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Warpriest of Saradomin cape

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The warpriest of Saradomin cape is a piece of hybrid armour traded for 5,000 renown during The Battle of Lumbridge event. You can only purchase them if you have a dragon token of fealty. Note that this item can only be purchased from week 7 of the event onwards.

Once the event finished, the armour could be received as drops from Saradomin's followers within the God Wars Dungeon. Players who have purchased the armour during the event receive a better drop rate than those who did not.

Note that the warpriest armour has a set bonus. If wearing three or more pieces, there is a 1% chance per piece (starting at 3% for three pieces up to a total of 6% for the full set) whenever you take damage, that the damage is reduced to a percentage of the original damage. This percentage is calculated by (10 - pieces of armour worn). So if you wear 3 pieces you'll have a 3% chance of the damage being reduced to 7% of the original value. Whereas if you wear all 6 pieces, you'll have a 6% chance of the damage being reduced to 4% of the original value.

Warpriest armour levels with you. It is one set of items that, when you reach a certain Defence level, will upgrade to higher stats more suited to that level.

Warpriest armour has three levels, one at level 25, another at level 50 and a final at level 75.

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