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Find out what potions you are able to make from the tables below. Please remember that all stat boost potions give a temporary effect and your stats will reset over time. Note that some potions cannot be made.

Important:The boosts that some potions can give are based upon your current levels. For example, if you have Attack level 1 and drink an Attack potion, your level will temporarily increase by 3. If your Attack level is 99, this boost will be by 12 levels.

Also:Each dose will add the same boost to the skills, and are not cumulative. For example, if you drink two doses of an Attack potion, you will not double the amount of Attack levels you temporarily gain.

The Potions

Combat Potions

Potion Level Ingredients XP Effect Per Dose
Normal Flask Name Primary Secondary
AttackPotion1.gif AttackPotion2.gif attack potion.gif AttackPotion4.gif AttackPotion1 big.gif AttackPotion2 big.gif AttackPotion3 big.gif AttackPotion4 big.gif AttackPotion5 big.gif AttackPotion6 big.gif Attack potion 1 Herblore guam2.gif
Clean guam
Eye of newt
25 1-8 Attack boost
StrengthPot1.gif StrengthPot2.gif strength potion.gif StrengthPot4.gif StrengthPot1 big.gif StrengthPot2 big.gif StrengthPot3 big.gif StrengthPot4 big.gif StrengthPot5 big.gif StrengthPot6 big.gif Strength potion 3 Herblore tarromin2.gif
Clean tarromin
Limpwurt root
40 1-8 Strength boost
DefencePot1.gif DefencePot2.gif defense potion.gif DefencePot4.gif DefencePot1 big.gif DefencePot2 big.gif DefencePot3 big.gif DefencePot4 big.gif DefencePot5 big.gif DefencePot6 big.gif Defence potion 5 Herblore marrentill2.gif
Clean marrentill
Bear fur
35 1-8 Defence boost
RangingPot1.gif RangingPot2.gif rangepotion.gif RangingPot4.gif RangingPot1 big.gif RangingPot2 big.gif RangingPot3 big.gif RangingPot4 big.gif RangingPot5 big.gif RangingPot6 big.gif Ranging potion 7 Herblore guam2.gif
Clean guam
40 1-8 Ranged boost
MagicPot1.gif MagicPot2.gif magic potion.gif MagicPot4.gif MagicPot1 big.gif MagicPot2 big.gif MagicPot3 big.gif MagicPot4 big.gif MagicPot5 big.gif MagicPot6 big.gif Magic potion 9 Herblore tarromin2.gif
Clean tarromin
Black, red, yellow or white beads.
45 1-8 Magic boost
Statrestore1.gif Statrestore2.gif statrestore potion.gif Statrestore4.gif Statrestore1 big.gif Statrestore2 big.gif Statrestore3 big.gif Statrestore4 big.gif Statrestore5 big.gif Statrestore6 big.gif Restore potion Members icon 22 Herblore harralander2.gif
Clean harralander
Red spiders' eggs
62.5 10-39 restore on Defence, Attack, Strength, Magic and Ranged
CombatPot1.gif CombatPot2.gif combat potion.gif CombatPot4.gif CombatPot1 big.gif CombatPot2 big.gif CombatPot3 big.gif CombatPot4 big.gif CombatPot5 big.gif CombatPot6 big.gif Combat potion Members icon 36 Herblore harralander2.gif
Clean harralander
goats horn dust.gif
Goat horn dust
84 1-8 Strength and Attack boost
PrayerRestore1.gif PrayerRestore2.gif prayerrestore potion.gif PrayerRestore4.gif PrayerRestore1 big.gif PrayerRestore2 big.gif PrayerRestore3 big.gif PrayerRestore4 big.gif PrayerRestore5 big.gif PrayerRestore6 big.gif Prayer potion Members icon 38 Herblore ranarr2.gif
Clean ranarr
Snape grass
87.5 Restores 9-254 prayer points (9-274 when carrying a blessed wrench)
