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Zaryte bow

Members iconZaryte bow
Zaryte bow inventory icon
Tradeable Yes
Lendable No
Equipable Yes
Stacks No
Quest item No
High alchemy 540,000 coins
Low alchemy 360,000 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
GE Price 20171 coins
GE History
Today GE:20171
30 day GE:20171
90 day GE:20171
180 day GE:20171
Buy Limit 2
Protect on Death No
Examine A powerful bow imbued with the fury of Zaros.
Weight 1.8 kg

The zaryte bow is a Ranged weapon that is only available either by trading with other players or as a drop from Nex, the leader of Zaros' army in the God Wars Dungeon. Like all standard bows it is a two-handed weapon, filling both the weapon and shield slot. It also requires level 80 Ranged, and degrades over time, but it does not need ammunition, much like the crystal bow. It has the same range as the crystal bow and hand cannon, and the same firing rate as standard crossbows.

Unlike chaotic equipment, which degrades from hits taken from opponents as well as attacks made, the Zaryte bow only degrades from shots fired from it. The 10 hour combat timer breaks down to counting 1 game tick (about 0.6 seconds) per shot, out of that timer, resulting in the bow being able to fire a total of 60,000 shots on a full charge, 600 per 1%.

Similarly to Barrows equipment, it can be repaired both by NPCs, such as Bob (from Bob's Brilliant Axes), or in a player-owned house armour stand. The repair cost is proportional to the damage taken, at a rate of 20K for each 1% of damage it has sustained (for a total cost of 2 million coins when fully degraded). When repaired by a player, this cost is reduced based on the player's Smithing level, with the cost halved when the player has 99 Smithing.

Like most degradable equipment, the statistics of the bow remain the same whether it is fully repaired or partially degraded.

Zaryte bow shard inventory iconIf acquired when CoinShare is active, the player will be given an equal share of 120 zaryte bow shards, 120 of which combine to make a the bow.


Combat Statistics
In Legacy mode, damage and life bonus values will be divided by 10 (and rounded down).
Equip: 80 Ranged
No use requirements
Slot: Class: Type: Level:
Main Hand slot iconOff Hand slot icon Ranged None 80
Damage: Accuracy: Armour:
1470 1924 No
Ammunition: Arrow
Speed: Fast - 3 seconds
Constitution Prayer Strength Ranged Magic
0 2 0 0 0


Common uses for the zaryte bow include safe combat mini-games such as the TzHaar Fight Cave. Given that drops typically recover the fairly low cost of use, it can also be used for more general Ranged training particularly when paired with Slayer. It is also used at high level creatures such as tormented demons, as well as at bosses such as Nex, Kree'arra, and the dagannoth kings.

Comparable items

Dark bow inventory icon

When examined against the dark bow, the zaryte bow is considerably more effective, having both a much higher firing rate as well as an increased maximum hit. Despite the additional costs (both for purchase and upkeep), as well as higher requirements, it's fairly obvious that the zaryte bow is a more potent weapon.

Chaotic crossbow inventory icon

The chaotic crossbow provides a useful alternative to the zaryte bow. Like most other crossbows, the chaotic crossbow is a one-handed weapon, allowing it to be used in conjunction with a shield slot item, such as the dragonfire shield.

However, the zaryte bow possesses several properties which make it a handy weapon in its own respects. Firstly it counts as a god item for all 4 factions, which makes it a useful choice against spiritual magi and other God Wars Dungeon enemies. In addition, its lack of ammo and slower degrading costs make it a good choice over almost any other stock ranging option. Finally, the chaotic crossbow may only be obtained by achieving 80 Dungeoneering and gaining the required tokens, while the zaryte bow can be simply bought on the Grand Exchange if the player does not wish to fight Nex.

While the choice of token repair may appear a cheaper option, the cost-benefit analysis of earning the 200k tokens is in practice similar or slower than earning the required coins for many players. In addition, the ability to reduce the repair costs via the Smithing skill for the zaryte bow helps to lower the maintenance costs to being almost negligible.

Monster drop table

Image Monster Lvl(s) Location(s) Quantity Drop rate
Nex's chathead Nex 1001 Ancient Prison 1 drop-table-rare.gif

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