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Troll Invasion

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This area is 'Safe' meaning if you die here, you will not lose any items.
However, if you are poisoned outside of the event/area you can still die.

troll intro.jpg
Warning: Hazardous Cliff!

Maybe it's because they don't like humans encroaching on their mountain home territory. Or perhaps Prince Anlaf said something about one of their mums. It could just be that they're a bit peckish. Whatever the reason is that's bringing trolls down from 'them thar hills', they're coming, and the Imperial Guard of Burthorpe need your help to repel the TROLL INVASION!


You will need to be a member to hold off the Troll Invasion. There are no other requirements. Combat gear is also highly recommended if you're going to fight the trolls! (A few runes, or a bow and some arrows is very helpful to take out a Dynamite without killing yourself.)

Getting Started

troll captain jute.jpg
He likes to talk. Shoot the breeze. Have a natter. Go on.

Before you can help out with the troll invasion, you first have to be where it is happening, which is in Burthorpe. The easiest way of getting here is using the Games Necklace, or by using the home teleport and walking/running north.Once there, you should talk to Captain Jute, who's standing outside the castle's west wall. The Imperial Guard have set up an extra defensive gatehouse here to help keep the trolls away from the rest of Burthorpe's inhabitants.

There are two ways in which you can help out, both of which are explained in more detail below and which you can talk to Captain Jute about. For those who prefer a good fight, you can choose to fend off the invading trolls in direct combat. Any who favour non-combat skills can instead man the gatehouse, making sure its defences stay in top condition to hold against the attacking trolls.

Killing Trolls

troll combat.jpg
Between some rocks and a hard place

Killing the attacking trolls is the more straightforward approach - just get out there and last as long as you can, taking out as many trolls as you can. As you can see from the trolls you'll be facing (shown in the table below), it would be wise to bring plenty of food and potions, and the highest-level equipment you own. The Imperial Guards will extract you right before the moment of death, so you won't lose any items save for those you consume during the defence. Also, at the end of each wave, one of the guards will teleport in and leave some supplies on the supply table at the gatehouse's north end - this can be used up to three times during the next wave, and each time will reset all of your stats to maximum.

Troll Notes
troll melee.gif
Mountain troll
Mountain trolls are the rank and file of any troll army, using melee attacks.
troll ranger.gif
Troll ranger
The ranger carries a bag of rocks, which he'll throw at you from afar. Occasionally, he'll also scoop a larger rock off the ground and throw it at the spot you're standing - if you see one do this, you can try to dodge out of the way.
poorly cooked karambwan.gif
Poorly Cooked Karambwan
Trolls are often named after the first thing they eat. This one ate a poorly cooked karambwan, which made him feel a little bit peaky. As such, he's not too interested in fighting, but will defend himself. All the while you're standing near him, you'll be infected by whatever's wrong with him, which will slowly drain all of your stats over time.
troll general.gif
Troll general
Troll generals are more experienced melee fighters than your average mountain troll.
troll wizard.gif
Trolls aren't naturally capable of using magic, but they've learned that if you eat enough people who are, you can absorb some of their ability. These trolls will often smack magical spells in your direction, as well as chuck out area-of-effect spells and draw you in closer.
troll father.gif
Troll father
What a river troll is doing up in the mountains isn't clear. Maybe he was visiting a distant relative and, on his way home, discovered a great big wall blocking his path. Why he's here isn't important, just know he's not on your side. This father will call on his troll runts, which he'll heal should their life points dip below 50%.
troll runt.gif
Troll runt
Clearly that river troll father was on a family outing, as he's dragging these little troll runts in tow. These little 'uns will quickly surround you and start attacking.
troll druid.gif
Much like the trolls who eat mages to gain some limited magical ability, there are those who sneak into Taverley for a quick druid-based snack. In turn, this gives them the ability to summon familiars into battle. Although they have limited ability, these trolls can summon thorny snails, spirit scorpions, bunyips and granite lobsters.
troll dynamite.gif
This troll has had a bellyful of all these humans in Burthorpe, so now has a belly full of dynamite, gunpowder and various other combustible materials. Just to be sure, he's also chewing on a stick of dynamite and clutching barrels of gunpowder under his arms. If one of these shows up, it'll be making a beeline for the gatehouse, so you'd best take it out (from minimum safe distance) as quickly as possible. If you fail to take these out, they will blow up the potion table rendering it useless.
troll cliff.gif
Have you ever travelled to the Forinthry Cliffs and looked out over the vastness of the Wilderness? There are tales of how breathtaking the view is - or rather was, because Cliff here ate them. How one can eat a cliff isn't clear, but you should be more concerned with what it did to Cliff than how he did it. He's big and tough, and came down from the mountain to drink milk and kick butt...and he's all outta milk.

*Not shown to scale

The first time you attempt this type of defence, you'll have to face off against 20 waves of a variety of trolls. For any subsequent attempts at troll killing, you'll have the option of taking on a harder version - there will only be 7 waves of trolls, but it will be much more intense than the 20-wave version. What you'll face in each wave is shown below.