SuperAttack1.gif SuperAttack2.gif superattack potion.gif SuperAttack4.gif SuperAttack1 big.gif SuperAttack2 big.gif SuperAttack3 big.gif SuperAttack4 big.gif SuperAttack5 big.gif SuperAttack6 big.gif Super attack Members icon 45 Herblore irit2.gif
Clean irit
Eye of newt
100 2-13 Attack boost
SuperStrength1.gif SuperStrength2.gif superstrength potion.gif SuperStrength4.gif SuperStrength1 big.gif SuperStrength2 big.gif SuperStrength3 big.gif SuperStrength4 big.gif SuperStrength5 big.gif SuperStrength6 big.gif Super strength Members icon 55 Herblore kwuarm2.gif
Clean kwuarm
Limpwurt root
125 2-13 Strength boost
MagicEss1.gif MagicEss2.gif magicess.gif MagicEss4.gif MagicEss1 big.gif MagicEss2 big.gif MagicEss3 big.gif MagicEss4 big.gif MagicEss5 big.gif MagicEss6 big.gif Magic essence Members icon 57 Herblore starflower.gif
Star flower
gorak claw ash.gif
Gorak claw powder
130 1-8 Magic boost
SuperRestore1.gif SuperRestore2.gif superrestore potion.gif SuperRestore4.gif SuperRestore1 big.gif SuperRestore2 big.gif SuperRestore3 big.gif SuperRestore4 big.gif SuperRestore5 big.gif SuperRestore6 big.gif Super restore Members icon 63 Herblore snapdragon2.gif
Clean snapdragon
Red spiders' eggs
142.5 8-32 restoration on all stats except Constitution
Note that for Prayer, 9-254 prayer points will be restored instead (9-274 when carrying a blessed wrench)
Sanfew1.gif Sanfew2.gif sanfew serum.gif Sanfew4.gif Sanfew1 big.gif Sanfew2 big.gif Sanfew3 big.gif Sanfew4 big.gif Sanfew5 big.gif Sanfew6 big.gif Sanfew serum Members icon 65 Herblore superrestore potion.gif
Super restore (3)
sanfew serum recipe2.gif
Unicorn horn dust, snake weed, nail beast nails
160 Combined effect of super restore and cure poison potions, though at lower potency than individual potions.
Can be used as a weapon against nail beasts
SuperDefence1.gif SuperDefence2.gif superdefense potion.gif SuperDefence4.gif SuperDefence1 big.gif SuperDefence2 big.gif SuperDefence3 big.gif SuperDefence4 big.gif SuperDefence5 big.gif SuperDefence6 big.gif Super defence Members icon 66 Herblore cadantine2.gif
Clean cadantine
White berries
150 2-13 Defence boost
super ranging potion 1.gif super ranging potion 2.gif super ranging potion.gif super ranging potion 4.gif super ranging flask 1.gif super ranging flask 2.gif super ranging flask 3.gif super ranging flask 4.gif super ranging flask 5.gif super ranging flask 6.gif Super ranging potion Members icon 72 Herblore dwarfweed2.gif
Clean dwarf weed
Wine of zamorak
162.5 2-13 Ranged boost
super magic potion 1.gif super magic potion 2.gif super magic potion.gif super magic potion 4.gif super magic flask 1.gif super magic flask 2.gif super magic flask 3.gif super magic flask 4.gif super magic flask 5.gif super magic flask 6.gif Super magic potion Members icon 76 Herblore lantadyme2.gif
Clean lantadyme
potato cactus.gif
Potato cactus
172.5 2-13 Magic boost
ZamorakPot1.gif ZamorakPot2.gif zamorak potion.gif ZamorakPot4.gif ZamorakPot1 big.gif ZamorakPot2 big.gif ZamorakPot3 big.gif ZamorakPot4 big.gif ZamorakPot5 big.gif ZamorakPot6 big.gif Zamorak brew Members icon 78 Herblore torstol2.gif
Clean torstol
175 1-8 Strength and Attack boost
20-90 prayer points restore

