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Toadflax seed

Toadflax seed
toadflax seed.gif
Members Unknown [Edit]
Quest item Unknown [Edit]
Tradeable Unknown [Edit]
Equipable No
Stacks Yes
High alchemy 20
Low alchemy 13
Destroy Drop
Store price Unknown [Edit]
GE Price Unknown [Edit]
Protect on Death Unknown [Edit]
Examine A toadflax seed - plant in a herb patch.
Weight 0 kg

Toadflax seeds are planted in herb patches to yield grimy toadflax. They require 38 farming to grow. They yield 34 exp for planting and 38.5 exp per herb.

Clean toadflax can be combined with a crushed nest to create saradomin brews. Alternatively, it can be combined with toad's legs to make an agility potion.