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Thieving - Extra Features

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This content, below level 5, is available for all players. Players wishing to gain XP beyond level 5 in this content will need to subscribe.
The parts within this section that are for members only will be indicated accordingly with a member badge tiny.png icon.

Training Hints and Tips

  • When pickpocketing NPCs, try to lure and trap them in a room to limit their wandering.
  • Find a quiet world so that there are no other players trying to kill the NPC that you are trying to steal from!


The Thieves' Guild member badge tiny.png

thieves guild.jpg
Location of the Thieves' Guild

The Thieves' Guild is established and developed during the Buyers and Cellars quest.

There are no requirements to enter the guild cellar or to start the quest, but you will need level 5 Thieving to take on Darren's first caper and establish the burgeoning Guild. The subsequent capers you can perform for the guild have further pre-requisites, which can be seen here.

The Guild offers a wide range of services, which become available as its facilities are expanded. These include training in the many and varied schools of skulduggery, a store which stocks useful rogues' tools (untraceable, naturally) and a helpfully discrete bank.

H.A.M. Hideout member badge tiny.png

The H.A.M. Hideout is located north-west of Lumbridge, and is a perfect area for thieves to train their art. To get in, find the trapdoor in the damaged house, marked by an exclamation mark on the minimap.

Right-click on the trapdoor and select 'Pick lock'. If you fail to pick the lock, simply try again, and eventually it will open. Picking the lock earns 3.8 Thieving experience and access to the caves.


Climbing down the ladder leads to the H.A.M. area. Here you can talk and learn more about H.A.M., or get on with Thieving. Pickpocketing the members may get you a variety of loot, even clues for Treasure Trails. If you are unsuccessful, you may be hit as usual, but there are other punishments that you may receive. You maybe bundled out of the area and wake up in the woods outside Lumbridge or put into the H.A.M. jail.

If you are bundled out of the camp and wake up outside, simply find your bearing using the minimap and head back to the trapdoor, pick the lock and enter the caves again to continue.

If you are put in jail, use your Thieving knowledge to pick the lock on the jail door, and if successful walk out into the area and continue (picking the jail door provides 3.8 Thieving experience).

It is worth noting that wearing a full set of H.A.M. robes, helps with blending in and increase the chances of pickpocketing successfully.


Flash Powder Factory member badge tiny.png


When your Thieving and Agility reach 75 and your Herblore reaches 50, you may want to try the Flash Powder Factory. The factory is located below the pub in Burthorpe, where your wits and skills will be tested as you attempt to mix batches of flash powder for the factory owner, Brian O'Richard.

If you succeed in producing the powder Brian needs, he'll be happy to reward you with generous offers of Agility and Thieving experience, as well as unique clothing to make your life in the factory easier. Strewn amongst the factory rubble you might also find pieces of the Rogue outfit, a leftover from one of Brian's previous operations.

safe damage1a.jpg

If the idea of leaping around a factory isn't your thing, you can still train your Thieving in the starting area by trying to crack the safes.

Buying a Stethoscope for 10 coins from Martin Thwait will increase your chance of successfully cracking the safe (which will earn you 70 Thieving experience). However, you must have a level of 50 in both Thieving and Agility if you want to access Martin's store.

If you are successful in looting the safes, you can obtain coins or gems. On the other hand, failure to crack the safe will trigger a spike trap and you will take damage.

Pyramid Plunder member badge tiny.png

pp gold statuette.gif

Deep in the southern reaches of the Kharidian Desert is the city of Sophanem, home to a pair of magnificent pyramids. The pyramid of Jalsavrah has recently been opened to the Thieving public for them to test their mettle against the traps and dangers set in place by the pyramid's guardian mummy. Those who dare to plunder the pyramid must make their way up the pyramid (the amount of floors available is based upon your thieving level), passing dangerous traps and avoiding undead and insect enemies. Unfortunately, the pyramid guardian doesn't particularly like heroes stealing his treasures, and so he only allows you to enter the pyramid for five minutes, so you'll have to be quick with your plundering. Pyramid Plunder is known to be one of the best methods of gaining thieving experience, and requires that the quest Icthlarin's Little Helper has at least been started.

Sorceress's Garden member badge tiny.png


Osman, spymaster and thief, has Thieving experience to impart to those who can get him some tasty Sq'irks. Juicy, particularly if ripe. These Sq'irks can only be obtained from the garden of the Sorceress who lives south-east of Al-Kharid.

Available are four gardens based upon the seasons: the Winter garden, the Spring garden, the Autumn garden and the Summer garden. The type of sq'irk you receive is based upon the garden you receive it from. Different gardens require different thieving levels to enter. Alternatively, you can also pick herbs from the gardens, with the type of herbs you can potentially get is dependent on the garden you pick them from. You also get a minimal amount of Farming xp when picking herbs.

Blackjacks – Lure and Knockout member badge tiny.png

During The Feud, adventurers can learn a new method of Thieving - a method whereby they will take minimal damage and not get caught. You can get your hands on a blackjack during Rogue Trader (by buying one from the trader near the kebab shop) or from Dodgy Derek's shop in the Thieves' Guild once you have completed the Lost Her Marbles caper (after completing the Buyers and Cellars quest).

Right-clicking with a blackjack wielded gives the option 'Lure'. If you lure your target away from prying eyes, you should then go ahead and 'Knock out' the target, leaving a safe pickpocket with no chance of taking damage. Please remember, there is always a chance of failing to knock your target out.

