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Virtus Armour

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Virtus armour is a set of high-level magic armour that requires level-80 Defence to wear. It was designed by Nex and modelled after armour worn by a mage called Virtus, who drew the attention of Zaros by siphoning power from a world connected to Gielinor. After joining Zaros' ranks, Virtus mastered not only combat magic, but the ability to teleport others out of danger simply by picturing them in his mind.[1]

The full set consists of a mask, robe top, robe legs, gloves and boots. All of the pieces are possible drops from Nex within the God Wars Dungeon.

Prior to the Evolution of Combat they were one of the few armour sets that boosted the wearer's maximum life points, along with torva and pernix armour.


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