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Varrock Sewers

These sewers contain a variety of monsters, up to level 42 Moss Giants. If you do not think you can take on these monsters, only bring armour/items you are prepared to lose.
Varrock Sewers
Varrock Sewers
Fighting moss giants in the Varrock Sewers
Area Varrock
Quest required No

Beneath the busy city of Varrock resides the long, dark, damp and monster-infested sewers.

The deeper warriors venture into these sewers, the greater the challenge becomes, with fights varying from rats to red spiders.


sewers location.jpg

The sewers are located beneath the bustling city of Varrock, down a manhole cover just outside the eastern entrance to the palace walls.

Points of interest

sewers features.jpg
Interesting areas of the Varrock Sewer

As you can see from the map above, the area is a labyrinth of corridors and rooms. The deeper you go into the sewers, the harder the monsters will become.

Members will find the monsters in here useful as some drop items such as herbs (zombies), and seeds for your Farming skill (moss giants).

At the very end of the sewers, in the northern-most room containing moss giants, there is a pipe. Members can crawl through this pipe and gain access to Edgeville Dungeon, just near Vannaka.

Also in this final room, there is a spawn point for red spiders' eggs, used as a secondary ingredient in Herblore.

In the southern end of this room is a cul-de-sac containing the entrance to the Dungeoneering level 65 required Varrock Sewers Resource Dungeon.


Phingspet Grimesquit
One of the two ratcatching sisters that reside in Varrock Sewers, Phingspet enjoys nothing more than chasing ratsies around the sewers, and occasionally helping out cat owners with advice on how to splats and squasherise rats.
The other of the two ratcatching sisters that reside in Varrock Sewers, Grimesquit is also an expert in getting fuzzies to chase and splat ratsies, so they can display their kills proudly on her rather grotesque ratpole.
Phingspet can be found with her sister, in the entrance area of the sewers. Grimesquit can be found with her sister, in the entrance area of the sewers.


There are no quest start points in Varrock Sewers.

Monsters of the sewers

Giant rat (level 3) Skeleton (level 22)
giant rat.gif
Just like giant spiders and goblins, giant rats are a common sight. They are slightly tougher than goblins and giant spiders, but this still doesn't say much.
Skeletons may look harmless and weak, but their lack of muscle is more than made up for by the potent magic that holds them together. If you choose to fight skeletons, you may notice the skeleton's bones will give way when crushing attacks are used.
Giant rats can be found in the entrance area of Varrock Sewers. Skeletons are found in the north east area of the sewers, past the giant rats.
Ghost (level 19) Scorpion (level 14)
No spooky dungeon or sewers would be complete without a ghost or two, so when you venture deeper into the sewers, don't be surprised if you bump into them. They can be dangerous, but Magic is quite effective against enemies that have no bodies.
Scorpions in RuneScape are always to be watched out for, using their dangerous tails for vicious melee attacks.
Ghosts can be found past the skeletons. Scorpions are found in between the rats and skeletons.
Zombie (level 24) Deadly red spider (level 34)
Zombies are usually found in the dark, damp areas of the RuneScape world, so it is not surprising that a few wander the central damp area of the sewers. Separated by a river from one side, it is a good place to use magic or ranged attacks.
deadly red spider.png
Tougher than the giant spiders by far, deadly red spiders haven't earned their name letting adventurers walk by: they will give you a tough fight if you are unprepared. As this is a multicombat area, be careful you don't get outnumbered quickly!
Zombies are found in the central area, past the ghosts. Deadly red spiders can be found in the final area of Varrock Sewers.
Moss giant (level 42)
moss giant.gif
Moss giants are more commonly seen on the surface of RuneScape, but a fair amount have found their way into the final section of Varrock Sewers, where they and their beards wait for adventurers to disturb them. They are quite strong, and will put up a good fight against unprepared warriors.


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