Name Experience Gained
Villager 8
Bandit 10
Menaphite thug 20

Thieving from the people shown in the table does not require a blackjack, but if you lure them and successfully knock them out, your pickpocketing success will be guaranteed. You will not be able to knock someone out if you do not have the Thieving level required to pickpocket them. Successfully knocking someone out will give the Thieving experience shown here:

Players who have gotten to a certain point in Do No Evil will find that they can pickpocket Monkey knife fighters using a similar, albeit, hairier method of pick pocketing.

The fighters are located in a building in the northern part of the town, due east of the building containing the Monkey Child encountered in the Monkey Madness quest. To pickpocket Monkey knife fighters, the player must be wielding a Gorilla greegree. Knock the monkey unconscious by punching it, and then must pickpocket the unconscious fighter.

If the player attempts a pickpocket when the monkey isn't knocked out, there is approximately a 1/5 chance of being sent to the jail on Ape Atoll. Three consecutive failed pickpockets will also result in jail time.

Dairy Cows member badge tiny.png

stealing cowbell1.gif

While similar to pickpocketing, stealing bells from Dairy cows may prove an amusing diversion for those who have reached a certain point in Cold War, provided you have level 15 Thieving. To procure a Cow bell for yourself, simply right-click on a dairy cow and select 'Steal-cowbell'. Unless your clumsiness alerts these docile animals, you will be rewarded with 16 Thieving experience and a bell that you can play while cunningly disguised as a penguin. Naturally.

If your frenzied fumbling wakens the cow from its usual grass- and cud-chewing, though, you'll receive a swift kick to the shins, simultaneously suffering a suitable injury to your pride for trying to steal from a cow.

Summoning Familiars member badge tiny.png

Using the Summoning skill, you'll find that there are a few familiars that might be useful for training your Thieving. Of particular note is the Magpie, whose special move will boost your Thieving level.

Agility Skill Bonuses member badge tiny.png

It is possible to receive two, three or even four times the usual loot from any successful pickpocketing attempt, depending on your Agility and Thieving levels. You will not receive any additional Thieving experience for receiving multiple loot.

The following levels are the exact levels required to receive multiple loot; unlike Runecrafting sloping, you do not gain a 'chance' of receiving a x2 multiplier if you are close to achieving the Agility or Thieving requirement. The following are only examples of the level requirements - all pickpocketable targets can be used to gain multiple loot:

Character Requirements for
x2 Loot
Requirements for
x3 Loot
Requirements for
x4 Loot
11 Thieving
1 Agility
21 Thieving
11 Agility
31 Thieving
21 Agility
master farmer.gif
Master farmer
48 Thieving
38 Agility
58 Thieving
48 Agility
68 Thieving
58 Agility
80 Thieving
70 Agility
90 Thieving
80 Agility

Advanced Pickpocketing member badge tiny.png

There's always more gold to be fleeced from a hapless rube, and experienced thieves have an uncanny knack for finding it.

Completion of the Lost Her Marbles caper, after completing the Buyers and Cellars quest, will improve your chances of pickpocketing better loot from certain marks; those requiring 40 Thieving or less to steal from. It won't let you steal anything new, of course, but your chances of receiving the best loot available from your target will increase.

Thieving Training in Dungeoneering member badge tiny.png

It is possible to train all of your skills while Dungeoneering, and Thieving is no exception. Treasure chests can be found in bonus rooms, and you can also gain Thieving experience by completing thieving skill doors.

Boosting Experience Gain

huge fallen star (thieving).gif
The medium, large and huge fallen stars member badge tiny.png can boost your XP gain depending on your level. To activate your bonus XP, you must click the star. Once the bonus XP has been added to your bonus XP pool, the star is removed from your inventory.
shadow wraps helm.gif
The Black Ibis outfit (mask, body, legs and boots) can boost Thieving XP gain by 1.25% individually, and 5% in total for the whole set.

Thieving Boosts

The bandit's brew can temporarily increases your Thieving level by one. The drink can be bought from the bandits in the Bandit Camp for 650gp.
A yellow Spicy stew, amongst other things, has a random chance to increase your Thieving level by up to 6 levels (or decrease it by the same).
Summer sq'irkjuice can raise your Thieving level by 3.
thieving cape.gif
The Thieving cape raises your Thieving level by 1 when equipped.

Using the Summoning skill, you'll find that there are a few familiars that might be useful for training your Thieving. Of particular note is the Magpie, whose special move will boost your Thieving level.

Useful Items

Gloves of silence, made by the fancy-dress store owner in Varrock - if you have two lots of Dark kebbit fur and 600gp - will increase the chance of success when pickpocketing. A warning however - the gloves will eventually wear out if you are caught pick-pocketing too often!

They can be repaired with Dark kebbit fur, a Needle and Thread, as well as a Crafting level of 64.
ardougne cloak 1.gif
The Ardougne cloak 1 reduces your chance of being caught stealing at the Ardougne market.
ardougne cloak 2.gif
The Ardougne cloak 2 gives you a better change of pickpocketing in Ardougne.
ardougne cloak 3.gif
The Ardougne cloak 3 gives you a better chance of stealing and pickpocketing world-wide.
five-finger discount.gif
Thieves will particularly enjoy the "five finger discount" series of auras. Activating one of these auras will increase your chances of thieving successfully for as long as the aura lasts - a higher-tier aura will give a greater percentage boost.

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