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Thieving Items

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Players with a loose concept of ownership will find that practicing the Thieving skill lets them take other people's items - hopefully without them realising it. It could be coins from someone's pocket, food from a market stall, or even treasure in a locked chest - all that matters is that you claim it for yourself. Sometimes, though, it takes more than light fingers to make a steal, so make sure you read about these items before embarking on a life of crime.

Edible Boosts


For a quick Thieving boost, you can purchase a bandit's brew from the Big Heist Inn in the Desert Bandit Camp for 650gp. Drinking a brew will temporarily boost your Thieving level by 1.


If you have started the Recipe for Disaster quest, and reached the stage where you need to rescue Evil Dave, you will be able to make the incredibly spicy and positively evil stew of DOOM! Depending on the colour and quantity of spices you add to the stew, it will randomly raise or lower various skills by up to +6 or -6. To boost your Thieving level, you will need to add yellow spices to a stew before eating it.

winterjuice.gif springjuice.gif autumnjuice.gif summerjuice.gif Within the Sorceress's Garden you will be able to collect sq'irk fruits provided you can evade the guardians of each garden. You can use a pestle and mortar to squeeze sq'irk juice into beer glasses, which can be given to Osman for Thieving XP or drunk to boost your run energy and Thieving level.

  • Winter juice can be traded for 350 Thieving XPs per glass, or drunk to restore 10% run energy.
  • Spring juice can be traded for 1350 Thieving XPs per glass, or drunk to boost Thieving by 1 and restore 20% run energy.
  • Autumn juice can be traded for 2350 Thieving XPs per glass, or drunk to boost Thieving by 2 and restore 30% run energy.
  • Summer juice can be traded for 3000 Thieving XPs per glass, or drunk to boost Thieving by 3 and restore 40% run energy.

weak survivalists potion.gif survivalists potion.gif strong survivalists potion.gif When raiding the dungeons of Daemonheim, you may encounter locked doors or sealed chests that require a specific Thieving level to pass. If you need to boost your Thieving, drinking one of the survivalist's potions might give you the needed level, provided that you or someone in your party has the Herblore level to make them.

  • The weak potion boosts your Thieving level by 3 + 2% of levels.
  • The normal potion boosts your Thieving level by 4 + 4% of levels.
  • The strong potion boosts your Thieving level by 6 + 6% of levels.



Some particularly secure doors will require a lockpick to get them open, but even if a door isn't that sturdy having a lockpick will still make it easier to get through. Lockpicks can be bought from other players, pickpocketed from rogues, purchased from Martin Thwaite below Taverley, or purchased from the Thieves' Guild after completing the Lost Her Marbles caper as part of the Buyers and Cellars quest.

A lockpick is also recommended when trying to prise open the tomb doors during a session of Pyramid Plunder, but be aware that this will reduce the amount of Thieving XPs you get for succeeding in doing so.


oak blackjack.gif

You may find that some pickpocketing targets, like the citizens of Pollnivneach, require a little "persuasion" before you can empty their pockets of loot. If you equip a blackjack, you will be able to lure the target into a quiet building, knock them out and then loot their unconscious body. There is a blackjack seller in Pollnivneach, but after completing the Rogue Trader activity you will be able to purchase offensive and defensive blackjacks from Ali Morrisane.

If you want some practice at this "delicate" art, you can purchase a rubber training cosh from the Thieves' Guild after the Lost Her Marbles caper and use it to loot the guild's eager training volunteers.


The entrance lobby of the Flash Powder Factory contains a number of wall safes, which Brian O'Richard has left for passers-by to try and crack open. If you succeed you'll receive coins or gems along with 70 Thieving XP, but slip up and you'll trigger a painful security system.

If you have 50 Thieving and Agility, Martin Thwaite will let you purchase some of his wares, including a rather handy stethoscope. This item lets you hear the mechanism of the safes, increasing your chances of cracking them open without being hurt.

Summoning Familiars

A few Summoning familiars have special moves that can boost your Thieving level temporarily To use these, you will need to summon the familiar and produce its respective scrolls to trigger the special move.

Scroll Familiar Effect
thieving fingers.gif
Thieving Fingers
2 point Thieving boost
abyssal stealth.gif
Abyssal Stealth
abyssal lurker.gif
Abyssal lurker
4 point boost to both Agility and Thieving

Five-finger discount

Image:five-finger discount.gif Through the Members Loyalty Programme you can purchase auras to provide various skilling benefits, but thieves will particularly enjoy the "five finger discount" series of auras. Activating one of these auras will increase your chances of thieving successfully for as long as the aura lasts - a higher-tier aura will give a greater percentage boost but costs more Loyalty Points to purchase.

Gloves of silence


While thieves are not usually noted as expert hunters, players that do enjoy training their Hunter skill can take advantage of the gloves of silence, made from the furs of the stealthy dark kebbit. With 54 Hunter, you can wear these gloves to improve your chances of successfully pickpocketing your targets, but if you are caught trying to do so the gloves will degrade. To keep the gloves in good condition, you can use some dark kebbit fur on them with a needle, thread and knife, although you will need 64 Crafting to do so.

Ardougne capes

Completing the Ardougne Tasks will reward you with a shadowy cape that grants numerous benefits to its owner. One such benefit that will particularly interest thieves is the cape's ability to reduce your chances of being caught when thieving, though you will need to wear the cape to gain this advantage.

  • Cape 1 reduces your chances of being noticed when looting the market stalls in East Ardougne.
  • Cape 2 reduces your chances of being caught when pickpocketing in East Ardougne.
  • Cape 3 reduces your chances of being noticed when looting market stalls or pickpocketing anywhere in RuneScape.

Vial of stench

After you have completed the Buyers and Cellars quest and the A Guild of our Own caper, you will learn how to make a vial of stench by adding a bowl of chopped onions to an unfinished irit potion. Once the mixture is complete, take it to Chief Thief Robin in the Thieves' Guild who will "activate" it for you. The resulting stink is so eye-watering that when you steal from market stalls you can immediately sell the stolen goods back to the stall owners, as they cannot recognise you as the thief.

Black Ibis outfit

Pieces of this mysterious outfit can be found as rare rewards from looting the urns in the Pyramid Plunder activity. Each piece you wear provides a percentage boost to your Thieving XP, up to a maximum of 700 XP per action, and wearing a full set increases the total boost to 2.5%. Note that some thieving methods, such as Pyramid Plunder, do not allow you to gain bonus experience.

Item XP Boost
black ibis mask.gif
Black ibis mask
+ 0.4%
black ibis body.gif
Black ibis body
+ 0.8%
black ibis legs.gif
Black ibis legs
+ 0.6%
black ibis boots.gif
Black ibis boots
+ 0.2%
Full set + 2.5%

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