1-8 Defence drain
48-475 life points drain
SaradominPot1.gif SaradominPot2.gif saradomin potion.gif SaradominPot4.gif SaradominPot1 big.gif SaradominPot2 big.gif SaradominPot3 big.gif SaradominPot4 big.gif SaradominPot5 big.gif SaradominPot6 big.gif Saradomin brew Members icon 81 Herblore toadflax2.gif
Clean toadflax
crushed bird nest.gif
Crushed nest
180 500 life points boost
1-4 Defence boost
1-4 Strength, Attack, Magic and Ranged drain
RecoverSpecial1.gif RecoverSpecial2.gif recover special.gif RecoverSpecial4.gif RecoverSpecial1 big.gif RecoverSpecial2 big.gif RecoverSpecial3 big.gif RecoverSpecial4 big.gif RecoverSpecial5 big.gif RecoverSpecial6 big.gif Adrenaline potion Members icon ~ 84 Herblore superenergy pot.gif
Super energy (3)
Papaya fruit
200 Recovers one quarter of your adrenaline. Can only be used once every 120 seconds.
ExtremeAttack1.gif ExtremeAttack2.gif extreme attack.gif ExtremeAttack4.gif ExtremeAttack1 big.gif ExtremeAttack2 big.gif ExtremeAttack3 big.gif ExtremeAttack4 big.gif ExtremeAttack5 big.gif ExtremeAttack6 big.gif Extreme attack Members icon ~ 88 Herblore superattack potion.gif
Super attack (3)
Clean avantoe
220 3-17 Attack boost
ExtremeStrength1.gif ExtremeStrength2.gif extreme strength.gif ExtremeStrength4.gif ExtremeStrength1 big.gif ExtremeStrength2 big.gif ExtremeStrength3 big.gif ExtremeStrength4 big.gif ExtremeStrength5 big.gif ExtremeStrength6 big.gif Extreme strength Members icon ~ 89 Herblore superstrength potion.gif
Super strength (3)
Clean dwarf weed
230 3-17 Strength boost
ExtremeDefence1.gif ExtremeDefence2.gif extreme defence.gif ExtremeDefence4.gif ExtremeDefence1 big.gif ExtremeDefence2 big.gif ExtremeDefence3 big.gif ExtremeDefence4 big.gif ExtremeDefence5 big.gif ExtremeDefence6 big.gif Extreme defence Members icon ~ 90 Herblore superdefense potion.gif
Super defence (3)
Clean lantadyme
240 3-17 Defence boost
ExtremeMagic1.gif ExtremeMagic2.gif extreme magic.gif ExtremeMagic4.gif ExtremeMagic1 big.gif ExtremeMagic2 big.gif ExtremeMagic3 big.gif ExtremeMagic4 big.gif ExtremeMagic5 big.gif ExtremeMagic6 big.gif Extreme magic Members icon ~ 91 Herblore super magic potion.gif
Super magic potion (3)
ground mudrunes.gif
Ground mud runes
250 3-17 Magic boost
ExtremeRanging1.gif ExtremeRanging2.gif extreme ranging.gif ExtremeRanging4.gif ExtremeRanging1 big.gif ExtremeRanging2 big.gif ExtremeRanging3 big.gif ExtremeRanging4 big.gif ExtremeRanging5 big.gif ExtremeRanging6 big.gif Extreme ranging Members icon ~ 92 Herblore super ranging potion.gif
Super ranging potion (3)
grenwall spikes.gif
5 Grenwall spikes
260 3-17 Ranged boost
SuperPrayer1.gif SuperPrayer2.gif super prayer.gif SuperPrayer4.gif SuperPrayer1 big.gif SuperPrayer2 big.gif SuperPrayer3 big.gif SuperPrayer4 big.gif SuperPrayer5 big.gif SuperPrayer6 big.gif Super prayer Members icon ~ 94 Herblore prayerrestore potion.gif
Prayer potion (3)
Wyvern bonemeal
270 10- 353 prayer points
PrayerRenew1.gif PrayerRenew2.gif prayer renew potion.gif PrayerRenew4.gif PrayerRenew1 big.gif PrayerRenew2 big.gif PrayerRenew3 big.gif PrayerRenew4 big.gif PrayerRenew5 big.gif PrayerRenew6 big.gif Prayer renewal Members icon 94 Herblore fellstalk.gif
Clean fellstalk
morchella mushroom.gif
Morchella mushroom
190 10-378 prayer points restore over time (10-408 when carrying a blessed wrench)
super saradomin brew (1).gif super saradomin brew (2).gif super saradomin brew.gif super saradomin brew (4).gif super saradomin brew flask (1).gif super saradomin brew flask (2).gif super saradomin brew flask (3).gif super saradomin brew flask (4).gif super saradomin brew flask (5).gif super saradomin brew flask (6).gif Super saradomin brew Members icon 93 Herblore wine of saradomin.gif
Wine of saradomin
saradomin potion.gif
Saradomin brew (3)
180 800 life points boost
1 - 6 Defence boost

