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Chopping down a tree
Chopping down a tree

Woodcutting Woodcutting is a gathering skill through which you chop down various types of vegetation, mainly varieties of tree. Doing so gives a part of the vegetation - which can often be used in another skill or activity, primarily Fletching - and Woodcutting experience. The chance of a piece of vegetation being cut is improved by increasing your Woodcutting level, or by using a more effective tool.

You can find vegetation all over Gilienor but the rarer types are marked with a Rare trees symbol on your map.

Because Woodcutting is tied to other skills so strongly, one of the simplest ways in which people make a living in Gielinor, is by cutting down trees.


You can't cut down trees with your bare hands, tools are required. A hatchet is required to cut down most of the different types of vegetation in Gielinor, but sometimes you'll need machetes. Different tools require different Woodcutting levels to use, as well as an Attack level to wield. However, a tool does not have to be equipped in order to be used to cut down vegetation. Wielding a tool means that you can use it as a weapon as well as cut down trees with it. Note that although Woodcutting is not a members' skill, some items that can be cut using this skill require member status.

The two types of tools used are:

  • Hatchets - The most common Woodcutting tool. Hatchets are used to chop down the different types of trees.
  • Machete - Used to hack away at light, medium and dense jungle mainly (during Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-up).

Note: The better the quality of your Woodcutting hatchet or machete, the quicker you will be able to cut logs from trees.

Toggle table of tools

Tool Level Obtained from
bronze axe.gif
Bronze hatchet
1 Woodcutting
  • Stuck in a tree stump in the chicken pen, south-east of the Lumbridge windmill.
  • Bought from Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge
  • You can make one using the Smithing skill.
iron axe.gif
Iron hatchet
1 Woodcutting
  • Bought from Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge
  • You can make one using the Smithing skill.
steel axe.gif
Steel hatchet
6 Woodcutting
  • Bought from Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge
  • You can make one using the Smithing skill.
black axe.gif
Black hatchet
6 Woodcutting
  • Dropped by black demons and the King Black Dragon.
  • Bought from other players.
mithril axe.gif
Mithril hatchet
21 Woodcutting
  • You can make one using the Smithing skill.
adamantite axe.gif
Adamant hatchet
31 Woodcutting
  • You can make one using the Smithing skill.
sacred clay hatchet.gif
Sacred/volatile clay hatchets Members icon ^
40 Woodcutting
rune axe.gif
Rune hatchet
41 Woodcutting
  • You can make one using the Smithing skill.
dragon axe.gif
Dragon hatchet Members icon =
61 Woodcutting
inferno adze.gif
Inferno adze Members icon = *
61 Woodcutting
normal machette.gif
opal machette.gif
Opal machete+
jade machette.gif
Jade machete+
red topaz machette.gif
Red topaz machete+

^ The sacred clay hatchet is made by transforming a proto-tool and provides 200% XP per log. The volatile clay hatchet is made by transforming a volatile clay tool and provides 220% XP per log. Both hatchets only have so many charges before they turn to dust, and the volatile hatchet can turn back into the tool version at any time meaning you have to use charges to get it back again. You cannot use these at the Lumber Yard.

= Cuts 15% faster than the rune hatchet.

* Note that there is a good chance that logs you cut from trees will burst into flame if they are cut using the Inferno Adze. If you keep it in your inventory instead of wielding it, however, you will always use another Woodcutting hatchet if you have one available.

+ Machetes do not require a specific level to wield, but level 10 Woodcutting is required to chop light jungle, level 20 to chop medium jungle and level 35 to chop dense jungle.


Main article: Vegetation

There are different types of vegetation within Gielinor and not all of them can be chopped down using a hatchet; some will need to be trimmed back with machetes. You will receive logs, bark or a thatching spar when you have successfully cut down a tree or jungle growth.

