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Members iconTurmoil
Increases user's Melee Attack, Melee Strength and Defence by a fixed amount. Drains the enemy's Melee Attack, Melee Strength and Defence by a fixed amount.
Level 95
Drain Rate Unknown [Edit]
Prayer Book Ancient Curses

Turmoil is a stat boosting curse that requires 95 Prayer and completion of The Temple at Senntisten to use. When activated it will increase the user's Attack and Defence by 15% (plus 15% of your enemy's Attack/Defence, up to a limit of 14 levels), and Strength by 23% (plus 10% of your enemy's Strength, up to a limit of 9 levels).

This curse is particularly effective for high-level melee fighters facing strong enemies. Mages and rangers should make use of the Torment and Anguish curses respectively, which will boost their combat performance by a similar amount.

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