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When making changes to JAG, will the security questions always be asked in the same order?

No, JAG will ask you for your security answers in a random order. Please ensure you can recall all the answers to your security questions.

What happens if someone else learns my security questions?

We strongly recommend that you keep your security questions a secret and do not tell anyone else as they will be used when making any changes to JAG settings. Please be aware of phishing scams trying to steal your security information and keylogging viruses that can record your key strokes. Jagex will also never approach you in game or via email to become a player moderator. For more information click here.

We will need you to secure your computer & email account before assisting you further.

If you have access to your RuneScape account you will need to disable JAG off the account permanently as your security answers have been compromised. You will then need to use your powers to set up the RuneScape authenticator.

My previous recovery answers

Before JAG was bought into game, there was previously a 5 question recovery system which assisted with the recovery of your account. Over the years we have looked at ways to increase account security and we will continue to do so - we found that Jagex Account Guardian took recovery answers to another level.

When you enable JAG, your old recovery questions and answers will be replaced with your new JAG security questions and answers. The new security questions can only be set once and cannot be changed, which makes them a safer option.

Your previous recovery answers are still handy for account recovery - it can help us identify you as the creator of an account so we advise, although expired, please do not share this info with anyone.

If I disable and re-enable JAG, do my questions stay the same?

Once you have disabled JAG, it will no longer be available.

The RuneScape Authenticator can be used to protect your account instead. You don't need an e-mail to activate the Authenticator and it also protects your Old School RuneScape account!

For more information on the Authenticator please click here.

We recommend setting up two-step authentication on your registered e-mail too for extra protection. Find out more about protecting your email account here.

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