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The Raptor

Members iconThe Raptor
Concept art of the Raptor
Released 9th August 2011
Race Unknown, likely human
Quests Song from the Depths
Location Legends' Guild
Warriors' Guild
Gnome / Khazard Battlefield
Ancient Cavern
Chaos Dwarf Battlefield
Wilderness Volcano
Asgarnian Ice Dungeon
Crandor and Karamja Dungeon
Examine Who could move in all that armour?
The Raptor's chathead

The Raptor is one of the Signature Heroes and looms over all who would dare approach them. Their reputation precedes them - they always appear to be in the midst of a fight, battling only the strongest opponents and the toughest challenges.

No-one knows the Raptor's origins or anything about their true appearance. They're constantly clad in extraordinarily heavy armour, lugging weapons that no ordinary person could ever hope to lift. The Raptor is also never seen without their armour.

The Raptor in combat with a skeletal wyvern

Despite their imposing demeanour, The Raptor appears to only fight evil, and uses their immense strength to keep it at bay. They are a powerful being who commands respect, and will only engage in conversation with those they deems worthy. Getting their attention means taking up arms and slaughtering something large and powerful...

The Raptor is shrouded in mystery. A silent, lumbering colossus who's incredibly skilled in most forms of combat, it's better to make friends with them than get on their bad side.

Song From the Depths

The first quest in which players encounter the Raptor is Song from the Depths. Upon speaking to Lucille in Rimmington at the start of the quest, the player learns that she has sent The Raptor to save the villagers. To her, it was a mistake that frightened her. During the quest, the Raptor follows their standard procedure of "Kill the problem", whilst the adventurer tries to make sure nothing bad happens to the villagers as a result of this. The Raptor appears to be unable to navigate the cave system in the quest without being, unknowingly, led by the player. At the end of the quest, the Raptor votes on killing the siren, whilst the player objects to this idea.


  • Doesn't like cheese, as revealed from the commentary during the Cheesewheel event in the Gielinor Games

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