Toggle table of vegetation types and their locations

Normal tree Evergreen tree Achey tree Members icon Dead tree
Achey tree
Dead tree
Throughout Gielinor Throughout Gielinor East of the Feldip Hills The Wilderness
Throughout Gielinor
Light jungle Members icon = Oak tree Medium jungle Members icon = Willow tree
Light jungle
Oak tree
Medium jungle
Willow tree
In Karamja, around Tai Bwo Wannai Throughout Gielinor In Karamja, around Tai Bwo Wannai By water
North-east of Lumbridge Castle
South-west of Draynor Village bank
North of Seers' Village bank
Dense jungle Members icon = Teak tree Members icon Maple tree Hollow tree Members icon
Dense jungle
Teak tree
Maple tree
Hollow tree
In Karamja, around Tai Bwo Wannai In Karamja, around Tai Bwo Wannai
On Ape Atoll
South of Castle Wars
In Seers' Village
West of the Legends' Guild
North of McGrubor's Wood
Above the Farming patch
Daemonheim woodcutting island
In Mort Myre Swamp, between Canifis and the Hollows
Mahogany tree Members icon & Arctic pine Members icon & Eucalyptus Members icon Yew tree
Mahogany tree
Arctic pine tree
Eucalyptus tree
Yew tree
In Tai Bwo Wannai In Neitiznot In Oo'glog North of Varrock Palace
South of Falador
North of Rimmington
South of Edgeville bank
Between Draynor Village and Lumbridge
In the cemetery in Seers' Village
West of Catherby, south of the beehives
South-east corner of Tree Gnome Stronghold
Outside the altar in Varrock
Ivy Members icon Magic tree Members icon Blisterwood tree Members icon % Curly root Members icon ^
Magic tree
Blisterwood tree
Curled root
Along the north wall of Varrock Palace
South-east outer wall of Varrock Palace
North side of the north wall of Falador
South side of the south wall of Falador
South-east of Taverley
East wall of East Ardougne church
North side of the north wall of Yanille
South wall of Castle Wars
South of Seers' Village
South of the Sorcerer's Tower
Tree Gnome Stronghold
On either side of the Mage Training Arena
South-west of Lletya
In Darkmeyer arboretum In the Jadinko Lair
Straight root Members icon ^ Mutated root Members icon ^ Bloodwood tree Members icon + Elder tree Members icon §
Straight root
Mutated root
Bloodwood tree
Elder tree
In the Jadinko Lair In the Jadinko Lair In the Frozen Waste Plateau
In the Soul Wars starting area
In Darkmeyer
At various points in the Wilderness
South of Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Tree Gnome Stronghold
South of Yanille
South-west of Lletya
North of the Legends' Guild
South of Edgeville
South-east of Falador
North-west of Rimmington
North of the Wizards' Tower
South-east of Varrock
Crystal tree Members icon ~
Crystal tree
South-east of the Lighthouse Peninsula
South-east of Seers' Village
West of Falador
West of Brimhaven
East of Gu'Tanoth
North-west of the Observatory
Tree Gnome Stronghold

& To cut down the teak or mahogany trees on Karamja you will need to earn trading sticks. This can be done in Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-Up.

= Can only be cut with a machete.

* A successful cut on a hollow tree will net 82.5 Woodcutting xp. If you receive a piece of bark with your cut, you will instead receive 357.7 Woodcutting xp.

^ You will gain four roots from each completely cut root. The roots require you to cut them twice in a row to get any roots.

+ You must speak to Mami Rimba in North Edgeville before you can cut down this tree.

% Requires the completion of The Branches of Darkmeyer.

§ When you start chopping an elder tree, you will start a five minute timer - unique to you - during which you may chop and gather from the tree. After that, it becomes inactive for 10 minutes (persistent across game worlds).

~Only one of these trees is active (i.e. surrounded by crystal formations) at any one time. This is persistent for all players, across worlds. For a clue as to where the active tree is, right click an inactive tree and select 'Look at'.

Getting Woodcutting Experience

Cutting Things Down


Cutting down a tree and hacking through jungles will often result in produce (such as logs or lengths of root) that you can use in other skills. You will also gain XP.

