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This article is about how weapons work. For details types of weapons, see Weapon Types, for the equipment slot, see Main Hand (or Off Hand). For a list of weapons, see Category:Weapons.


Weapons are worn in the main hand and/or off-hand slots of the worn equipment inventory. There are often several types of armour for each slot, each usually aimed at a different part of the combat triangle. For example, both two handed crossbows and staves can be equipped in the main and off-hand slots, but where the crossbows are aimed at rangers, staves are better for mages.

Weapon Speed

Weapon speed determines how quickly you can attack your opponent. Ranging from slowest to slow, average, fast and fastest, you can calculate how many hits you will get per minute by dividing 100 by the numerical speed value.

Speed Attacks
Hits per Minute Seconds per Hit
2 Fastest 50 1.2
3 Fast 33 1.8
4 Average 25 2.4
5 Slow 20 3.0
6 Slowest 16 3.8

Slower weapons tend to do more damage than their one-handed equivalent in the same tier to make up for their slower attack speed.


Accuracy comes into play when determining your hit chance (see below).

It can come from both your weapons, and from your skills. Your accuracy is given a 40% bonus, based on a weapon at your Attack/Ranged/Magic level. So if you have a level 50 Attack, with no weapon equipped, your accuracy would be that of a level 50 melee weapon, plus an additional 40%.


Weapons offer differing amounts and types of damage depending on their class, critical damage bonuses and damage rating. Some weapons even take into account the damage rating of their ammunition.

Max Damage

The maximum normal damage a weapon is capable of is calculated differently depending on the weapon's class:

  • For Melee weapons, this can be calculated as (weapon damage + Strength level) / 2 (rounded down).
  • For Ranged weapons, this can be calculated as (weapon damage + ammunition damage + Ranged level) / 2 (rounded down).
  • For Magic weapons, this can be calculated as (weapon damage + Magic level) / 2 (rounded down).

Critical Damage

Critical damage is a rare occurrence where you perform double the normal damage of your weapon. The chance to cause this extra damage can be improved by equipping off-hands and armour that offer bonuses to your critical hit chance.

The maximum critical damage a weapon is capable of is calculated differently depending on the weapon's class:

  • For Melee weapons, this can be calculated as weapon damage + Strength level (rounded down).
  • For Ranged weapons, this can be calculated as weapon damage + ammunition damage + Ranged level (rounded down).
  • For Magic weapons, this can be calculated as weapon damage + Magic level (rounded down).

Your chance to get a critical hit is calculated as (Hits per minute / 100) * crit bonus (rounded down). So, if your weapon has a speed of 4 (performing 25 hits per minute), and your critical bonus is 5%, your critical hit chance would be 1, or 1 out of your 25 hits per minute would be a critical hit.

Damage per Second

Damage per second, or DPS, is typically used to compare weapons in terms of their damage output. For example, a weapon could be very slow, but if it has a higher DPS than a faster weapon, it is a better item to equip.

DPS is calculated as ( (damage * normal attacks per minute) + (critical damage * critical attacks per minute) ) / 60 (rounded down).

To give an example, if you have a critical bonus of 5%, a level 80 in Strength and a weapon that has a damage value of 720 and an average speed. You will perform 25 hits per minute, 1 of which will be a critical (so 24 normal attacks per minute). You will do roughly 400 damage each attack, with 820 for the critical. This gives around 173 DPS.

Hit Chance

Main article: Hit chance

Hit chance is the chance for you to make a successful hit against your enemy. The higher the hit chance, the fewer times you will miss. You can improve your hit chance with a higher Attack/Magic/Ranged, and using an attack that your enemy is weak against.

Hit chance is calculated as ( (accuracy / defence ) * weakness (rounded down). The defence value coming from your opponent, rather than yourself and is calculated as = armour + ((armour / 100) * 40) (rounded down).

Weakness has a numerical value to represent how weak an enemy is to the attack. For example, if an enemy is strong against a particular attack, the weakness will be a lower number, but if they are weak against the attack, this number will be higher.

Class modifier Weakness
Strong 20
Same 50
Weak 75
Weakest 90

Degrading Weapons

Main article: Degradable Items

Some items wear away with use, these are referred to as degradable items. Such items have their life measured by a number of charges assigned to the item. When you attack an enemy, or when an enemy attacks you, these charges are reduced - even if you are not hit. Some of these items can be repaired for a fee, others will turn to dust when all of their charges have been used.

Death will also reduce the life time of a degradable item. Should you die, any items that cannot be repaired will have their charges reduced by 10%. For items that can be repaired, this reduction is twice that: 20%. If an item is not worn on death, or is saved via a the death interface or the Protect Item prayer, the item will not degrade.

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