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The tool belt interface is an action window. It is a useful storage compartment in the game that allows you to keep a variety of tools in one place. This keeps your inventory free as well as making sure you never leave the bank without an important skilling tool.

Unlike the majority of action windows you cannot adjust the interface. You can move it using the Central Interface, however this will move all other interfaces that show on that HUD.

Gear icon

If not visible on the game screen, you can access your tool belt by clicking on the gear icon in the ribbon and going to the Loadout tab. You can then click on the 'Tool belt' button on the Worn Equipment interface.

The tools held on the belt will not be lost should you die, and member only items are inaccessible and greyed out for free-to-play players.

If a tool requires a certain skill level to use, you will be able to add this tool to your belt, but you won't be able to use it until you reach the required level(s).

All tools contained on your belt act passively - you don't have to do anything to use them. If you want to see which tools you have on your belt however, you can access your tool belt from the Worn Equipment menu.

To permanently add an item from the list above to the tool belt, right click the item in your inventory and choose "add to tool belt".

Tool Belt Types

There are two types of tool belt:

  • General
  • Dungeoneering

The general tool belt is not available while dungeoneering, and likewise the dungeoneering tool belt is not accessible outside Daemonheim.

Players' tool belts automatically contain all the items on the lists below (the dungeoneering tool belt starts with a novite pickaxe,and a novite hatchet).


The general tool belt can hold the following:

General Fishing Crafting Farming
Pickaxe (bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, rune, dragon or crystal Members icon) # Crayfish cage Needle Rake Members icon
Hammer Fishing rod Glassblowing pipe Members icon Seed dibber Members icon
Chisel Small fishing net Amulet mould Spade
Hatchet (bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, rune, dragon or crystal Members icon) # Big fishing net Members icon Bracelet mould Members icon Gardening trowel Members icon
Knife Fly fishing rod Necklace mould Secateurs Members icon ^
Tinderbox Harpoon Ring mould Magic watering can Members icon %
Saw Members icon Lobster pot Tiara mould
Pestle and mortar Members icon Barbarian rod Members icon Ammo mould Members icon
Machete Members icon Bolt mould Members icon
Watch Members icon Holy mould
Chart Members icon Unholy mould Members icon
Sextant Members icon Sickle mould Members icon
Shears Chain link mould Members icon
Noose wand Members icon

The butterfly net has not been added at this time, but additional tools may be added to the tool belt in the future.


The dungeoneering tool belt can hold the following:

Pickaxe (novite, bathus, marmaros, kratonite, fractite, zephyrium Members icon, argonite Members icon, katagon Members icon, gorgonite Members icon, promethium Members icon or primal Members icon) # Hatchet (novite, bathus, marmaros, kratonite, fractite, zephyrium Members icon, argonite Members icon, katagon Members icon, gorgonite Members icon, promethium Members icon or primal Members icon) #
Hammer Tinderbox
Fly fishing rod Knife
Needle Chisel

The tools in the Dungeoneering tool belt are not destroyed when you leave a Dungeoneering area, but they cannot be used outside of Daemonheim.


# If you add an item that is higher than your skill level allows, it will act as the best that you can use. Adding a better version of a pickaxe will *destroy* the version currently stored in the tool belt. Once you add an item to the tool belt you cannot replace it with a lesser version.

% The magic watering can is a reward for completing Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift.

^ Magic secateurs can be added in place of the normal secateurs. Once placed on the belt, they will still provide a 10% boost to yields when harvesting from Farming patches.


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