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Tribute to Guthix

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The Tribute to Guthix is a seasonal event which occurs yearly. It started in 2013. In the event you must gather butterflies in order to receive bonuses and some of Guthix's memories.


You will find butterflies all across the world but they are not guaranteed to be in the same place each day. There are 20 locations where a butterfly will be guaranteed to spawn however, and these are at the following locations (though the butterflies will wander around the area). Click here to view the locations.

The Event


Falador Tribute to Guthix location

Speak to Memstix who is located east of the Falador lodestone orange circle.png to find out about the butterflies, although you don't need to speak to him if you just want to get on with catching them. Butterflies are found all over Gielinor and can be caught by clicking on them.

Catching butterflies can give you slight bonuses to your life, prayer or summoning points; or instant renewal of your life, prayer or summoning points, or run energy. Some butterflies will also unlock a memory of Guthix's life. You can experience these again by speaking to the druid.

Those with guthixian clothing may notice that you are more successful at catching butterflies while wearing these garments.

You can collect a maximum of 20 butterflies a day.

Rune Essence

In the 2013 event, Runestax, located near Memstix, is stood next to a huge pile of Rune essence. You may pay your respects to Guthix by laying a piece of rune essence on the tribute stone.

This pile will increase in size as more essence is added to it (and it counts all essence contributions across all worlds). If the pile becomes large enough (it needs to reach 100,000 rune essence by April 1st 2013), you will be able to use it as both a Prayer and Summoning altar and you will also be able to change back to normal Prayers from the Ancient Curses.


There are several items that Memstix will provide you. To access these items, ask Memstix about his "free stuff".

Butterfly legs inventory icon Butterfly legs Butterfly top inventory icon Butterfly top Butterfly mask inventory icon Butterfly mask
Butterfly Dervish emote Butterfly Dervish emote Sword of Edicts cosmetic override

XP Members icon

When you successfully catch a butterfly you will be granted XP in your lowest skill. This reward works like the tear reward in the Tears of Guthix minigame. Only members have access to this reward.


Warning: Spoilers below
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Some butterflies unlock the memories of Guthix.

  1. Click here to read memory 1
  2. Click here to read memory 2
  3. Click here to read memory 3
  4. Click here to read memory 4
  5. Click here to read memory 5
  6. Click here to read memory 6
  7. Click here to read memory 7
  8. Click here to read memory 8
  9. Click here to read memory 9
  10. Click here to read memory 10
  11. Click here to read memory 11
  12. Click here to read memory 12
  13. Click here to read memory 13
  14. Click here to read memory 14
  15. Click here to read memory 15

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