Toggle table of produce and their XP rewards

Produce Vegetation Level XP
normal logs.gif
Logs %
Normal trees
Evergreen trees
Dead trees
None 25
achey logs.gif
Achey logs Members icon
Achey trees Members icon None 25
light spar.gif
Thatch spar light Members icon
Light jungle Members icon 10 Woodcutting 32
oak logs.gif
Oak logs
Oak trees 15 Woodcutting 37.5
medium spar.gif
Thatch spar med Members icon
Medium jungle Members icon 20 Woodcutting 55
willow logs.gif
Willow logs
Willow trees 30 Woodcutting 67.5
dense spar.gif
Thatch spar dense Members icon
Dense jungle Members icon 35 Woodcutting 80
teak logs.gif
Teak logs Members icon
Teak trees Members icon 35 Woodcutting 85
special teak log.gif
Special teak logs Members icon +
Teak trees Members icon 35 Woodcutting 85
cursed willow logs.gif
Cursed willow logs Members icon
Cursed willow roots Members icon 37 Woodcutting 15
maple logs.gif
Maple logs $
Maple trees 45 Woodcutting 100
hollow bark.gif
Hollow bark Members icon *
Hollow trees Members icon 45 Woodcutting 82.5 / 357.7
mahogany logs.gif
Mahogany logs Members icon
Mahogany trees Members icon 50 Woodcutting 125
special mahogany log.gif
Special mahogany logs Members icon +
Mahogany trees Members icon 50 Woodcutting 125
arctic pine.gif
Arctic pine logs Members icon
Arctic pines Members icon 54 Woodcutting 140.2
split log.gif
Split log Members icon
Arctic pine stumps Members icon 54 Woodcutting 42.5
eucalyptus logs.gif
Eucalyptus logs Members icon
Eucalyptus trees Members icon 58 Woodcutting 165
yew logs.gif
Yew logs
Yew trees 60 Woodcutting 175
N/A Ivy Members icon 68 Woodcutting 332.5
magic logs2.gif
Magic logs Members icon
Magic trees Members icon 75 Woodcutting 250
blisterwood logs.gif
Blisterwood logs Members icon
Blisterwood trees Members icon 76 Woodcutting 200
cursed magic logs.gif
Cursed magic logs Members icon
Cursed magic trees Members icon 82 Woodcutting 275
curly vine.gif
Curly root Members icon
Curly jade roots Members icon 83 Woodcutting 80.8
straight root.gif
Straight root Members icon
Straight jade roots Members icon 83 Woodcutting 80.8
mutated vine.gif
Mutated vine Members icon
Mutated jade roots Members icon 83 Woodcutting 140
bloodwood logs.gif
Bloodwood logs Members icon
Bloodwood trees Members icon 85 Woodcutting 320
elder logs.gif
Elder logs Members icon
Elder trees Members icon 90 Woodcutting 325

% You will receive 2 more logs per cut if you have the Seer's headband 1 equipped.

$ You will receive 10 more XP per cut if you have the Seer's headband 2 equipped.

* A successful cut on a hollow tree will net 82.5 Woodcutting XP but you will not receive the produce for this. If you receive a piece of bark with your cut, you will instead receive 357.7 Woodcutting XP.

+ These special logs will only be given some of the time and instead of the normal logs for that tree. These logs can be sold to the Sawmill Operator, north-east of Varrock or 2 special logs can be exchanged for a completely free conversion of all the other logs in your inventory into planks.

+ Cursed logs require the completion of the Summer's End quest.


Main article: Dungeoneering/Woodcutting

You can also chop down the vegetation growing along the walls in Dungeoneering.

Building Things Up


Main article: Transportation by Water

With your Woodcutting skill, you can make canoes to travel up and down the River Lum.

