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Using Facebook to log into RuneScape

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Using the Facebook Connect service, it is possible for a RuneScape players to associate their Facebook account with their RuneScape account. This allows you to login by clicking the Facebook button, rather than by entering your RuneScape username and password, as long as you are already logged into Facebook.

Each Facebook account can be associated with one RuneScape account and each RuneScape account may also only be associated with one Facebook account. Associating a new Facebook account to your RuneScape account will cause the first to be disassociated.

There is no limit on how many times a RuneScape accounts can be associated and disassociated with a Facebook account.

To associate your account with Facebook:

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To login with a Facebook association:

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To remove your Facebook associations:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to be able to log in to my RuneScape account using the website and not Facebook! How can I do this?

A. To access RuneScape using an email and password, you will need to convert your Facebook account into a full RuneScape account. This is a very simple process and the step by step guide to doing this can be found here

Q. I want to be able to log in using Facebook and the official RuneScape website using an email address and password. Is this possible?

A. Yes! We allow players to be able to login using both of these methods at any time.

If you have a Facebook account you will need to convert this to a full account which you can do by following our step by step guide found here

If you have a full account, with no Facebook association, you will need to attach your Facebook account to your RuneScape account which can be done at the Account Management page under the ‘Social Networks’ section.

Q. I have a full RuneScape account and don’t want my Facebook associated with it any more. Can I remove this?

A. Of course! As long as you have a full RuneScape account, you can remove or add your Facebook whenever you like under the ‘Social Networks’ section on the Account Management page. If you would like to go ahead and remove your Facebook association now, please click here to be taken to our step by step guide on how to do so!

Q. I am using a Facebook account and can’t log in to the Old School Servers! What do I need to do?

A. To access the Old School Servers you will need to convert your Facebook account into a full RuneScape account. This is a very simple process and the step by step guide to doing this can be found here .

Q. Is my account at risk if I have a Facebook account associated with it?

A. Absolutely not! Having a Facebook associated with your RuneScape account simply allows you to log in using Facebook and will not put your account at risk at all. One thing to remember is if you sign in automatically with Facebook, someone could log in to your RuneScape account if you haven’t signed off correctly so we would advise logging out of your Facebook account when you are not using it.

Q. Can other players gain access to my Facebook information when I’m using the Facebook login?

A. No. RuneScape only uses very basic information when accessing your Facebook account and we keep this safe and secure.

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