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Treasure chest

Members iconTreasure chest
Treasure chest inventory icon
Tradeable No
Equipable No
Stacks No
Quest item No
High alchemy 6 coins
Low alchemy 4 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Protect on Death Yes
Examine Make your own treasure hunt.
Weight 2.5kg

The treasure chest is a reward from Carnillean Rising.

You may put an item, or stack of items, in it and bury the chest and other players may then dig it up and claim the item(s) as their reward. When you bury your chest, you automatically receive a keyring that can be used to open the control interface for your chest. The chest then returns to your bank if there is space; if there is not, it goes to the Carnillean mansion for you to retrieve from the cabinet. You can also reclaim it by talking to Faruq in Al-Kharid. It is, however, not available in his shop.

You need a spade in your inventory or on your toolbelt to bury the chest.

The Interface

treasure chest interface.jpg
The treasure chest interface

The chest’s control interface lets you choose what requirements players must meet in order to find your chest:

  • Players must enter a PIN, between 1 and 9 digits. You can use the interface to set and change a PIN. Please do not use your Bank PIN.
  • Players must have a key from the chest owner. You may use your keyring on other players to give them a key. Treasure hunters may only have one key at a time.
  • Players must have a key and must enter a PIN.

If you gave out keys, the treasure hunters may use the keys to get hotter/colder hints about the location of your treasure.

Using the keyring, you may open the chest’s control interface to abort the treasure hunt, returning the chest to you.

Note that:

  • The chest can only be used in the surface world. It cannot be used on Entrana, or immediately around the entrance of Daemonheim, or in designated minigame areas.
  • Untradeable items, and items that cannot be banked, cannot be put in the chest.
  • Although the chest may be buried in the Wilderness, its owner cannot put loot into it or take loot out of it while inside the Wilderness.
  • You may change the PIN or requirements of your chest while someone’s in the middle of unlocking it, but this may require the treasure hunter to dig for the chest again.

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