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Unique Jewellery Guide

As you meander your adventuring way across the many lands of RuneScape, terrorising innocent civilians and occasionally helping someone out, you may find yourself in possession of some unique jewellery. These items cannot be crafted, and are normally only given out as a reward or to help you on your way in a quest.


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The Ring of Charos (Activated)
ring of charos unlocked.gif Gained during Creature of Fenkenstrain, activated during Garden of Tranquillity.

The ring of Charos is an ancient and undeniably powerful artefact. The bearer of this ring is able to bend the weak of mind to their will, even if only slightly, enabling them to make life simpler or to completely fool the very stupid.

The ring itself does very little until it is activated, but once this has happened it has literally dozens of uses. To see when you can use it, simply chat to people; if you see a chat option beginning with '(Charm)', it is an option opened up by the power of the ring! Some of its uses are listed below:

  • Werewolves cannot tell a human from a werewolf if they are wearing the Ring of Charos, allowing you to enter the Werewolf Agility Course.
  • Wearing the it while purchasing a cat from Gertrude will allow you to choose the colour of your kitten.
  • You may take a boat to and from Karamja for free, provided that your leaving point or destination is Port Sarim or Ardougne.
  • If you have completed The Fremennik Trials, but don't think much of your Fremennik name, you can talk to Brundt while wearing it to ask for a new name.
  • 50% Luke of Braindeath Island may well tell you a bit more of his tale with the right encouragement from the Ring of Charos.
For a more complete list see the article on the Ring of charos.
Ring of Visibility
goldring.gif Gained during the Desert Treasure quest.

The Ring of Visibility is a curious piece of magical paraphernalia, enabling even the most unbelieving of adventurers to see the most ancient of ghosts.

If you are wearing the Ring of Visibility, you will be able to see Mysterious Ghosts in certain locations around RuneScape. Of course, you will need a Ghostspeak Amulet to talk to them. Having the Ring of Visibility also opens up the possibility of getting a set of ghostly clothes.
Warrior Ring
warrior ring.gif Dropped by Dagannoth Rex within the depths of the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

Many centuries ago the Fremennik warriors would go to battle with the dagannoths wearing their finest armour and wielding their most vicious swords. They also took a number of magic artefacts with them, a number of which survive to this day.

The Warrior Ring adds +4 to both your slash Attack bonus and your slash Defence bonus.
Berserker Ring
berserker ring.gif Dropped by Dagannoth Rex within the depths of the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

The Berserker Ring imbues its owner with inhuman strength and dulls their senses so they feel no pain. The Fremennik Berserkers wore these rings to help them last longer against the vile daggermouths.

The Berserker Ring adds +4 to your Strength and +4 to your crush Defence bonus.
Seers' Ring
seer ring.gif Dropped by Dagannoth Prime within the depths of the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

This mysterious ring imbues its owner with eldritch powers, connecting them more closely with the mystic paths that cross RuneScape unseen.

The Seer Ring adds +4 to both your Magic Attack bonus and your Magic Defence bonus.
Archers' Ring
archer ring.gif Dropped by Dagannoth Supreme within the depths of the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

Rangers who desire the skill to send an arrow through the loop of a key from two hundred paces invariably hunt out an Archers' Ring.

The Archers' Ring adds +4 to both your Ranged Attack bonus and your Ranged Defence bonus.
tokkul zo.gif Tokkul-Zo is obtained after completing The Elder Kiln quest.

Made from obsidian and fitted with a piece of Tokkul, this ring gives its wearer a 10% damage boost against TzHaar and TokHaar, and offers teleports to various points within the TzHaar City.
Sixth-Age Circuit
sixth-age circuit.gif The sixth-age circuit is obtained after completing The World Wakes quest.

Crafted by Cres as a reward for your assistance, this complex circuit has a small armour bonus and adds 2.7% to all critical hit bonuses.


Main article: Amulets

Salve Amulet
salve amulet.gif Gained at the completion of the Haunted Mine quest.

The Salve Amulet is a shard of crystal fashioned from the waters of the Salve to be the bane of the undead. Through its subtle refractions, the crystal tells its owner how best to fight the reanimated.

The Salve Amulet gives a significant combat bonus against the undead, as well as giving you 30 additional prayer points.

Those determined enough to fight their way through Tarn's Lair will find a journal explaining how to make the Salve Amulet even more powerful against the undead.
Gnome Amulet
gnome amulet.gif Gained at the completion of the Tree Gnome Village quest.

The Gnome Amulet is a small green gem imbued with protective magicks. It is a gift given only to those who have proven themselves friendly to the gnomes.

The Gnome Amulet adds a hefty +13 to your stab, slash and crush Defence bonuses.
Glarial's Amulet
gnome amulet.gif Glarial's Amulet is discovered during the Waterfall Quest.