Normal version:
Wave Notes
1 Mountain troll
2 Troll ranger
3 Troll ranger, mountain troll
4 Troll ranger, mountain troll x2
5 Poorly Cooked Karambwan
6 Poorly Cooked Karambwan, mountain troll
7 Poorly Cooked Karambwan, troll ranger, mountain troll
8 Troll general
9 Troll general, troll ranger, mountain troll
10 Troll general x2, troll ranger
11 Wizard
12 Wizard, Poorly Cooked Karambwan, mountain troll
13 Wizard, Poorly Cooked Karambwan, troll ranger, mountain troll
14 Troll father (and runts), dynamite
15 Troll father (and runts), troll general, Poorly Cooked Karambwan, mountain troll
16 Troll father (and runts), Wizard, Poorly Cooked Karambwan, troll ranger, mountain troll
17 Summoner, dynamite
18 Summoner, dynamite, troll father (and runts), Wizard, Poorly Cooked Karambwan, troll ranger, mountain troll
19 Troll father (and runts), Wizard, Poorly Cooked Karambwan, dynamite, troll ranger, mountain troll
20 Cliff
Hard Version
Wave Notes
1 Troll ranger x3,
mountain troll x4
2 Poorly Cooked Karambwan x3,
troll ranger,
mountain troll x2
3 Wizard,
troll general x3,
troll ranger x2,
mountain troll
4 Wizard x2,
troll general,
troll father (and runts),
Poorly Cooked Karambwan x2,
troll ranger,
mountain troll x2
5 Troll father (and runts) x2,
troll general,
Poorly Cooked Karambwan x2,
troll ranger,
mountain troll x2
6 Summoner x2,
troll father (and runts),
Poorly Cooked Karambwan,
troll ranger,
mountain troll
7 Cliff,
troll father (and runts),
Poorly Cooked Karambwan,
troll ranger,
mountain troll

Repairing the Gatehouse

troll skills.jpg
Can we fix it?

If your preference leans more towards non-combat skills, then instead of fighting the trolls you might rather help to keep the gatehouse in good repair, while other members of the Imperial Guard get to the fighting. Captain Jute can walk you through all that you'll need to do, should you talk to him about this form of defence. Basically, though, you'll need a hammer, tinderbox and some empty buckets (all of which can be found at the gatehouse once you begin your defence). The tasks you'll need to do include the following...

  • Tending the ballista:
The ballista is atop the gatehouse's northern end, and will also first need to be repaired. Once repaired it will automatically fire at trolls. You can also use a tinderbox to set light to the ballista's ammo, which will help it take out more trolls.
  • Topping up the oil vats:
Oil can be collected from the well behind the gatehouse and used to fill the vats atop the gatehouse. Remember that buckets of oil are heavy, so the more you carry, the more quickly you will tire from all the running around you'll be doing. Boiling oil helps to keep trolls at bay from the gatehouse's door.
  • Repairing broken walls and barricades:
The constant troll assault will cause much damage to the gatehouse. You'll need to run around and atop the gatehouse like a blue-bottomed bug to keep repairing cracks in the walls and collapsed barricades.
troll info.jpg

To get an indication of what parts of the gatehouse are in disrepair, you can check the interface in the top-left of the screen (also shown to the right). This interface also shows how much time has elapsed, the gatehouse's health and the remaining strength of the troll invasion. The defence will have to hold for 10 minutes or until the whole troll force is wiped out, or it will fail if the gatehouse's health drops to zero.

So, it doesn't sound like much, but the longer the assault continues, the more damage will build up. Luckily, you aren't alone in all this. All of your repair efforts will help to build up the morale of your fellow Imperial Guards. You can use any built-up morale to perform 'Morale Boosts', which are explained below. Once used, there is a cooldown period before you're able to use that boost again.

Morale Boost Morale 'cost' Duration/Cooldown Effect
Second Wind 75 30 secs/30 secs Call in extra help to stop anything more breaking for a while. Patch things up.
Double Kill 75 30 secs/30 secs The Imperial Guard will kill twice as many trolls while you make repairs.
Caffeine Hit 75 30 secs/30 secs You'll fix things twice as fast, plus your weight has no bearing on your run energy.
Extra Hands 75 30 secs/30 secs Broken things don't hurt gatehouse health for a short time. Hurry to fix them to take advantage of this.

The trolls will occasionally perform their own sneak attacks, similar to your morale boosts. These include:

Sneak Attack Effect
Clobbering Time! Every part of the gatehouse takes damage at once. Hurry to repair it!
Armoured Trolls For a short while, trolls will not be killed while you're making repairs.
Slow-mo Your run energy gets completely sapped.
No Well The oil well temporarily dries up, stopping you from filling buckets.
Oil Spill Causes some oil to spill out of the oil vats, which also stops you running atop the gatehouse.
Fire in the Hole! The gatehouse receives a flaming bombardment; the fire causes greater damage over time to broken sections.


In any given month, whichever of the two types of defence you do first will earn you a reward. Your reward will take the form of an experience-giving book. You're welcome to practice at killing trolls or repairing the gatehouse as many times as you want for the rest of the month, but the reward book is only given for the first defence completed in the month. You will gain some XP in skills used during each defence.

  • If you decide to kill trolls, then the more waves you complete, the better your reward will be. The difficulty you choose and your level will also affect your reward. You will gain combat XP for this type of defence.
  • For repairing the gatehouse, your reward gets better as more trolls are taken out. You can receive crafting, construction and/or firemaking XP in this type of defence, depending on how you repair the gatehouse.

In both types of defence the longer you survive, the better your reward will be.

Note that in combat mode, it is possible to receive a Long Bone as a drop from the trolls.

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