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Trial Announcer

Trial Announcer
trial announcer.png
Released 26th September 2012
Race Human
Location Ardougne marketplace
Falador East bank
The Grand Exchange
Varrock East bank
Examine A valuable source of information.

trial announcer.gif

A Trial Announcer is a man that stands in major cities across Gielinor while announcing trials as a part of Botany Bay. He can teleport players to the courtroom within Botany Bay. They announce when a bot is caught and currently held on trial by the General. They can replace the lost pitchfork of vigilantism and the pitchfork of justice once the player has obtained them through voting in the trials.

When asked who he is, he replies that his identity is unimportant and that all a player needs to know is that he works for the Botfinder General - Mathew Hopscotch. He doesn't tell the player how the Botfinder General can tell which player is a bot but tells the player the fact that he is always right on his judgement.

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