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The Slayer Tower


The Slayer Tower
The Slayer Tower

Built during the last centuries of the Second Age, the Slayer Tower is a massive edifice that serves as a warning to all who would enter the dark lands of Morytania. Within, a host of vile creatures work to prevent adventurers from ever leaving again...

The Slayer Tower is filled with monsters originating from the Slayer skill, and is unique in the sense of being one of the few locations with such a variety of slayer monsters.

The Slayer Tower is used in the special challenge given by the slayer master Duradel - or Lapalok - which will summon you to defeat a number of every monster in the tower. This challenge has a level requirement of 85 Slayer.

Dark forces prevent the use of dwarf multicannons in the Slayer Tower.


Map of the location of the Slayer Tower
Location of the tower

The Slayer Tower is located to the north of Mort Myre Swamp, north-west of the town of Canifis.

You can reach the tower traveling on foot. Simply head east from Varrock, go through the temple of Paterdomus, and then head north along the path.

Other access routes are:


Markus the Slayer Contract provider
Markus used to be a salesman and travelled to Morytania to fight the evils that lurked there. When he found that he wasn't cut out for combat, he decided to use his wealth to fight evil by hiring adventurers to do the fighting for him.


There are no quest start points in the Slayer Tower.

Getting Started

Slayer Assignments

Main article: Slayer Masters

Within the Tower are various creatures that can be assigned as your Slayer assignment. In particular:

Slayer Contracts

Just outside of the Slayer Tower you will find Markus. He will offer you Slayer contracts that work alongside your Slayer assignments. He offers two types of contract:

  • Normal - a contract for players who just feel like defeating the evil of the Tower
  • Special - a contract that works alongside a slayer assignment in the Tower

Completing a Slayer assignment whilst carrying a Slayer contract or a Special slayer contract scroll in your inventory will grant you additional Slayer XP and, if you speak to Markus, an extra reward.

Note that normal contracts and assignments are separate in that a kill will not count towards both activities. If you prefer to complete the assignment before beginning your contract, place the Slayer contract in your bank. Special contracts are not separate, however.

You can start a special contract if you already have a normal contract, but not the other way around.

Points of Interest

Ground Floor

Map of the ground floor of the Slayer Tower
The ground floor
cyan circle.png Crawling hands (levels 16, 26) red circle.png Banshees (level 54)

First Floor

Any player considering combating monsters on this floor are advised to bring magic-resistant armour such as dragonhide. The usage of a prayer such as Protect from Magic will also reduce the magical damage you take by 50%.

Map of the first floor of the Slayer Tower
The first floor
blue circle.png Bloodvelds (level 98) yellow circle.png Infernal mages (level 104) green circle.png Aberrant spectres (level 104)

Second Floor

The second floor of the Slayer Tower is melee-oriented so come equipped accordingly.

Map of the second floor of the Slayer Tower
The second floor
orange circle.png Gargoyles (level 134) purple circle.png Nechryaels (level 138) magenta circle.png Abyssal demons (level 146) Shortcut Agility shortcut (level 71)

Third Floor

The third floor of the Slayer Tower, as with the second floor, is melee-oriented.

Map of the third floor of the Slayer Tower
The third floor
orange circle.png Gargoyles (level 134) purple circle.png Nechryaels (level 138) magenta circle.png Abyssal demons (level 146)

Slayer Creatures within the Tower

Crawling hands ( Level 11, 18 | Weak to weak to fire.gif ) Banshees ( Level 37 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif )
Crawling hand
Crawling hands are the severed and reanimated appendages of unlucky adventurers.
Slayer equipment: None
The cry of the banshee is a piercing shriek that none can escape without the proper equipment.
Slayer equipment: Earmuffs, Masked earmuffs, Slayer helmet or Full slayer helmet
Crawling hands are found on the ground floor. Banshees are found on the ground floor.
Bloodvelds ( Level 61, 68 | Weak to weak to thrown.gif ) Infernal Mages ( Level 72 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif )
Bloodvelds are bloated creatures with a long, flexible tongue with which they drain their prey of blood.
Slayer equipment: None
Infernal Mage
Infernal Mages first arrived at the Slayer Tower to study the magic that seeps from the very brickwork of the building.
Slayer equipment: None
Bloodvelds are found on the first floor. Infernal Mages can be found on the first floor.
Aberrant spectres ( Level 72 | Weak to weak to thrown.gif ) Gargoyles ( Level 93 | Weak to weak to water.gif )
Aberrant Spectre
These disgusting creatures are made of such foul material that their smell overpowers anyone who does not approach them wearing the correct equipment.
Slayer equipment: Nose peg, Slayer helmet or Full slayer helmet
Gargoyles are flying creatures made of solid rock. Quite how they keep themselves in the air is a mystery, but their resilience is not.
Slayer equipment: Rock hammer
Aberrant spectres are found on the first floor. Gargoyles are found on the second and third floors.
Nechryaels ( Level 96 | Weak to weak to crush.gif ) Abyssal demons ( Level 98 | Weak to weak to slash.gif )
Nechryael are tall and powerful, and quite inclined to kill you. They are as evil as anything you are likely to encounter in all your travels across Gielinor, and should never be underestimated.
Slayer equipment: None
Abyssal Demon
The most powerful of all demons, these strange looking creatures are not to be underestimated. They can teleport around their enemies to confuse them and their attacks are powerful.
Slayer equipment: None
Nechryeals are found on the second and third floors. Abyssal demons are found on the second and third floors.


Combat Training Book inventory icon

In addition to the Slayer XP and Slayer points received from completing a Slayer assignment, players who complete their special slayer contract will be able to choose from a cash reward or an XP reward.

The cash reward is given to you either via your inventory or your money pouch.

XP is rewarded in the form of a Combat training book where you can choose any combat skill in which to apply the XP reward. You will be prevented from adding XP to Attack, Defence, Strength, Magic or Ranged if the reward is more than 10% of your current XP in that skill. The exception to this is Constitution.

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