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White Wolf Mountain

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Dangerous Area
This is a 'Dangerous' area of RuneScape. If you die in this location, you will lose your items

Members iconWhite Wolf Mountain
White Wolf Mountain
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Area Kandarin & Asgarnia border
Quest required No

White Wolf Mountain is a large mountain that forms the boundary between Kandarin and Asgarnia, separating the fishing town of Catherby and the druid-populated town of Taverley. This area is dangerously infested with low to mid-leveled wolves (hence its name), including a level 62 Big Wolf.

Low-level players may find this area to be dangerous because of these monsters, and are advised to use other methods of transportation to reach Kandarin.

Points of Interest


Grimgnash Gnome glider pilot
Grimgnash Skullrot is a griffin featured in Grim Tales. Allows players to fly on a glider providing they have unlocked the transportation method.
At the summit of the mountain Standing next to the glider at the mountain summit


There are no quests that can be started at White Wolf Mountain.


Big Wolf Wolf
At the mountain summit. Along the mountain paths.

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