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Zaros Equipment

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God Wars Dungeon Items
Armadyl BootsChestplateChainskirtGlovesHelmetBucklerCrossbowHilt
Bandos BootsChestplateTassetsGlovesHelmetWarshieldHilt
Saradomin SwordHissWhisperMurmurHilt
Zamorak Zamorakian spearZamorak hilt
Subjugation: BootsGarbGownGlovesHoodWard
Zaros Torva: BootsPlatebodyPlatelegsGlovesFull helm
Pernix: BootsBodyChapsGlovesCowl
Virtus: BootsRobe topRobe legsGlovesMaskBookWand
Ceremonial: BootsGlovesLegsMaskTop
Miscellaneous: Zaryte bow
Lore Armadyl's assaultThe glory of general graardorZilyana's notesRazulei's taleNex's followers
Godswords ArmadylBandosSaradominZamorak
Godsword Pieces Shard 1Shard 2Shard 3Blade

Ancient Items
Types of Item Ruined Dragon ArmourDragon EquipmentBarrows EquipmentAncient Warriors' EquipmentThird Age ArmourZaros Equipment

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