1 - 4 Strength, Attack, Magic and Ranged drain
super zamorak brew (1).gif super zamorak brew (2).gif super zamorak brew.gif super zamorak brew (4).gif super zamorak brew flask (1).gif super zamorak brew flask (2).gif super zamorak brew flask (3).gif super zamorak brew flask (4).gif super zamorak brew flask (5).gif super zamorak brew flask (6).gif Super zamorak brew Members icon 93 Herblore wineofzam.gif
Wine of zamorak
zamorak potion.gif
Zamorak brew (3)
180 2 - 12 Strength, Attack, Ranged and Magic boost

2 - 8 Defence drain
20 - 800 life points drain

Skilling Potions

Potion Level Ingredients XP Effect Per Dose
Normal Flask Name Primary Secondary
blamish oil.gif Blamish oil Members icon 25 Herblore harralander2.gif
Clean harralander
blamish snail slime.gif
Blamish snail slime
80 Used on fishing rod to make an oily rod for catching lava eels
EnergyPot1.gif EnergyPot2.gif energy pot.gif EnergyPot4.gif EnergyPot1 big.gif EnergyPot2 big.gif EnergyPot3 big.gif EnergyPot4 big.gif EnergyPot5 big.gif EnergyPot6 big.gif Energy potion Members icon 26 Herblore harralander2.gif
Clean harralander
chocolate dust.gif
Chocolate dust
67.5 Restores run energy by 20%
super fishing potion.gif Super fishing explosive Members icon % 31 Herblore guam2.gif
Clean guam
55 Lures mogres and causes 150 damage to them
AgilityPot1.gif AgilityPot2.gif agility pot.gif AgilityPot4.gif AgilityPot1 big.gif AgilityPot2 big.gif AgilityPot3 big.gif AgilityPot4 big.gif AgilityPot5 big.gif AgilityPot6 big.gif Agility potion Members icon 34 Herblore toadflax2.gif
Clean toadflax
Toad legs
80 +3 Agility levels
SummoningPot1.gif SummoningPot2.gif summoning potion.gif SummoningPot4.gif SummoningPot1 big.gif SummoningPot2 big.gif SummoningPot3 big.gif SummoningPot4 big.gif SummoningPot5 big.gif SummoningPot6 big.gif Summoning potion Members icon 40 Herblore spirit weed.gif
Clean spirit weed
cockatrice egg.gif
Cockatrice egg
92 Restores 7-31 Summoning points
CraftingPot1.gif CraftingPot2.gif crafting potion.gif CraftingPot4.gif CraftingPot1 big.gif CraftingPot2 big.gif CraftingPot3 big.gif CraftingPot4 big.gif CraftingPot5 big.gif CraftingPot6 big.gif Crafting potion Members icon 42 Herblore wergali.gif
Clean wergali
frog spawn.gif
Frog spawn
95 Raises Crafting level by 3 temporarily
FishingPot1.gif FishingPot2.gif fishing potion.gif FishingPot4.gif FishingPot1 big.gif FishingPot2 big.gif FishingPot3 big.gif FishingPot4 big.gif FishingPot5 big.gif FishingPot6 big.gif Fishing potion Members icon 50 Herblore avantoe2.gif
Clean avantoe
Snape grass
112.5 +3 Fishing levels
SuperEnergy1.gif SuperEnergy2.gif superenergy pot.gif SuperEnergy4.gif SuperEnergy1 big.gif SuperEnergy2 big.gif SuperEnergy3 big.gif SuperEnergy4 big.gif SuperEnergy5 big.gif SuperEnergy6 big.gif Super energy Members icon 52 Herblore avantoe2.gif
Clean avantoe
Mort myre fungus
117.5 Restores Energy by 40%
HunterPot1.gif HunterPot2.gif hunterspotion.gif HunterPot4.gif HunterPot1 big.gif HunterPot2 big.gif HunterPot3 big.gif HunterPot4 big.gif HunterPot5 big.gif HunterPot6 big.gif Hunter potion Members icon 53 Herblore avantoe2.gif
Clean avantoe
Kebbit teeth dust
120 Raises Hunter level by 3 temporarily
JuJuHunter1.gif JuJuHunter2.gif JuJuHunter3.gif hunter potion.gif JuJuHunter1 big.gif JuJuHunter2 big.gif JuJuHunter3 big.gif JuJuHunter4 big.gif JuJuHunter5 big.gif JuJuHunter6 big.gif Juju hunter potion Members icon ^ 54 Herblore erzille.gif
Clean erzille
corrupt vine.gif
Corrupt vine
123 Pour the juju hunter potion on a vine flower patch in the Herblore Habitat to attract uncommon jadinkos.
FletchingPot1.gif FletchingPot2.gif fletching potion.gif FletchingPot4.gif FletchingPot1 big.gif FletchingPot2 big.gif FletchingPot3 big.gif FletchingPot4 big.gif FletchingPot5 big.gif FletchingPot6 big.gif Fletching potion Members icon 58 Herblore wergali.gif
