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Walmart Pre-Paid Card Promotion

50% extra Membership and RuneCoins on your next Red WalMart pre-paid card!

Do you like getting more than you've paid for? Reckon that a bit on top of your next redemption would go down well? Then it's time to head to WalMart!

From Thursday 30th January through to Monday the 17th February, every red $25 WalMart card you redeem will add an additional 50% on your membership or RuneCoins.

These packages will therefore be boosted!:

Normal Package Bonus Current WalMart Package
100 Days Membership +50 Days Membership 150 Days Membership
60 Days and 32 Spins +30 Days Membership 90 Days and 32 Spins
40 Spins and 500 RuneCoins +250 RuneCoins 40 Spins and 750 RuneCoins
1000 RuneCoins +500 RuneCoins 1500 RuneCoins
60 Days and 400 RuneCoins +30 Days and 200 RuneCoins 90 Days and 600 RuneCoins
30 Days, 30 Spins and 330 RuneCoins +15 Days and 165 RuneCoins 45 Days, 30 Spins and 495 RuneCoins
  • Packages for Spins and Bonds will remain the same throughout the promotion, and are not affected by the extra 50%.

Only for red pre-paid cards, and only for WalMart customers, this is an offer you just can't miss out on! Not sure where your nearest WalMart store is? Check that right here!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in on this deal?
Head to your nearest WalMart store, and grab yourself a $25 Red Pre-Paid card. Ensure your card is scanned and paid for at the till to activate it, and then redeem it at this page (also available on the RuneScape home page). All of the available options, with their bonuses, will be shown after entering your pin - just make your choice and continue!

Can I get this offer if I buy a card from WalMart's online store?
No. Only cards bought in-store will give the extra 50% on membership and RuneCoins.

I don't live near a WalMart - can I buy it from a different store instead?
This offer is exclusive to WalMart, so the red pre-paid card needs to be purchased from them, specifically. Buying cards from a different store will not give the extra 50% offer.

Can I get this offer in my country?
The 50% offer is only available in the United States of America.

I redeemed my pre-paid card, but I didn't get an extra 50%?
There are a couple of things to check here:

  • Did you redeem a red $25 pre-paid card? The Green $10 cards are not included in this promotion.
  • Did you redeem your card for Bonds or Spins? They do not add the 50%, as it is exclusive to membership and spins.

I'd like to take advantage of this, but I don't want to cancel my subscription.
Have no fear – redeeming a pre-paid card won’t cancel any subscription. If you decide to add membership, you'll simply delay your next rebill until you’re about to run out of membership again! You’ll next be charged when you have less than 3 days remaining.

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