The type of canoe you can build is based upon your Woodcutting level:

Type Level Experience
Log 12 Woodcutting 30
Dugout 27 Woodcutting 60
Stable dugout 42 Woodcutting 90
Waka 57 Woodcutting 150

Lumber Yard

Location of the Sawmill Operator
Location of the Sawmill Operator

The Lumber Yard is open for work experience to woodcutters of level 80 or above: as the overseer puts it, "You do the work, you get the experience". Enter through the right-hand door at the front of the Lumber Yard and you will meet the overseer, who has a complete absence of workers and plenty of orders to fulfill.

The overseer will direct you to the noticeboard, where you can choose from quick jobs and large jobs. As these names imply, the large jobs will take a greater amount of time to complete but with a more impressive Woodcutting XP reward, while the quick jobs take a fraction of the time for a fraction of the XP. Once you have accepted a job by clicking the 'Accept' button, you are ready to start completing the order.

Your first task is to fill your inventory with logs from the stacks of logs to the north-west of the yard. These are free to be used in the Lumber Yard but cannot be taken outside. You then take these logs to the conveyor belt hopper to the east, where they roll out on to the conveyor belt and get split by a spinning blade, falling into the plank stack at the end. As with the logs, these cannot be taken out of the Lumber Yard.

Fill your inventory with these planks, as they need to be converted into cut planks for your order. If you want to know how many cut planks of each specific type that you need, check the table in the top-left of your game screen. To cut your planks, click on the workbenches to the south of the room with a saw in your inventory. You may get a saw for free from the first room that you entered, or you can use a crystal saw to cut the planks slightly faster. Once you have clicked on the workbench, a small screen will open, offering four different types of cut:

Cut Produce Difficulty Experience
Straight cut 1x Short plank
1x Long plank
Simple 15
Diagonal cut 2x Diagonal-cut plank Medium 18
Curve cut 1x Curved plank Hard 22
Tooth & groove cut 1x Tooth-cut plank
1x Groove-cut plank
Very hard 25

You will gain a small amount of experience for each completed plank, but the greater chunk of XP is saved for a finished order. You can tell if your order is finished by looking at the top-left of your game screen. Completed orders can then by given to the overseer by right-clicking on her and selecting 'Finish job'.

Any excess cut logs can be regained from the wagon on the south side of the room, so you have a head start on whatever order you choose to take on next!

Boosting Experience Gain

huge fallen star (woodcutting).gif
The small, medium, large and huge fallen stars Members icon can boost your XP gain depending on your level. To activate your bonus XP, you must click the star. Once the bonus XP has been added to your bonus XP pool, the star is removed from your inventory.
lumberjack top.gif
Each individual item in the Lumberjack set (boots, hat, legs, and top) grant 1% extra XP each. A complete set will grant an additional 1% XP bringing the total to 5% for the whole set.
sacred clay hatchet.gif
The sacred clay hatchet will grant 200% Woodcutting XP whereas the volatile clay hatchet will grant 220%. To activate your bonus XP, you must right-click the tool and choose 'Gain xp'.
seer's headband 4.gif
The seer's headband 4 grants 10% extra Woodcutting XP. To activate your bonus XP, you must right-click the headband and choose 'Gain xp'.
cobalt skillchompa.gif
Cobalt, viridian, azure and crimson skillchompas, when equipped, offer additional xp when skilling.

Players in a clan with a citadel will find that contributing to their clan's resource pool will earn bonus XP that can be used on the surface world.

Training Hints and Tips

  • Use the best hatchet that you can.
  • Try to find a good Woodcutting location close to a bank, to save travelling time.

Woodcutting Boosts

Axeman's folly inventory icon
The axeman's folly drink will temporarily boost your Woodcutting level by 1. The mature version will raise it by 2.
Stew inventory icon
A brown spicy stew has a random chance to increase your Woodcutting level by up to 6 levels (or decrease it by the same).
Woodcutting cape inventory icon
The Woodcutting cape, Woodcutting cape (t) or Woodcutting master cape can be used to temporarily increase your skill level by 1. To do this, equip one of the capes, right-click it and choose Boost.

