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The TzHaar are a noble and honourable race that live in the TzHaar City within the Karamja Volcano, where they have lived for many ages. The race seems to be born of the volcano itself, being made of magma and volcanic rock. Despite their intimidating appearance and obvious strength, the TzHaar are a friendly race with no history of attacking their neighbours.

They are an offshoot of the TokHaar race, forged from the Great Kiln by their 'masters'. Deciding to remain in the mountain, they formed a society and recreate by the laying of eggs which, when created store their complete racial memories as a method of passing knowledge on for generations.

TzHaar society

The TzHaar operate on a caste system, with specialised TzHaar being placed in the class they can most contribute to. The classes of TzHaar are Ket, Mej, Xil and Hur. The caste of each TzHaar is ancestral, as each TzHaar passes on its memories and experiences through its eggs to its offspring. The TzHaar can easily identify the skills of other races as well, and refer to them by the class that most suits them.


tzhaar ket.gif

The TzHaar-Kets are the warrior class within TzHaar society. They act as guards to protect their people. A human (or JalYt as all non-TzHaar are called) is considered a Ket if their combined Strength and Defence levels are the highest among their caste combinations.


tzhaar mej.gif

The TzHaar-Mej are the mystic class within the TzHaar city, commanding volcanic magic. They act as leaders and guides within the city. A human is considered a Mej if their combined Magic and Prayer levels are the highest among their caste combinations.


tzhaar xil.gif

The TzHaar-Xil are the hunters of the TzHaar. They wield quick weapons such as the Toktz-xil-ek (dagger) or the Toktz-xil-ul (throwing rings), which they use to hunt volcanic monsters to provide for their people. A human is considered a Xil if their combined Ranged and Attack levels are the highest of their caste combinations.


tzhaar hur.gif

The TzHaar-Hur are the weakest caste in combat, but also the best craftspeople. They are responsible for creating weapons, ornaments and structures for their fellow TzHaar, and for mining the onyx which both TzHaar and JalYt value so highly. A human is considered a Hur if their combined Smithing and Crafting are the highest of their caste combinations.


The TzHaar manufacture their own equipment made of obsidian, a naturally occuring volcanic glass which forms as an extrusive igneous rock. This hard material is used to make a variety of weapons and armour such as the TzHaar-Ket-Em and TokTz-Ket-Xil as well as capes such as the obsidian cape, fire cape and TokHaar-Kal. Many of these items can be bought with the currency of the city, Tokkul, which are obsidian disks that TzHaar change into when they die. A TzHaar's Tokkul contains the remnants of its consciousness, including its memories.


  • TokTz-Ket-Dill - A giant creature threatens TzHaar City!
  • The Elder Kiln - TzHaar are being born without the memory of their ancestors, act to save the race from a terrible fate.
  • The Brink of Extinction - the TzHaar think they have found a way to save their species, but they face a new and more dangerous enemy.

Graphical Update

In the February 2012 Behind the Scenes article it was announced that a graphical revamp of the TzHaar race as well as the TzHaar City was to occur. Jagex stated:

Races like the TzHaar are unique to RuneScape and deserve the best of treatments when it comes to graphical reworks. So, this time round, we’re graphically reworking EVERYTHING that there is to rework in the TzHaar City. Equipment (aside from the fire cape), environments, characters, monsters, minigames and quests will all get a lick of molten lava paint...and with some really rather amazing new animations.

In addition they also announced the release of a new quest The Elder Kiln and a sequel to the Fight Caves minigame, Fight Kiln which, according to the BTS will feature " fighting two the same time" and an even more powerful creature that "resides beneath that bubbling, molten rock..."



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