Clean wergali
wimpy feather.gif
Wimpy feather
132 Raises Fletching level by 3 temporarily
ScentlessPot1.gif ScentlessPot2.gif ScentlessPot3.gif scentless potion.gif ScentlessPot1 big.gif ScentlessPot2 big.gif ScentlessPot3 big.gif ScentlessPot4 big.gif ScentlessPot5 big.gif ScentlessPot6 big.gif Scentless potion Members icon ^ 59 Herblore argway.gif
Clean argway
shadow vine.gif
Shadow vine
135 Drink this potion and all of your traps will be treated as if they had been smoked.
JuJuFarming1.gif JuJuFarming2.gif JuJuFarming3.gif farming potion.gif JuJuFarming1 big.gif JuJuFarming2 big.gif JuJuFarming3 big.gif JuJuFarming4 big.gif JuJuFarming5 big.gif JuJuFarming6 big.gif Juju farming potion Members icon ^ 64 Herblore ugune.gif
Clean ugune
marble vine.gif
Marble vine
146 One in three chance of picking twice the number of herbs from a herb patch.
JuJuCooking1.gif JuJuCooking2.gif JuJuCooking3.gif cooking potion.gif JuJuCooking1 big.gif JuJuCooking2 big.gif JuJuCooking3 big.gif JuJuCooking4 big.gif JuJuCooking5 big.gif JuJuCooking6 big.gif Juju cooking potion Members icon ^ 67 Herblore shengo.gif
Clean shengo
plant teeth.gif
Plant teeth
152 This potion is not drunk. Used on a baked potato to make a strange potato, which can be combined with tuna and sweetcorn to create juju gumbo
JuJuFishing1.gif JuJuFishing2.gif JuJuFishing3.gif fishing potion1.gif JuJuFishing1 big.gif JuJuFishing2 big.gif JuJuFishing3 big.gif JuJuFishing4 big.gif JuJuFishing5 big.gif JuJuFishing6 big.gif Juju fishing potion Members icon ^ 70 Herblore shengo.gif
Clean shengo
aquatic vine.gif
Aquatic vine
158 One in three chance of catching a raw baron shark when shark fishing.
JuJuWoodcutting1.gif JuJuWoodcutting2.gif JuJuWoodcutting3.gif woodcutting potion.gif JuJuWoodcutting1 big.gif JuJuWoodcutting2 big.gif JuJuWoodcutting3 big.gif JuJuWoodcutting4 big.gif JuJuWoodcutting5 big.gif JuJuWoodcutting6 big.gif Juju woodcutting potion Members icon 71 Herblore samaden.gif
Clean samaden
oily vine.gif
Oily vine
160 1 in 10 chance of finding a wood spirit when woodcutting. Sends logs to bank for you. Small chance of receiving higher level logs, sent directly to your bank.
JuJuMining1.gif JuJuMining2.gif JuJuMining3.gif mining potion.gif JuJuMining1 big.gif JuJuMining2 big.gif JuJuMining3 big.gif JuJuMining4 big.gif JuJuMining5 big.gif JuJuMining6 big.gif Juju mining potion Members icon ^ 74 Herblore samaden.gif
Clean samaden
draconic vine.gif
Draconic vine
168 1 in 10 chance of finding a stone spirit when mining. Sends ore to your bank. Small chance of receiving higher level ore, sent directly to your bank.
SaradominsBlessing1.gif SaradominsBlessing2.gif SaradominsBlessing3.gif saradomin potion1.gif SaradominsBlessing1 big.gif SaradominsBlessing2 big.gif SaradominsBlessing3 big.gif SaradominsBlessing4 big.gif SaradominsBlessing5 big.gif SaradominsBlessing6 big.gif Saradomin's blessing Members icon ^ 75 Herblore samaden.gif
Clean samaden
saradomin vine.gif
Saradomin vine
170 Provides a +10% bonus to Farming XP when farming in the Herblore Habitat.
GuthixGift1.gif GuthixGift2.gif GuthixGift3.gif guthix potion.gif GuthixGift1 big.gif GuthixGift2 big.gif GuthixGift3 big.gif GuthixGift4 big.gif GuthixGift5 big.gif GuthixGift6 big.gif Guthix's gift Members icon ^ 75 Herblore samaden.gif
Clean samaden
guthix vine.gif
Guthix vine
170 Provides a +10% bonus to Herblore XP when making potions in the Herblore Habitat.
ZamoraksFavour1.gif ZamoraksFavour2.gif zamorak potion1.gif ZamoraksFavour3.gif ZamoraksFavour1 big.gif ZamoraksFavour2 big.gif ZamoraksFavour3 big.gif ZamoraksFavour4 big.gif ZamoraksFavour5 big.gif ZamoraksFavour6 big.gif Zamorak's favour Members icon ^ 75 Herblore samaden.gif
Clean samaden
zamorak vine.gif
Zamorak vine
170 Provides a +10% bonus to Hunter XP when hunting jadinkos in the Herblore Habitat.

