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Troll Warzone

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Removed Content
This article is about a piece of content that has been removed from the game. Information is kept for historical purposes only.
This article is about the tutorial which involves helping two towns' inhabitants in the wake of recent attacks. For the repeatable event involving defending the area against monthly attacks see Troll Invasion


tutors intro.jpg
Troll Warzone

Burthorpe is under attack from a troll army that is moving south from Death Plateau. Taking the brunt of the attack, the town has requested help from the village of Taverley and the whole area has been expanded and redesigned in an effort to fend off the trolls.

This self-sufficient community is looking for help in any form in order to come out on top. And that help doesn't just come in the form of new warriors for the battle-front - an army needs food, supplies, armour and weaponry. Because of this, there are many tutors in the vicinity that will offer their assistance to help bring new starters up to scratch so that they can contribute to the battle against the trolls.

Tutorial Information

Sophie holds on to a rope attached to an arrow
Hanging by a thread (attached to an arrow)

Members Only: No

Start Point: Burthorpe

To Start: Head over to Burthorpe.

Length: Medium

Minimum Requirements: None

Development Team

A full list of credits is available here.


  • Troll Warzone is designed as a linear experience, so new and low-levelled players will be taken straight to Burthorpe and placed into a tutorial mode, where they’ll be guided through the content in order. More experienced players are given the choice to be teleported straight to Burthorpe to follow this preset path or they can make their own way there and complete the content in whatever order they wish.
  • The project name for this update was originally OMGE, the "opening members' game experience". [1]
  • The current project name for this update is OGE, the "opening game experience".


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