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Woodcutting Items

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The Woodcutting skill might sound simple at first glance: swing hatchet at tree, get logs, repeat. But when you start uncovering all the items related to Woodcutting, whether they give you more experience or just make it easier to get logs, things become more complicated. This page shows a list of items and objects related to Woodcutting and how you might benefit from them.

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If you want to chop any tree, you will need a hatchet. A bronze hatchet is always kept in your toolbelt for emergencies, but using a higher-level hatchet should allow you to get logs faster. Increasing your Woodcutting level will also improve your chances of getting logs from trees, and the higher-level hatchets can only be used when you reach specific Woodcutting levels.

The inferno adze is an unusual tool that can be earned from testing The Beacon Network. It is as good at chopping trees as a dragon hatchet, but has a reasonable chance to incinerate any logs you cut from a tree, giving you the appropriate Firemaking experience for those logs.

Machetes (m)

To chop jungle plants, like those found around Tai Bwo Wannai, you will need a machete. A normal machete is always found in the toolbelt, but you will probably get better results by using a gem-edged machete. You can purchase these from other players, or give Safta Doc in Tai Bwo Wannai the materials to make one for you.


Above are the different types of logs, roots and other vegetation you can get from cutting down trees and plants. These range from common plants found all around RuneScape, to unique specimens found only in the distant corners of the world.

  • Thatching spars can be obtained by cutting back the jungle plants around Tai Bwo Wannai, where they are most commonly used to repair the rotting village fence.
  • Hollow bark can only be harvested from the hollow trees growing within the Haunted Woods in northern Morytania. They are a key material in making splitbark armour.
  • The blisterwood tree is carefully guarded within the vampyre city of Darkmeyer, and you will need to reach a point in The Branches of Darkmeyer quest to reach the blisterwood tree. Its logs are harmful to vampyres and can be made into powerful weapons for warriors, rangers and mages alike.
  • Curly, straight and mutated roots grow within the Jadinko Lair. Curly roots can be used in the firepits to make fires, straight roots can be hardened on these fires to make sagaie weapons, and mutated roots can be combined with excrescences to make bolas.
  • Bloodwood trees only grow in areas that have seen much death and bloodshed, such as the Wilderness and a few especially dark corners of RuneScape. Their logs can be used to make bakriminel bolts, but you must fletch them at the tree as the freshly-cut logs will crumble if taken away from it.

Potions and Drinks

axemans folly.gif For a quick boost, drinking an axeman's folly will temporarily raise your Woodcutting level by 1, while drinking the mature ale boosts it by 2. This ale can be brewed at 49 Cooking using oak roots as the key ingredient.

weak gatherers potion.gif gatherers potion.gif strong gatherers potion.gif While raiding the dungeons of Daemonheim, you may encounter doors, obstacles or trees that require a Woodcutting level to work with. If you need to boost your Woodcutting, drinking one of the gatherer's potions might give you the needed level, provided that you or someone in your party has the Herblore level to make them.

  • The weak potion boosts your Woodcutting level by 3 + 2% of your level.
  • The normal potion boosts your Woodcutting level by 4 + 4% of your level.
  • The strong potion boosts your Woodcutting level by 6 + 6% of your level.

Lumberjack Auras (m)

lumberjack aura.gif Players who sign up to the Members Loyalty Programme will be able to purchase auras to improve their skill training. One such aura is Lumberjack, which when activated increases your chances of obtaining logs from a tree by a percentage depending on which tier of aura you buy.

  • The basic aura increases your chance of chopping logs by 3%.
  • The greater aura increases your chance of chopping logs by 5%.
  • The master aura increases your chance of chopping logs by 7%.
  • The supreme aura increases your chance of chopping logs by 10%.
resourceful aura.gif

Another item that might be of use when Woodcutting is the Resourceful aura. While active, you will have a 10% chance of not depleting a rock or tree when harvesting resources from it. The effect cannot occur twice in a row.

Lumberjack Clothing (m)

lumberjack top.gif

While out for a session of Temple Trekking, you may encounter broken bridges that sometimes attract undead lumberjacks. When these axe-wielding menaces are killed you may be lucky enough to find a piece of lumberjack clothing that boosts your Woodcutting XP by a percentage when worn. Each individual piece offers a small percentage bonus, but wearing the full set gives a 2.5% boost in total. Note that lumberjack clothing requires 44 Woodcutting to wear.

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