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Wizards' Tower

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Wizards' Tower
Wizards' Tower
One of the true marvels of the world...
Area Misthalin
Quest required No

There was a time when the influence of the Wizards' Tower spread far and wide; once known as the ultimate destination for those in search of Magic's secrets. Pilgrims experimented with its curious artefacts and explored the battered racks of its library. That time has long gone, burnt up by the followers of Zamorak, and has been newly built over. The ruined basement of the old tower remains, a rubbled memory of a better time.

Sedridor and the other wizards have looked to rekindle a passion for magic with the rebuilt Wizards' Tower, scrabbling for those remaining whispers of magic. They may need some help in this task, however...


wiztower location.jpg
Location of the Wizards' Tower

The Wizards' Tower is cut off from the rest of the mainland by a long bridge - too thin for approaching siege engines - which keeps any attackers in narrow ranks. The bridge can be accessed south of Draynor Village and west of Lumbridge.

Points of Interest

wiztower features.jpg
Ground floor of the Wizards' Tower
wiztower features 1st floor.jpg
First floor of the Wizards' Tower
red circle.png

Wizard Valina
blue circle.png

Wizard Borann
green circle.png

Professor Onglewip
cyan circle.png

Wizard Mizgog
yellow circle.png

Wizard Grayzag/Taloram
orange circle.png

Wizard Isidor
black circle.png

Wizard Jalarast
wiztower features 2nd floor.jpg
Second floor of the Wizards' Tower
wiztower features 3rd floor.jpg
Third floor of the Wizards' Tower
white circle.png

Wizard Traiborn
purple circle.png

Wizard Ellaron
magenta circle.png

Archmage Sedridor
pink circle.png

Portal to the Runecrafting Guild
paleblue circle.png

Wizard Finix

The Archmage Sedridor's teleportation spells are useful, particularly when furthering the Runecrafting skill.

Wizard Jalarast on the first floor will make you split-bark armour if you have a number of bark pieces and fine cloth.

Those particularly interested in Runecrafting will be able to visit the Runespan and The Great Orb Project (via the Runecrafting Guild) minigames via the portals on the roof of the tower.


Archmage Sedridor Wizard Traiborn
wizard sedridor.gif
Sedridor is of the old school of wizardry. Similar to those who perished in the fire, he attempts to uncover the secrets of Magic through the examination of magical artefacts from previous ages. He also longs for the old times that he admires and fears the treachery that destroyed it.
wizard traiborn1.gif
One of those strange characters of RuneScape who oscillates rapidly from slightly mad to doolally, the Wizard Traiborn is nonetheless a strong magician. When distracted from his studies of thingummywuts and other nonsenses, he can become of some use; extracting that use from him may well be a different matter, however.
Sedridor will teleport you to a valuable area for raising your Runecrafting skill. He can be found on the second floor of the tower, south of the beam. The Wizard Traiborn is on the second floor of the tower, north-west of the beam.
Wizard Mizgog Wizard Grayzag
wizard mizgog.gif
A keeper of magical trinkets, the Wizard Mizgog is often bullied by Wizard Grayzag, a devotee of slightly 'grander' and more destructive magics. Trying to keep to himself won't work as, across the hall, Grayzag is always plotting another nefarious scheme against him.
wizard grayzag.gif
The Wizard Grayzag is a strong believer in magic as power. He has dabbled in arts that are possibly too arcane and hazardous for the other 'weaker' wizards of the tower, but this has not stopped Grayzag believing that his Magic is the 'true' form. An aggressive character, Grayzag likes to pick on the meek wizards of the tower, like Mizgog.
The Wizard Mizgog is avoiding any confrontation on the first floor, south-east of the beam. The Wizard Grayzag is looking for confrontation on the first floor of the tower, east of the beam.


You can start the following quests in or around the Wizards' Tower:

The Servants of Magic

Spellwisp (Level 9) Lesser demon (Level 141)
These slightly magical clouds provide training for wizards as Wizard Valina says as part of the features of the tower, even though they are not weak to magic.
wizards tower lesser demon.gif
The demon has always been there, for as long as the wizards can remember, and all efforts to banish it have failed. A barrier was built around it to keep the demon in check.
Spellwisps around found outside of the tower, on the north-west corner of the island. This lesser demon is kept under close guard by the Wizard Grayzag on the first floor of the tower.


  • Wizard Grayzag's lesser demon is a prime target for practicing Magic and Ranged. A swift Telekinetic Grab will also retrieve any rewards you get for killing it.
  • There is a fairy ring to the south, just outside of the Wizards' Tower.

Development Team

2012 Rework
Content Team
Developer: John A
Graphics Team
Environment: Alex R, Joe R
Animation: Dave C
Characters: Manuel L
Quality Assurance Team
Core Testers: (Project Lead:Sarah J) Juliet T, Dan M, Andrew Y
Audio Team
Audio: Adam B

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