon completion of the Jungle Potion.

^ These herbs can only be grown and gathered from vine herb patches in the Herblore Habitat.

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