Glarial's Amulet is an ancient artefact from days long past. Its enchantments still last, though, and the inquisitive adventurer may find it useful still.

Glarial's Amulet allows you to pass through the Baxtorian Waterfall, even if it is only in your inventory.
Ghostspeak Amulet
ghostspeak amulet.gif The Ghostspeak Amulet is gained during The Restless Ghost.

Some priests of Saradomin, willingly or not, are equipped to deal with the spirits of the dead, usually by being the owner of a Ghostspeak Amulet.

The Ghostspeak Amulet will allow you to talk to ghosts and similarly life-challenged individuals, who cannot otherwise be communicated with.
Catspeak Amulet
catspeak amulet.gif The Catspeak Amulet is gained during Icthlarin's Little Helper, and enchanted during Tail of Two Cats.

The Catspeak Amulet is an invaluable tool for those wishing to own a cat, and in its enchanted form it can be used to track down one of RuneScape's great heroes: Bob.

The Catspeak Amulet allows you to talk to cats. The enchanted Catspeak Amulet can also be used to locate Bob by opening it in your inventory.
Monkeyspeak Amulet
monkeyspeak amulet.gif The Monkeyspeak Amulet is gained during Monkey Madness.

Monkeyspeak Amulets are rare items indeed, for they require their future owners to travel to far-off Ape Atoll and to evade the vigilant monkeys that live there for long enough to gather the components for these amulets.

The Monkeyspeak Amulet allows you to speak to monkeys throughout RuneScape, even those outside Ape Atoll.
cramulet.gif The Camulet is gained at the end of Enakhra's Lament.

The Camulet is a strange device, for few people would consider communicating with camels to be worthwhile. Those people, however, have never had a long and fulfilling conversation with one of these ships of the desert...

The Camulet allows you to speak with camels and ugthanki, as well as providing a teleport to Enakhra's Temple in the Kharidian Desert.

With the update on 13/03/2012 the exact location of this teleport was changed slightly, but remains within the area stated.
cramulet.gif The cramulet can be made with the knowledge gained at the end of Do No Evil.

The cramulet is a versatile amulet, with a loose magical binding that allows it to be separated and put back together with ease. You may add amulets of catspeak, ghostspeak, monkeyspeak and camelspeak (camulet) to create a full cramulet, or you can have a cramulet with a smaller number of 'speak' amulets attached (the ghostspeak and monkeyspeak amulets are needed to make the most basic form of cramulet).

The full cramulet allows you to speak with all camels, ugthanki, monkeys, apes, ghosts and cats, as well as providing a teleport to Enakhra's Temple in the Kharidian Desert. It cannot be used to find Bob the Cat, however.

With the update on 13/03/2012 the exact location of this teleport was changed slightly, but remains within the area stated.
Amulet of Accuracy
accuracy amulet.gif The Amulet of Accuracy is a reward for completing Imp Catcher.

The Amulet of Accuracy is a useful artefact whose design was perfected eons ago, before living memory. Its true brilliance lies in its all-round usefulness, and that it is simple for most young adventurers to obtain.

The Amulet of Accuracy adds +4 to all of your Attack bonuses.
Amulet of Ranging
amulet ranging.gif Dropped by aquanites, which are found deep within the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.

The Amulet of Ranging is the perfect complement for any ranger, being, as it is, an amulet created just for those adventurers who love flinging arrows and bolts.

The Amulet of Ranging gives +15 Ranged attack and +10 Magic defence bonuses.


Main article: Necklaces

Shark's Tooth Necklace
shark tooth necklace.gif Available from The Fishing Trawler.

The shark's tooth necklace provides defence bonuses, a Fishing XP boost in the Fishing Trawler, a boost to baron shark heal time, and a chance to increase the life points given by sharks.
Arcane Capacitor Necklace
arcane capacitor.gif Available from Livid Farm.

The arcane capacitor necklace allows you to use the Borrowed Power spell. This lets you cast spells from the normal spellbook while using the Lunar spellbook. Wearing the charged necklace also grants a + 10 Magic attack bonus.
Drakan's Medallion
drakan pendant.gif Drakan's Medallion is obtained during the Branches of Darkmeyer quest.

Drakan's Medallion was used by Drakan to teleport across Morytania at a time when the surface was conquered by Efaritay. It is the ideal method of transportation for getting to the Barrows, Burgh de Rott, Meiyerditch and Darkmeyer. Drakan's Medallion carries ten charges and can be recharged at the blood pool in the cave south of Burgh de Rott.
Expensive Spices
expensive spices.gif Expensive spices are obtained as a reward from the Let Them Eat Pie quest.

Expensive spices were used by Foppish Pierre to add extra flavour to his food. When worn, the container will give you +10 lifepoint restoration to all food.


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