Using the Summoning skill, you'll find that there are a few familiars that might be useful for training your Woodcutting. Of particular note is the Beaver, whose special move can increase your Woodcutting level by 2.

Useful Items

dwarven axe.gif
The dwarven army axe is a tool of many uses and one of those uses is Woodcutting. You can use your Dwarven Army Axe to cut down any tree that your Woodcutting skill allows you to. Not only this, but it gives you a chance of getting extra Woodcutting XP and a chance to produce a wooden knot in addition to the log that you cut. The knot is a non-stacking, non-tradeable item used in Crafting. Note that knots can only be cut from regular trees.
woodcutting potion.gif
The juju woodcutting potion, obtained through Herblore Habitat, gives you a one in ten chance of finding a wood spirit with each swing of the hatchet. This spirit will automatically carry any logs straight to your bank. There is also a small chance that these logs will be of a higher level than the logs you would have received. Each dose lasts for 5 minutes.
To get to your Woodcutting areas quicker, you might want to consider purchasing a locator (inferior, poor, good or superior). These can be bought using reward credits in Mobilising Armies. Each officer of the officer tower can offer you a different level of locator.

By using the locator, you can choose to be teleported to a Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing or Herblore secondary ingredient area. Once you have made your choice, the locator will make some mysterious calculations and then teleport you randomly to a suitable spot. Try not to be wasteful: the locators have a limited number of charges and can only be refreshed by buying another or playing a game of Mobilising Armies.
The rabbit, aside from leaving you with bones and raw rabbit meat, will leave behind a lucky rabbit's foot. This small and innocuous item can be strung, with level 37 Crafting and a ball of wool, to make a strung rabbit foot - an invaluable tool for Woodcutting masters. This reward will greatly increase your chance of receiving a bird's nest.
Resourceful aura inventory icon
The resourceful aura provides a 10% chance to your resource not being depleted. This only works for normal, achey, oak, willow, teak, maple, mahogany, arctic pine, eucalyptus, yew and magic trees.
Lumberjack aura inventory icon
The lumberjack, greater lumberjack, master lumberjack, supreme lumberjack and legendary lumberjack auras Members icon increase your chance of chopping wood by 3%, 5%, 7%, 10% and 15% respectively.
tree-shaking scrimshaw.gif
The tree-shaking scrimshaw and superior tree-shaking scrimshaw last for 3 or 4 hours respectively and can increase the chances of bird's nests dropping. The normal scrimshaw increases this chance by 300% whereas the superior version increased this by 400%.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a battleaxe or any other weapon to cut down trees?
The only way to chop down a tree is to use one of the hatchets found within the game.
2. Where can I find hollow trees in order to get bark?
Hollow trees can be found near the Haunted Woods, north-east of Canifis. In order to get the bark, you will need to cut down hollow trees that have stripes around their trunk.

See Also

Woodcutting Related Skills

The following skills help with the Woodcutting skill:

  • Smithing - By making better hatchets with the Smithing skill you can cut higher level trees.
  • Herblore - Some of the potions made in the Herblore skill can increase your Woodcutting XP.

Woodcutting Related Quests

For quests that give Woodcutting experience as a reward, please refer to the Quest Experience Rewards page.

Woodcutting Related Minigames

  • Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-up Members icon - The Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-Up will teach you that you can do other tasks with the Woodcutting skill.

Woodcutting Related Distractions & Diversions

  • Tears of Guthix Members icon - If Woodcutting is your weakest skill, try the Tears of Guthix D&D.
  • Shattered Heart Members icon - If you are cutting any wood or ivy, or training at the sawmill, you may find a Strange rock.
  • Ancient Effigy Members icon - For players with over level 91 in Woodcutting, an effigy may require your knowledge.
  • Evil Tree - Nurture an evil tree to adulthood then chop it down.

Woodcutting Related Equipment


Vegetation Types
Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-up

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