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Treasure Hunter key

Treasure Hunter key

Treasure Hunter keys are items that unlock treasure chests on the Treasure Hunter minigame.

There are several ways to get keys: purchased keys, daily keys and earned keys. Daily keys will be used first, followed by the keys you have earned through RuneScape gameplay, and finally any purchased keys.

Purchased Keys

You can purchase more keys via our website and there are various key packages available. To do this, simply click the "buy keys" button within the Treasure Hunter interface. Click here to go directly to the billing page

From here you will be taken to a specific page where you can choose your preferred payment method and the number of keys you'd like to buy. Fill in your details, and once your purchase has been successfully completed, the keys will be added to your account. Extra keys can also be bought direct from the RuneScape billing pages.

Note that, due to the way the game interfaces with our website, you will be logged out of the game as the purchase interface is loaded. This is normal. You will also be unable to open the purchase interface during certain minigames.

You can exit the purchase interface at any time by clicking on the red cross in the top right corner. Note that you will have to login to the game again if you wish to continue playing.

If you've bought extra keys, you've got a whole six months to use them before they expire. The maximum number of purchased keys you can have at once is 600; if you want to buy more keys, you must use some of the ones you have already bought.

You can also buy Bonds, which can be redeemed for 8 Treasure Hunter keys per Bond. To buy Bonds, visit the billing page by clicking here. Alternatively, Bonds can also be bought from or gifted by another player, or from the Grand Exchange for coins.

Earned Keys

Earned keys are given for certain activities within the game:

  • Monster drops: Most monsters around the world, with the exception of creatures in minigames and Dungeoneering, have a rare chance of dropping a key.
  • Non-combat skilling activities: Any activity that can score you a Shattered Heart strange rock also has a separate, rare chance to earn an extra key.
  • Weekly Distractions & Diversions: Each week, one of four D&Ds will give a guaranteed key for completing a particular action within the D&D. Regular details of which D&D will earn you a weekly key can be found on the Treasure Hunter reward screen. The four D&Ds, and the required actions within them, are as follows:
    • Circus: Complete any one of the four performances: Magic, Ranged, Agility or Firemaking.
    • Penguin Hide and Seek: Exchange penguin points for coins or XP by speaking to Larry or Chuck.
    • Evil Tree: Attack the evil tree.
    • Shooting Star: Mine any star, and receive XP from doing so.
  • The Monthly D&DTroll Invasion: Starting your first Troll Invasion attempt of the month, either as a combatant or a skiller, will earn you an extra key.
  • Quests: Whenever you complete a quest, you will receive 2 keys – in addition to the ordinary quest reward, of course.
  • Daily Challenges: Completing a Daily Challenge will reward the player with a key if they are a member.

Earned keys do not expire, but you can only earn 10 per day (this is also the maximum number of earned keys you can have at any one time).

Daily Keys

Free-to-play players get 1 free daily key each day. Members get 2 free keys rather than just 1. Current Silver and Gold Premier Club Members get 3 free keys each day. Daily keys expire if not used before midnight game time.

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