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There are different types of vegetation within the world of RuneScape and not all of them can be chopped down using a hatchet. Some will need to be trimmed back with machetes. You will receive logs, bark or a thatching spar when you have successfully cut down a tree or jungle growth.

To cut down the teak or mahogany trees on Karamja you will need to earn trading sticks. This can be done in Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-Up.

Vegetation Level Required Produces Experience Gained Location
Normal tree
None normal logs.gif
25 Throughout RuneScape
guthxian tree.gif
Tree (Guthixian)
None normal logs.gif
25 Throughout RuneScape
evergreen tree.gif
Evergreen tree
None normal logs.gif
25 Throughout RuneScape
achey tree.gif
Achey tree Members icon
None achey logs.gif
Achey logs
25 East of the Feldip Hills
dead tree.gif
Dead tree
None normal logs.gif
25 Throughout RuneScape but most abundant in the Wilderness
light jungle.gif
Light jungle =
10 Woodcutting light spar.gif
Thatch spar light
32 Karamja, around Tai Bwo Wannai
Oak tree
15 Woodcutting oak logs.gif
Oak logs
37.5 Throughout RuneScape
medium jungle.gif
Medium jungle Members icon =
20 Woodcutting medium spar.gif
Thatch spar med
55 Karamja, around Tai Bwo Wannai
Willow tree
30 Woodcutting willow logs.gif
Willow logs
67.5 Can be found by water.
North-east of Lumbridge Castle
South-west of Draynor Village bank
North of Seers' Village bank
dense jungle.gif
Dense jungle Members icon =
35 Woodcutting dense spar.gif
Thatch spar dense
80 Karamja, around Tai Bwo Wannai
Teak tree Members icon
35 Woodcutting teak logs.gif
Teak logs
85 Tai Bwo Wannai, Ape Atoll, south of Castle Wars
Maple tree
45 Woodcutting maple logs.gif
Maple logs
100 Seers' Village
West of the Legends' Guild
North of McGrubor's Wood, above the Farming patch
Daemonheim woodcutting island
hollow tree.gif
Hollow tree Members icon
45 Woodcutting hollow bark.gif
Hollow bark
82.5/357.7* Mort Myre Swamp, between Canifis and the Hollows
Mahogany tree Members icon
50 Woodcutting mahogany logs.gif
Mahogany logs
125 Tai Bwo Wannai
Arctic pine Members icon
54 Woodcutting arctic pine.gif
Arctic pine logs
140.2 Neitiznot
Eucalyptus tree Members icon
58 Woodcutting eucalyptus logs.gif
Eucalyptus logs
165 Oo'glog
Yew tree
60 Woodcutting yew logs.gif
Yew logs
175 North of Varrock Palace
South of Falador
North of Rimmington
South of Edgeville bank
Between Draynor Village and Lumbridge
In the cemetery in Seers' Village
West of Catherby, south of the beehives
South-east corner of Tree Gnome Stronghold
Outside the altar in Varrock
Members icon Ivy
68 Woodcutting None 332.5 North wall of Varrock Palace
South-east outer wall of Varrock Palace
North side of the north wall of Falador
South side of the south wall of Falador
South-east of Taverley
East wall of East Ardougne church
North side of the north wall of Yanille
South wall of Castle Wars
Magic tree Members icon
75 Woodcutting magic logs2.gif
Magic logs
250 South of Seers' Village
South of the Sorcerer's Tower
Tree Gnome stronghold
On either side of the Mage Training Arena
South-west of Lletya
Blisterwood Members icon
76 Woodcutting blisterwood logs.gif
Blisterwood logs
200 Darkmeyer arboretum (The Branches of Darkmeyer)
curled root.gif
Members icon Curly root ^
83 Woodcutting curly vine.gif
Curly root
80.8 Jadinko Lair
straight root1.gif
Straight root Members icon ^
83 Woodcutting straight root.gif
Straight root (cut)
80.8 Jadinko Lair
mutated root.gif
Mutated root Members icon
83 Woodcutting mutated vine.gif
Mutated root (cut)
140 Jadinko Lair
bloodwood tree.gif
Bloodwood tree Members icon +
85 Woodcutting bloodwood logs.gif
Bloodwood logs
320 Frozen Waste Plateau (Ritual of the Mahjarrat)
Soul Wars starting area (Nomad's Requiem)
Darkmeyer (The Branches of Darkmeyer)
Various points in the Wilderness.
elder tree.png
Elder tree Members icon %
90 Woodcutting elder logs.gif
Elder logs
325 South of Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Tree Gnome Stronghold
South of Yanille
South-west of Lletya
North of the Legends' Guild
South of Edgeville
South-east of Falador
North-west of Rimmington
North of the Wizards' Tower
South-east of Varrock
crystal tree.png
Crystal tree Members icon ~
94 Woodcutting None 434.5 South-east of the Lighthouse Peninsula
South-east of Seers' Village
West of Falador
West of Brimhaven
East of Gu'Tanoth
North-west of the Observatory
Tree Gnome Stronghold


= Can only be cut with a machete.

* A successful cut on a hollow tree will net 82.5 Woodcutting xp. If you receive a piece of bark with your cut, you will instead receive 357.7 Woodcutting xp.

^ You will gain four roots from each completely cut root. The jade roots require you to cut them twice in a row to get any roots.

+ You must speak to Mami Rimba in North Edgeville before you can cut down this tree.

% When you start chopping an elder tree, you will start a five minute timer - unique to you - during which you may chop and gather from the tree. After that, it becomes inactive for 10 minutes (persistent across game worlds).

~Only one of these trees is active (i.e. surrounded by crystal formations) at any one time. This is persistent for all players, across worlds. For a clue as to where the active tree is, right click an inactive tree and select 'Look at'.

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