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Members iconYanille
The peaceful town of Yanille
Area Kandarin
Quest required No

Yanille is a small, quiet town with few inhabitants. Despite its small size and peaceful nature, it is home to a sizeable force of armed guards whose duty it is to defend the town from any ogres that come down from Gu'Tanoth and the Feldip Hills.


yanille location.jpg
A map of Yanille

Yanille lies precariously on the border between Kandarin and the ogre-ridden Feldip Hills. It lies directly south of East Ardougne, but with the Fight Arena between them.

To the north-west is the labyrinthine Tree Gnome Village, while to the north-east lies Port Khazard.

Points of Interest

yanille features.jpg
Yanille's points of interest

The most obvious feature of Yanille is the Wizards' Guild. From inside their building, the wizards of the Guild experiment and practise, constantly aiming to become masters of the magical arts. In the upper room there are a couple of stores, while the basement contains a number of zombies created solely to practice upon.

There is a small warren of tunnels beneath this quiet town, in which a variety of undesirable beasts have taken up residence. Adventurers can gain access at either end.

In the north-east corner of the town are the gallows and the pillory. These are potent symbols of Yanille's refusal to suffer crime, and as a result the town is always clean and tidy, even if the Captain of the Guard is usually drunk.

The western district of Yanille hosts a few shops that aren't found in many other locales. Including both hunter and pet stores. The hunter store is especially famous for being the first stop for many budding hunters.


The Captain of the Guard Bert, the Sand Man
guard captain.gif
The Guard Captain is a man of many years' experience in the military, and even more years in the tavern. Nowadays he is much more likely to be found training his braincells to die than training his sword arm.
Bert is a charmingly rustic citizen of Yanille, who ekes out a living by gathering sand for Sandy's Sand Company, based in Brimhaven. He's a bit hard to understand, but there's certain to be something worth hearing when you speak to him.
The Captain can be found in the tavern in the south-west of town. Bert can be found in his house in north-west Yanille.
Zavistic Rarve, Grand Secretary of the Wizards' Guild Watchtower Wizard
zavistic rarve.gif
Zavistic Rarve is an important wizard in Yanille, because it is his duty to teach the younger mages that come to the guild to learn. He is slightly irritable, but extremely loyal to his students.
watchtower wizard chathead.gif
The Watchtower looks over the lands surrounding Yanille and, using the powers built into it, prevents the Ogres from invading. The four Watchtower Wizards are charged with maintaining the tower and ensuring that its powers never fail.
Zavistic Rarve can be found by ringing the bell outside the Wizards' Guild The Watchtower Wizards can be found on the top floor of the Watchtower.


The following quests can be started in Yanille:

Defenders of the Town

Tower Guard (Level 34) Soldier (Level 46, 52)
yanille soldier.png
The professional soldiers in Yanille defend the main gates and the walls of the town. They are present in large enough numbers that, should the ogres find a way past the Watchtower's magic, they should be capable of repelling the attack.
yanille tower guard.png
The Watchtower is the main point of defence in case of attack, so the guards must be well-trained. Tower guards themselves are not enough, though, so the watchmen are also an essential asset for the town.
Soldiers can be found north of the pub. Tower guards can be found in the tower and around the Watchtower.
Watchman (Level 40) Colonel Radick (Level 34)
yanille watchman.png
The watchmen of the Watchtower are probably the most important group of soldiers in Yanille. Without them, the Watchtower that keeps the town safe would be at risk, and they know this. Watchmen are wary of anyone they do not know, and restrict access to the Watchtower to people that need to be there.
colonel radick.gif
Unlike the Captain of the Guard, Colonel Radick is a devoted warrior and unlikely to leave his post to have a drink. He is highly skilled with his battleaxe, and will certainly make anyone less skilled than himself feel it.
Watchmen can be found in the Watchtower. Colonel Radick is always in the gatehouse.


  • The Wizards' Guild has a number of portals to other locations (Thormac the Sorcerer's house, the Wizards' Tower and the Dark Wizards' Tower) on the top floor, but you need a Magic level of 66 to access the Guild.
  • The tavern in the south-west of Yanille serves Greenman's Ale, which is an excellent resource for those looking to improve their Herblore level temporarily.
  • To avoid having to go all the way around the walls or around the Tree Gnome Village to get to the Watchtower, you can use a tunnel conveniently dug behind the Farming patch.

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