Other Potions

Potion Level Ingredients XP Effect Per Dose
Normal Flask Name Primary Secondary
Relicym1.gif Relicym2.gif relicyms balm.gif Relicym4.gif Relicym1 big.gif Relicym2 big.gif Relicym3 big.gif Relicym4 big.gif Relicym5 big.gif Relicym6 big.gif Relicym's balm Members icon # 8 Herblore rogues purse2.gif
Rogue's purse
snake weed2.gif
Snake weed
40 Cures disease
Antipoison1.gif Antipoison2.gif antipoison.gif Antipoison4.gif Antipoison1 big.gif Antipoison2 big.gif Antipoison3 big.gif Antipoison4 big.gif Antipoison5 big.gif Antipoison6 big.gif Antipoison Members icon 13 Herblore marrentill2.gif
Clean marrentill
Unicorn horn dust
50 Cures poison and gives a small amount of immunity
guthix rest (1).gif guthix rest (2).gif guthix rest.gif guthix rest (4).gif Guthix rest Members icon 18 Herblore harralander2.gif
Clean harralander
Clean marrentill
59.5 Cures poison
Reduces poison damage by 10 life points per dose
Heals 200 life points
Boosts your maximum life points by 200
Restores 5% of your run energy
GuthixBalance1.gif GuthixBalance2.gif guthix balance.gif GuthixBalance4.gif GuthixBalance1 big.gif GuthixBalance2 big.gif GuthixBalance3 big.gif GuthixBalance4 big.gif GuthixBalance5 big.gif GuthixBalance6 big.gif Guthix balance Members icon 22 Herblore harralander2.gif
Clean harralander
redspidereggs.gifgarlic.gifsilver dust.gif
Red spiders' eggs, garlic, silver dust
112 Use on vampyres held with the Retainer to kill them, cure them, or make them angry!
SuperAntipoison1.gif SuperAntipoison2.gif superantipoison-potion.gif SuperAntipoison4.gif SuperAntipoison1 big.gif SuperAntipoison2 big.gif SuperAntipoison3 big.gif SuperAntipoison4 big.gif SuperAntipoison5 big.gif SuperAntipoison6 big.gif Super antipoison Members icon 48 Herblore irit2.gif
Clean irit
Unicorn horn dust
106.3 Cures and gives temporary immunity to poison
weapon poison.gif Weapon poison Members icon 60 Herblore kwuarm2.gif
Clean kwuarm
Dragon scale dust
137.5 When drank your attacks will have a chance of poisoning your opponents.
AntiPoisonPlus1.gif AntiPoisonPlus2.gif antidoteplus.gif AntiPoisonPlus4.gif AntiPoisonPlus1 big.gif AntiPoisonPlus2 big.gif AntiPoisonPlus3 big.gif AntiPoisonPlus4 big.gif AntiPoisonPlus5 big.gif AntiPoisonPlus6 big.gif Antipoison+ Members icon * 68 Herblore toadflax2.gif
Clean toadflax
Yew roots
155 Cures and gives longer immunity to poison
AntiFire1.gif AntiFire2.gif antidragonbreath potion.gif AntiFire4.gif AntiFire1 big.gif AntiFire2 big.gif AntiFire3 big.gif AntiFire4 big.gif AntiFire5 big.gif AntiFire6 big.gif Antifire Members icon 69 Herblore lantadyme2.gif
