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West Ardougne

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You must have reached a certain point in Plague City to access West Ardougne.


west ardougne intro.jpg
The graveyard is nice and full in West Ardougne

West Ardougne is a hellish plague-infested city, where the sick and the healthy mingle behind the locked gates and high walls. Since the last time King Tyras and his army returned from the west, the plague has taken seat there, and it is only through King Lathas's intervention that the disease has not spread.

Since the arrival of the plague, King Tyras's name has been a bad one in West Ardougne, so the citizens are mostly pleased that he and his army have gone back through the Underground Pass to the west.

Having said that, the very nature of the city makes it an exciting place for explorers to rummage about. There are countless derelict buildings, houses filled with plague-stricken residents, and a graveyard filled to overflowing.


west ardougne location.jpg
A map of West Ardougne

West Ardougne, obviously, lies west of its twin city, East Ardougne, though the gates between the two have been locked since the plague arrived. Few travellers ever come through now, though there are those who go in to help the plague victims.

To the south is the Battlefield, where gnomes and General Khazard's troops constantly collide in combat.

Far to the north of West Ardougne are the Baxtorian Falls, while closer lies the Combat Training Camp.

Finally, to the west is the Underground Pass, long impassable and filled with a vast array of evil creatures and the undead.

Points of Interest

west ardougne features.jpg
West Ardougne's points of interest

There is little industry in West Ardougne, though with all the plague victims and mourners there is still much to do - or kill, if you prefer. The graveyard in the south-west of the city is an exciting place, too, and tourists are advised to take a look.

The most interesting sight in the city must be the recruiter, who can be found trying to convince the people of West Ardougne to join King Tyras's army. From his station in the city square he receives all the insults and derision that the people of West Ardougne intend for their king.


King Tyras The Recruiter
mystery king tyras.gif
No one has seen King Tyras since he returned to the west with his army, and no one particularly minds his absence. He is widely regarded as the source of the city's ills.
The Recruiter is the most widely loathed man in West Ardougne after the King. His mission is to raise a grand army for King Tyras, assembling beyond the Underground Pass. With the plague and the dangers of the Pass, his job is certainly not easy.
The Recruiter can be found in the city square.
Bravek, the City Warder Head Mourner
Bravek is essentially in charge of the city during King Tyras's absence. Despite his apparent connection to the ruler of West Ardougne, most of the citizens seem to hold him in high regard. Possibly because he is all too happy to drink with them.
head mourner (west ardougne).gif
The mourners have been sent to West Ardougne by King Lathas of East Ardougne in order to control the plague and ensure that the city remains in quarantine. The Head Mourner, therefore, is in charge of making sure the city remains under tight watch and that no one enters or leaves.
Bravek can be found in his house north of the city square, when he's not too hungover. The Head Mourner can be found in his house south of the city square.
Dark mage
dark mage.gif
In a building on the outskirts of the city lives a strange man who openly experiments with dark magic. Like many such people, he can be identified by his red robes. If you have a broken staff from the Underground Pass, he's the only person likely to know how to fix it.
The Dark mage can be found in a house at the west end of town.


No quests can be started in West Ardougne.

Wardens of the Plague City

Mourner ( Level 33 | Weak to weak to fire.gif ) Zombie ( Level 12, 29 | Weak to weak to fire.gif )
Mourners are the protectors of hygeine and sanitation in West Ardougne. They wear distinctive suits and gasmasks to protect them from the plague. Few of the citizens like them, as there are sad tales of the mourners taking a sick child from their parents and returning a few days later with sorry news.
The zombies of West Ardougne are the reanimated corpses of those who have died from the plague. Unsurprisingly, they are hideous and malformed creatures that all sane people try to avoid.
Mourners can be found in the eastern half of West Ardougne. Zombies can be found in the graveyard in the south-west of the city.
Ghost ( Level 25 | Weak to weak to thrown.gif )
ghost.gif Ghosts might be an eerie sight anywhere else, but within West Ardougne, where the dead pile up in the streets and are hastily buried by the mourners, they are no real surprise. They can be dangerous, but Magic is quite effective against enemies that have no bodies.
Ghosts can be found in the graveyard in the south-west of the city.


  • If you talk to the Recruiter, people will throw tomatoes at him which you can pick up.
  • There is a chisel and a knife in the Head Mourner's house.
  • Civilians in West Ardougne will buy grown cats, overgrown cats, wily cats and lazy cats from you for 100 death runes. Regular women and men won't buy them as they're too poor to afford a cat.

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