Clean lantadyme
Dragon scale dust
157.5 Grants a limited resistance to dragon fire
weapon poison plus.gif Weapon poison+ Members icon * 73 Herblore cactus spine.gif
Cactus spine
Red spiders' eggs
165 When drank your attacks will have a chance of poisoning your opponents.
AntiPoisonPlusPlus1.gif AntiPoisonPlusPlus2.gif antidoteplusplus.gif AntiPoisonPlusPlus4.gif AntiPoisonPlusPlus1 big.gif AntiPoisonPlusPlus2 big.gif AntiPoisonPlusPlus3 big.gif AntiPoisonPlusPlus4 big.gif AntiPoisonPlusPlus5 big.gif AntiPoisonPlusPlus6 big.gif Antipoison++ Members icon * 79 Herblore irit2.gif
Clean irit
Magic roots
177.5 Cures and gives longest immunity to poison (temporary)
weapon poison plus plus.gif Weapon poison++ Members icon * 82 Herblore nightshade.gif
Cave nightshade
Poison ivy berries
190 When drank your attacks will have a chance of poisoning your opponents.
SuperAntiFire1.gif SuperAntiFire2.gif super antifire.gif SuperAntiFire4.gif SuperAntiFire1 big.gif SuperAntiFire2 big.gif SuperAntiFire3 big.gif SuperAntiFire4 big.gif SuperAntiFire5 big.gif SuperAntiFire6 big.gif Super antifire Members icon ~ 85 Herblore antidragonbreath potion.gif
Antifire (3)
phoenix feather.gif
Phoenix feather
210 Provides complete protection from dragon fire (removing the need to wield an anti-dragonfire shield)
super guthix rest (1).gif super guthix rest (2).gif super guthix rest.gif super guthix rest (4).gif Super Guthix rest 93 Herblore guthix rest.gif
Guthix rest (3)
wine of guthix.gif
Wine of Guthix
59.5 Cures poison
Reduces poison damage by 20 life points per dose
Heals 500 life points
Boosts your maximum life points by 500
Restores 15% of your run energy


Those at the top of their Herblore game will be able to create the overload potion. Overload not only requires torstol, but five different potions:

  • Extreme attack
  • Extreme strength
  • Extreme defence
  • Extreme magic
  • Extreme ranging
Potion Level Ingredients XP Effect Per Dose
Normal Flask Name Primary Secondary
OverloadPot1.gif OverloadPot2.gif overload potion.gif OverloadPot4.gif OverloadPot1 big.gif OverloadPot2 big.gif OverloadPot3 big.gif OverloadPot4 big.gif OverloadPot5 big.gif OverloadPot6 big.gif Overload Members icon 96 Herblore potions.gif
Five different potions
(see text above)
Clean torstol
1000 See below

Overload is so strong that it racks the body with spasms and burns the digestive tract, so be prepared for 500 damage in chunks of 100 when you drink it! You will regain these 500 life points when the stat effects wear off.

Overload gives you the stat effects and magic boosts of ALL five of its potion ingredients - extreme attack, extreme strength, extreme defence, extreme magic and extreme ranging - for a period of five minutes. Unlike the other extreme potions, which gradually return your stats to their normal level, overload will keep these bonuses at their boosted level for five minutes and will then reset them back to their original state (healing the 500 life points at the same time).

Overload is untradable. It cannot be taken into the Wilderness or used in dangerous PvP minigames, but it can be used in player vs monster combat and safe minigames. If you enter the Wilderness while under overload's effects, these effects will be reduced to their super potion equivalents.

Quest Potions

There are more quest potions available within the game than listed within this section of the manual, but you will need to uncover them while completing various quests within RuneScape.

voice of doom potion.gif 'voice of doom' potion
Anti-mind control serum
Cadava potion
Dream potion
Magic ogre potion
Restless sleep potion
Sea legs potion
serum 207.gif Serum 207
Serum 208
Strange potion
Super truth serum
Troll potion
Truth serum

Potions that Cannot be Made

The following potions are useful, but cannot be made through the Herblore skill. Instead they must be won or purchased.

Potion Use From
Image Name
ultra-growth potion (1).gif ultra-growth potion (2).gif ultra-growth potion.gif ultra-growth potion (4).gif Ultra-growth potion Members icon One dose skips a wood tree or fruit tree farming patch ahead two stages. You can only use one potion per crop. They are drops from the giant mole in hard mode.

Minigame Potions

Potion Use From
Image Name
explosive potion.gif Explosive potion Members icon Used during the Castle Wars minigame to destroy barricades and catapults. They are found in the Castle Wars equipment rooms.
dom saradomin brew half.gif dom saradomin brew.gif Dom saradomin brew Members icon Used during the Dominion Tower minigame to increase lifepoints and your Defence level (it also lowers you Attack, Magic, Ranged and Strength levels). They can be won through the minigame.
dom super prayer half.gif dom super prayer.gif Dom super prayer Members icon Used during the Dominion Tower minigame to restore prayer points. They can be won through the minigame.
dom super antipoison half.gif dom super antipoison.gif Dom super antipoison Members icon Used during the Dominion Tower minigame to cure poison. They can be won through the minigame.
dom super restore half.gif dom super restore.gif Dom super restore Members icon Used during the Dominion Tower minigame to restore lowered stats. They can be won through the minigame.

Potion Doses

Some potions contain more than one dose. As mentioned at the beginning of the page, the effects of the potion do not stack if you take more than one dose at a time.

To make a 6 dose potion, you need to combine 6 doses of your chosen potion, in a combination of vials, with a potion flask. Potion flasks can be crafted.

Note that 6 dose potions cannot be refilled, and the flask is destroyed when you drink the final dose.

You can pour the contents of your half filled flasks into vials at the Grand Exchange. Bob's assistant will perform this task for you.


* Please note the items which have a star next to them require a vial of coconut milk, rather than a vial of water.

You must have completed In Aid of the Myreque to make Guthix balance potions.

~ These potions are untradable. They cannot be taken into the Wilderness or used in dangerous PvP minigames, but they can be used in player vs monster combat and safe minigames. If you enter the Wilderness while under an extreme potion's effects, these effects will be reduced to their super potion equivalent.

^ These potions can only be made by using ingredients from the Herblore Habitat. They also use vials that can only be bought from Papa Mambo in the same area.

# Must have started Zogre Flesh Eaters before you can make this potion.

% Requires Kennith's Concerns

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